It Never Hurts to Ask: Possible 100,000 Point Payday for Amex Platinum Cardholders

by on May 6, 2011 · 227 comments

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Update: Amex has strongly cracked down on these bonus IDs, so I no longer recommend applying if you only want the increased bonus

As I’ve written about in the past, one of my favorite ways to earn points is simply by asking. I certainly do not encourage people to needlessly complain to get points, but I do think leveraging your loyalty to increase your point wealth is fair game. This type of relationship happens every day in the business world – companies always ask vendors to lower prices if they buy in bulk or refer their business. I see no difference with credit card companies and high-end customers. If you use your credit card a ton and pay on time, then why not ask for a little love here and there?

Recently, several TPG readers have emailed me  saying they’ve been able to ask American Express to give them an extra 50,000 points, because there was a little known promotion that was offering a sign up of 100,000 points. If you’ve recently gotten a Platinum card (and I know a lot of you have), it can’t hurt to either call or send Amex a message through the secure message center (when you log into your account you’ll see a message box with X amount of unread messages displayed on your home screen), asking for the 50,000 point difference. I would be as nice as possible (throw in how much you love the Platinum card and all of the benefits) and ask for them point difference as a gesture of goodwill. Mention the 100k promo Offer ID: 3882 or 5748 . For more information on this topic, check out this Flyertalk thread.

Premier Rewards 75k bump code: 5985

Don’t get upset if this doesn’t work out, but considering it will only take 2 minutes of your time to do it, it’s worth a shot. Please feel free to report your experience in the comments section.

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  • twentie4hrs

    they ask for an RSVP number..I called several times

  • nep

    This also works for the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card. I had signed up under a 50,000 point promo in february, but recently heard that there was a 75,000 point promo currently underway. I sent a secure message to membership rewards asking if they could apply the new promo to my account, and within 4 hours, I had 25,000 additional points in my account.

  • Glenn

    that Amex gold card 75K offer is a targeted thing though, right? I wish they would target me. I got their 50K card a couple of years ago but canceled it once I got the SPG card. They could feel free to give it to me again. :-)

  • nep

    Wasn’t targeted for the 75k offer, just read about it on Flyertalk

  • Mike L

    I tried this yesterday but got politely denied, since I wasn’t targeted and have no proof that I was. Shucks.. worth a try though!

  • Tom

    Thanks AMEX! Thanks Points Guy! Thanks Flyer Talk! I’ve been a long time AMEX member, but just got the Plat card last fall under a 25K offer. I called AMEX this morning after reading this post and the Flyer Talk Thread. AMEX was very friendly as usual and agreed to give me the difference of 75k MR points just for asking and being a good customer. The points were in my account before I hung up! I have cards with all the major banks and AMEX has by far the best customer service, especially for the Plat cardmembers.

  • James

    Well, I usually get better results via phone than email, & was successful with the gold card. The first time I called for the Platinum, they said because my card arrived 2 weeks after the deadline for the other promo, I wouldn’t be eligible. Calling back (try, try again) was no better, but the agent did say she could see I was already given bonus points for the gold card ( shucks). Anyone of us super greedy folks :) successful with both?

  • Wolfgang

    Called and was denied because the offer supposedly began after I applied for the card (Feb).
    Called again.
    Next CSR looked up the promo code and said, yes, we would be pleased to award you the 50k points!
    She immediately added it to my account!
    Persistence pays.
    Thank you all!!

  • Tao

    Anybody who recently applied for the card had luck getting the extra points?

  • Lani

    what if you haven’t applied for either one yet and have never had an AMEX issued AMEX?

    Is the 100K offer still valid for the Platinum? Did you have to receive a targeted offer? I thought the 50K was no longer available and now it is 25K.

    I have not been targeted for the 75K gold either. Any idea on how best to proceed?

  • matt

    gave it try via phone and I was told that I would need to fax in the paperwork for the offer.

  • Aleks

    Persistence pays off. If you’re at first denied or asked for docs, politely thank them and hang up. Call later. After seeing the referenced FT thread, I sent a secure message asking for the additional 50K points (I got my Plat card in Feb with the 50K promo). An unusually long time passed by with no answer, and then I received a denial saying it was targeted. I called MR customer service, talked to a very nice rep who at first said the same thing, then she said she wanted to check something, put me on hold and after 10 min came back and said she got the approval to extend the offer to me because I’ve been a longtime member. As of this morning, there are 50K more MR points in my account!

  • Shaun

    Applied and receive the card in March. Met the initial spend and currently have 50K points pending in my account. Just got the extra 50K after 5 minutes on the phone with a rep. Awesome!

  • karan c

    just tried – they denied me based on all the benefits that recently came out. 1) priority pass – 400$ value. 2) 200$ airline fee credit etc bla bla bla. bottom line is that they just wouldnt budge. tried two operators.

  • mike p

    I just called the MR rep and explained that I got the card in Feb and recently became aware of an offer that was running at the same time of my application. Gave him the bonus id number. He said that he would talk to his supervisor. Five minutes later he told me that it was approved. The extra 50k showed up in my account within 30 minutes of calling. Great blog by the way. It is part of my daily morning reading. Thanks again.

  • Neil

    Unfortunately got denied. I called and had an overly helpful rep on the first try. She explained the bonus expired on 2/17 and since I applied on 2/24 I “just missed it.” I asked if there was any way to make an exception but she said there was nothing she could do. I thanked her and called back to try again but the next rep told me there was a note on my account from the previous call advising that again, I had “just missed it.” The 2nd rep suggested I try writing in to their PO Box in FL if I really want to push the issue as she noted my longstanding cardmember status might have some clout with the powers that be. In lieu of that I’ve sent a secure message to see if anything comes of it, but I think I’ve hit a dead end with this one. Thanks for the info, though!

  • Simon

    Just called, and expressed my disappointment that I missed out of the 100k offer (I got in on the 50k offer in February); put on hold for a few mins & then transferred to “Brenda” in MR. Put on hold again for a few mins & then Brenda told me she had just deposited an additional 50k miles into my account. Logged back into MR a few mins after hanging up & points are there!! Thank you MR. Thank you Points Guy!!

  • larry

    Called earlier this AM, talked to the CSR and she agreed to note in my and my wife’s account that we are eligible for the 3882 promo. Just recieved the cards last week so haven’t met the spend yet, but sounds like we are golden! Thanks PG, all!

  • Todd

    Got denied when I sent a secure message, called up and the guy put them in my account with 5 minutes. You are the man

  • sberna2

    Thanks PG! Signed up for the card on Feb 28 and didn’t receive until early March… thought I’d be hosed. Initially denied b/c of the Feb 17 end date for Offer 3882… asked that she reconfirm the actual day I applied for the card ince the bonuses were significantly different and was placed on hold for 3-5 minutes… CSR came back on and said she was able to give me the bonus without having to call to confirm the date — just needed to get confirmation from her supevisor. Big ups to Brian!

  • xplrider

    Thanks pointsguy and flyertalk. Got the 50k extra (signed up for the 50k offer in mid-April). Provided the 3882 code on the first call and was awarded the points!

  • Eli

    Is this platinum only or will it work with the Gold Premier rewards card as well?

  • sbw

    I have been a long time Platinum AMEX holder. Has anyone that has held the card for many years tried with any luck to get these bonuses that weren’t around when they first got the card? We are very good AMEX customers and would love to be able to get a bonus!

  • Heels05

    I sent a secure message and got the same response. Sound slike I should have applied sooner. Oh well.

    Dear ________,

    I would like to inform you that the promotional offer (ID 3882) was launched on 12/27/2010 and it expired on 02/14/2011.

    Since your Card account was opened on 03/14/2011 (after the expiration of this offer), your account is not eligible for this offer. Due to this reason we are unable to issue additional 50,000 points to your account.

    We encourage you to take advantage of offers that you may receive in the future.

    Sincerely, ______________, Email Servicing Team American Express Interactive Services

  • larry

    @heels05 – I would try calling. I got the same response from the secure messaging site but when I spoke with a CSR I was approved for both my wife and I. (see above post)

  • pianodude

    To those who have been turned down — TRY AGAIN. I received my Platinum card 4 days ago; met my $1000 spend yesterday. I called SEVEN times this morning, alternating between calling basic CS and the MR department. On the 7th try ( called CS and was transferred to MR), the rep made a note to my account that when my initial 50K posts, I will be calling again and should speak directly to her. At that time she will deposit the extra 50K.

    BTW, I did not mention the 3882 code (although I did on some of the previous calls); I simply indicated I was aware of a better offer. Also, to note, last week I received a similar bonus on my Premier card that I got in October 2010.

    I hope to get the same for my wife; she has been unsuccessful so far on the Platinum card. They keep pointing out to her that they have already matched two other similar bonuses to her in the last 10 days (Premier and Business Gold). She’s only called four times :)

  • william

    worked for me after a few tries! got a nice representative (laurie) that was great!

    thanks PG!

  • Jordan

    Calling is the way to go. Talked to a very nice rep, Laurie (could be same rep as William above) and after a few minutes she got everything squared away.

    Thanks for posting this, what a great way to start the weekend!!!! :)

  • jeff

    i received my 100K points when i called in to ask. took the CSR a while to get it sorted out but i got my points! call the MR department and mention the code. i was able to get it on my first call, but from what people have been saying here, seems like persistence pays off. good luck!

  • Mike K

    Your the best points guy. I got 50,000 more miles with a call. I have been a blue card member for a long time though with a good track record. You get 5% back on gas, groceries and drugstores after the first 6,000 spend. I recommended you to a friend however he says you were too busy to help but recommended another person.

    Thanks again for everything.

  • John S

    Got denied via email. Called back and representative I talked to immediately posted the 50K extra points. Amazing! Can I get another 50% bonus if I transfer these MR points to Delta? Note: I already transferred the original 50,000 MR points to get the 25K MQM bonus plus mileage bonus.

  • timeforsomecheese

    Denied! I spoke to the representative first, then after I mentioned the promotion number, she transferred me to a membership rewards specialist. He said that he reviewed my account, and I was not targeted for this offer, therefore could not get the points. He also went on to tell me that there was much chatter about this on the internet, and because of this, they were monitoring the situation closely.

  • Andy

    Wow, took me about 9 tries but finally got it! Thanks everyone for your input.

  • Rob S

    I just called, and the MR rep asked a supervisor and they insisted that they would need a faxed copy of the promo. It’s really frustrating that American Express is being inconsistent- I’m not very happy about being treated differently for a card that has a $500 membership fee.

  • SAM D.


  • hoglard1

    Ditto. Just called and CSR said they require a faxed copy of the bonus offer, which was targeted. She said Amex corporate became aware of this as many cardholders called in asking for additional points, so they sent message to all CSRs to inform cardholders that they’ll accept only a fax now. Inconsistent treatment of Platinum cardholders is not a way to win brand loyalty.

  • The Points Guy

    Congrats to those who have gotten points. If you weren’t able, don’t get angry- just try again or simply call it a day. You win some, you lose some.

  • Maury

    TPG: Just wanted to express my gratitude for the tip. After the third CSR, I finally got the extra 50k deposited into my account. For those that have been denied once, keep trying till you get a CSR who will help you. Thank you once again TPG.

  • deltagoldflyer

    how many calls have people tried. we were shot down on 3 attempts so far over phone. will try email and call more.

  • deltagoldflyer

    Wait wait wait all…. it looks like the winning way is to call direct to the MR dept people. The number is 800-297-3276

    It took many many many calls to get a rep to transfer to MR and they are the one’s who can do it. Points instantly posted!


    btw it may work for the AMEX MR GOLD people who got last years deal as well on the 50k deal. worth a call (or 10) people! :D I got mine as well!

  • timeforsomecheese

    I’ve called twice so far, and each time been transferred to a MR rep, who have told me that the offer is expired and there is nothing they can do about it.
    Has anyone gotten the CSR from Amex to take care of this, or is it always through the MR person?

  • Jeremy

    I JUST spoke to a MR rep who confirmed that there is valid 100k promo for 2011 and that anyone who has recently signed up for a Platinum card would qualify for it as long as they are a first time AMEX customer. I was told that since I’ve had an AMEX corporate card since 2006 I don’t qualify; however, for those first timers reading this, it may still be worth a try. Good luck!

  • Marti

    Thanks so much! I signed up for the Premier Rewards Gold Card with the 50,000 promo in February. I sent a message today requesting the 75,000 offer and within a couple of hours 25,000 additional points were in my account. Amex did indicate that the 75,000 offer was not linked to my account but they were extending the extra benefit to me anyway. This is so cool!

  • Nelson

    As of 10am on 5/7 it worked.

    I called, referenced the ID #, the CSR told me it was expired and for a promotion last year, but then put me on hold for a couple mins, and when he came back, told me the 50k was in my account.

    10 mins on the phone, so it looks like the promo isn’t over. Maybe if you call first thing in the AM like I did, you’ll get a new shift of CSR’s who aren’t looking out for this.

  • Heels05

    I got the denial through message last night. Saw comments and just called this morning. They gave it to me!!! Didn’t have to give a code either. The CSR’s are amazing as always.

  • Margaret

    Just got the points, I called and talked to my new favorite csr Kelly, who awarded me the points in 4 minutes and 24 seconds……
    Brian, you are the best!

  • ernie

    Ditto.. Sent a message via the computer and got denied twice… called yesterday was denied… Tried again this morning and it took two tries and succeeded!!!! I also just mentioned the 100K but not the promo code

  • jason

    just called and waited 5 minutes….. for nothing. Jose told me that the promo expired November 22, 2010. Maybe i’ll try back later.

  • Ben

    Got denied when I called the general AmEx customer service number on 5/7 at 11:50m. I talked to Trisha, who said that unfortunately promotions come and go and they cannot retroactively “tweak” a given promotion. She suggested that I use the bonus points mall if I want to increase my point load.

    I immediately then called AmEx MR directly at 800-297-3276 (as suggested by deltagoldflyer above) and talked to Kim, and she had me approved within 5 minutes for 50K points.

    My original platinum application was submitted in late January.

  • Joseph

    Got the extra 50K. Now what program has the best point transfer deal? (Delta ?)

  • D. Whit.

    Yesterday, I took the Points Guy suggestion and called AMEX and engaged in small talk and asked about if it would be possible to get the “better” deal of the 100k membership points as opposed to the 50K that I received. ((and transferred to Delta for the 25k MQM bonus)). The rep checked and came back and said it was definately closed. She said the offer went thru the roof of the numbers expected.
    Then I called another number that was non Platinum and was approved for the points when the first billing cycle has posted on the new card I received. Not a bad return on a new card I’ve only had for five days ! They did ask me what I was going to do with my Amex Delta Reserve ? Who knows.

  • Adam

    It took me 3 tries but I got it to work.

    - 1st try secure message yesterday. Reply in an hour saying I didn’t qualify.
    - 2nd try: called in this morning. Same thing, said the promotion ended before I got my card.
    - 3rd try this afternoon I called and the woman practically finished my sentence when I asked for the points…obviously they are getting a lot of calls :)

    Keep trying! TPG this blog is the best…and thanks to everyone on FlyerTalk too! You guys have made my travel plans a whole lot more exciting…

  • ballard

    Tried this evening by calling the platinum CS line on the back of my card. They said they had to open an inquiry and it would take 7-10 days. What did I do wrong!?

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  • william

    i had the same question as a poster above…can you transfer 50K miles again to delta and get the 50% bonus? i already transferred the first 50K when I got the card a few months ago.

    the delta offer expires 5/31

  • The Points Guy

    @William- the 50% bonus is only valid for the first transfer. You could create a new Skymiles account to get the 50% but you probably can’t combine the MQMs

  • D. Whit.

    …..just to clarify…..when I said earlier that the AMEX csr said I would receive the offer, she said that I receive 50k more points 4-6 weeks after the first cycle close to bring the offer up to match . Not 100k points.

  • msp2anywhere

    This is, amazingly, still in play as of 1007CT today (Mother’s Day), via the -3276 extension. First call, success in under 60 seconds. Thanks much for the info!

  • Jeremy

    Yes, still very much alive. Was turned down via a very polite, professional secure email overnight but, based on the comments here, called 800-297-1300 (Platinum Customer Service). Very nice CSR, asked for offer code and credited an additional 50K for both my and my wife’s accounts – incredible! THANKS TPG and all the FlyerTalk crew…you have all opened my eyes the past few months.

  • Tim

    @ Jeremy

    Hi Jeremy

    What offer code did you give if you don’t mind me asking?

    I called in to the Membership Rewards phone number and gave offer code 3882 and was told that offer expired in 2010, and they can’t offer it to me.

    I just got the $450 Platinum card in March (thru TPG’s link of course!) Maybe I need to call the Platinum line as you did?

    Thanks all and TPG!!!!!

  • Jeremy


    That’s exactly what I used – Offer ID: 3882 – just a couple of hours ago. Wow, it appears from the posts here and elsewhere that multiple calls are sometimes needed. Yes, I recommend calling the dedicated Platinum line. My sense is that they are much more accomodating. Good luck!

  • Dov

    Interesting that the points posted online as “Platinum April APA Campaign”
    and not as usual “Platinum 50K MRpts w/1K Spend”

  • Tim

    It worked! Got the 100k

    Thanks so much Bryan (TPG) and Jeremy!

    BTW – the 50k sign up offer still exists online, not just the 25k one.

  • Ebing

    @Tim: Can you give the 50000 link? Thanks.

  • Ben

    I was about to give up on this one. I sent a secure message on Friday night asking for the extra 50K after already receiving the initial 50K bonus with my new Amex Platinum. I was denied . I called the Membership Rewards number twice on Saturday, and I was denied both times. I was told that it was a targeted offer and I was not eligible. I gave it one more try this morning. I called the Amex Platinum customer service line, and I was transferred to Membership Rewards. After being on hold for 10 min. with the Membership Rewards department, I was informed that the additional 50k had been credited to my account! Thank you so much Points Guy!

  • timeforsomecheese

    I’ve tried five times, and spoken to not only general Amex customer service reps, but also MR reps. Neither have been helpful to try and get me the extra 50K points. Anyone have any tips?

  • sunshineandskymiles

    I opened a Plat card acct in April, and got the 50K points for $1,000 offer.

    I saw this thread this morning, and thought I’d give it a shot. Called Platinum CS today, and spoke to a representative who said he could do it, if I could tell him how I received the targeted offer. Since I hadn’t received it, I mentioned that perhaps I had gotten it by mail. He looked up my account, and couldn’t see the offer. Without a special code (more than offer ID 3882), he said he’d have to open an inquiry for the offer, and ask his supervisor. He said I should hear in 2-3 days.

    I then hung up, called Platinum again, but requested Membership Rewards. I got an amazing representative, and when she asked where I saw the offer, I said I honestly couldn’t remember, but know that I saw it online, perhaps via email. She verified that I had met the spend requirement ($1,000) and had already received the 50K bonus points. Within two minutes, she authorized me for the additional 50K points, so now I have 100K points pending in my account.

    My advice: go for Membership Rewards. I was very pleasant and mentioned how great it was to get the inital 50K offer, which seemed to make it easier for her to give me the additional 50K points. Thanks for the tip!

  • Suzanne

    Wow, it really is that easy! I called MR directly and talked to Cherrie. I mentioned that I just received my Platinum card with the 50K promo but found out about a better promo through a friend. I was on hold for 5 min and then approved but bc I hadn’t spent the $1000 to qualify yet, she said the points will show up later and that there shouldn’t a problem bc the promo upgrade was noted on my account.
    Thank you so much!!!

  • karan

    Signed up for Amex in 2007. Today I was feeling frustrated with Chase because they wouldn’t give me the full 100,000 bonus British Miles (only 75K) because i signed up too early even though I already hit the 30K spend threshold for companion voucher in 3 months.

    This was my third try with AMEX customer service and finally this time I got the 50K Points. I told him, “I never was offered the 50K bonus signup points but recently it was offered, so I’m just wondering if Amex would be so kind as to give that to me as an existing customer”. At this point he put me on hold and came back and said that due to my tenure (3 years) and that I’ve spent 150K in just the last 12 months he is doing this only for that reason and that he hopes this will keep me a loyal cardholder (and it will!).


  • D.Whit

    Karan…….if you have spent and paid for 180k on cc expenses in past 12 months, you need to talk to special card services at AMEX. You wouldn’t need much more to receive some complimentary Marquis Private Jet hours as a black card holder.

  • Neo

    Called MR Platinum number earlier today. The rep asked for offer ID and came back in a minute and said the 3882 promotion is targeted and there’s no way I can get. I hung up and called regular AMEX Platinum number and the rep said no immediately without asking for code. called MR again in half an hour and got a really nice rep guy. I asked again very nicely and first he said I can see a record here you called earlier and you were told it’s targeted. I said I know I signed up for the 50k but it will be a very appreciated good will gesture if I can get the better offer. he put me on hold for 20 min and came back and said yes. Awesome! thanks for the post and comments.

  • J Pate

    Just called the Amex Platinum number…they were very helpful and in about 3 minutes posted the 50K difference in points to my account. Thanks for posting this…VERY helpful

  • Salim

    Success! 15 minutes on the phone and bonus ID 3882 was all it took.

  • CaySquared

    They told me it’ll post at the end of May. Is that what you folks got, or was it immediate? Success nonetheless.

  • Joseph Brignolo

    The first call yielded nothing. However, when I spoke to Membership Rewards they did everything they could and could only give me “a few thousand.”

  • rain

    Third time’s the charm. I tried on Friday and again on Sunday, both times calling MR directly. The first time, I was told that unless I could fax proof that I’d received the 3882 offer, no go (I’d mentioned that specific code). The second time, the rep said that she was unable to research offers to see whether I was eligible and gave me a fax number for the research department. At that point, I was ready to give up.

    But today, since I was calling MR anyway to get some pending points released, I said that I had a question about something I’d heard about as the “Best Available Bonus” program. The rep at first said she wasn’t familiar with it, but I explained that there had been a better offer at the time I applied for my card, and she started checking. She put me on hold for about 5 minutes and came back to say that I was eligible and that she was crediting me with the additional 50K points. Needless to say, I was delighted and told her so, with feeling! She said that they were over-run with calls about this because of Twitter, fora, blogs, etc., and that it was, for her, a pleasure actually to be able to give the points to someone who actually was eligible.

    Inscrutable are the rhyme and reason of reps, eh?

  • Brian Johns

    Denied twice – ouch! So much for a 15 year history meaning much…

  • Steve

    Many many thanks TPG! One 20 minute call with a very nice representative got my card’s MR bonus points bumped from 50,000 all the way up to 100,000! Yipeeee! :D

  • John


    I just got the additional 50k points as well. I tried the following

    1. Secure message – Denied
    2. Called Platinum – Denied
    3. Called MR line – Bingo/points credited.

  • Chris

    1. Secure message – Denied. Supervisor responded that I already have done the 50K offer twice, which I should have only been able to do once, but that she would leave both 50K bonuses in my account, as a goodwill gesture.
    2. Called Platinum Line – Denied. Front-line CSR said they don’t match different offers. (Ha!)

    I think I’m going to give up on this one, since I have already received the 50K signup bonus twice, which is technically not allowed, and they apparently can easily see this fact.

  • Glen

    I just had a similar situation with my new Premiere Rewards Gold Card. I applied under the 25,000 MR points offer and just recently saw a 50K offer.

    I first tried via phone call to ask for the extra 25K points and was denied.
    I then used Secure Message to ask for the extra 25K points and they granted it! Instantly!

    You’re right, PG, It Never Hurts to Ask!

  • c.g.

    It worked! It took two tries and some insisting – but very worth it!

  • Mark

    I called the Platinum Customer Service line (800-297-1300). Didn’t even have to mention the offer code – just said I recently upgraded to Platinum and got 50K points, but I just heard form my friend that there was a 100K offer, and could I get the other 50K credited to my account? Took about 5 minutes of hold time, but they credited me the points.


  • timeforsomecheese

    FINALLY!!!! After six tries and six rejections, I managed to get the friendliest MR rep there is on the phone and she was able to find those 50K points to put into my account! Persistence paid off. The one thing I can recommend to everyone who is still looking, is when you talk to the MR person, be SURE to tell them that you have found a better offer elsewhere. That seems to be what they need to hear.

  • Tom Maxwell

    May 19, 2011 – success on first attempt. Called Platinum line (800-297-1300), mentioned code 3882 and 5-10 minutes later I had 50K more points in my account. Criterion was having $1000 spend in first three months of card ownership. Thanks all for the tips.

  • Ruben

    Can I still sign up and get the card as well as 50,000 points.

    Does any one know what is the promo code or what should I mentions on the phone.

    Thank you

  • Josh

    ACT Fast everyone! I called up just a few minutes ago (noon Eastern time May 21) – After giving the offer code and telling that I saw it online, I was put on hold for 5m. CSR rep came back saying “offer was only good through Feb 2011 and had expired, and apparently was only online until May 20 as a mistake. But I will be able to honor this offer for you as a special case.” Same line as others reported — they are making a note on my account, then once my 50k miles have posted, the remaining 50k should be auto-posted or I can call back and there will be a note in my account that I should receive this credit.

    The CSR rep seemed to make a big deal about it being “pulled from the website yesterday, May 20″ so if you’re asked when you saw it, make sure you say it was before then.

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  • The Points Guy

    Ruben- nothing is guaranteed, but you should be able to get a card and ask for a biggest bonus.

  • Bill

    Hey Everyone – after calling/email and being rejected 5-6 times a few weeks ago, I called back again today on the 800-297-1300 number. I explained that I just hit the $1000 point spend and asked for the extra 50,000 points. She did ask for the ID code and I gave her 3882. Put me on hold for about a minute and came back and said she had credited my account for the extra 50k!

    Thanks to all of you for the suggestions!

    Another success story!

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  • Hmaia

    How about the platinum business. I want to apply but I need a business card. Any experience?

  • The Points Guy

    Theres currently no bonus, but I have a friend who was targeted with 100,000 sign-up bonus using offer T858. Whether that will work for others, I’m not sure. if you do it, please let me know!

  • Jax

    Well, a day late and a dollar short. I got my platinum card due to necessity for emergency travel last year as a result of my upcoming destination wedding in Negril, Jamaica. I wanted to have the added comfort of knowing I could call collect on Amex’s dime from out of the country, and its a good thing as Tropical Storm Nicole happened to make it the experience of a lifetime. I digress, purpose of my post. I just called Customer Service at Amex, who referred me to Membership rewards. First call, I got a nice lady who referred me to where I could voice my concerns to a postal address. They almost got me. I called back. At which point, I had lost this page. I made up offer code 3993, best I could do memory…. Drum Roll please. After a few moments on Hold, Shirley came back and made my day!!! I’m 100,000 MMR points richer, and jumping out of my desk chair with joy! THANK YOU Points Guy! I’m overjoyed!

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  • Mikee

    This worked out perfectly!

    Phone: 800-297-1300
    Code 3882

    I did in fact recall seeing the 100k promo when my friend referred me to Platinum, once I got the card in the mail the offer changed to 25k. Was a bit bummed out. I referred a friend and he was able to call and get the 100k bonus.

    So I sent a secure message and was denied. Called the number above and after stating the promo offer code, he puts me on old and responds back that I had to have been a member since April of last year to be eligible.

    I then begin to explain how that doesn’t make sense since my friend, who I referred the card to, got the 100k bonus points while I only received the 25k. He then said “ooohhhh, let me see, promo 3882, 1 sec”

    Gets back and says he’s able to credit me with the rest of the 75k points. Amex, you’re awesome, and so are you!

  • FM

    Is it possible to call and request for the promo while applying and and only get the card if given the promo? Any info is appreciated.

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  • RyderG

    After trying a couple of calls to the Platinum line, a couple to the MR direct number and three emails through the secure message center, I gave up – on my last call, the rep said she saw notes in my account that I was told I could not qualify for this promo as it was by invite only. Today I called the MR line to have my 50K bonus added since it has been exactly 8 weeks since I qualified for my sign up bonus – the rep said “I actually see promo number 3882 mentioned in your account notes, and that is a 100K bonus – wouldn’t you rather have that?”
    Ummmmmm, YES! Thank you TPG, you are the best!!!!!!!

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  • zcat18

    I just attempted this and was denied any points. Oh well–worth a shot.

  • KamanCali

    If anyone is still alive in this post, it’s still alive!

    Call 1-800-297-3276 and use code 5748, simple as that.

    FYI I tried via secure message 2x, was rejected- just work up the courage to talk to human beings!

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  • Jonathan Palmer

    Thank you! It worked for me. Instantly deposited 100,000 points after talking to Membership Rewards.

  • BryceB

    Thank you so much. I just received the card (tried to get in on the 50K Bonus back in April but was denied) and called this number. A very helpful lady asked me if I received an offer bonus (which shame on me…I forgot to sign up for a signing bonus) and said that I would have 90 days to reach the $1,000 spend requirement.

    Thanks KamanClai for your help!

  • Bryce B

    It appears I am going to be getting 100K MR points out of this. I will likely earn Delta Silver Medallion by the end of the year. I am also thinking about using miles to go to Australia (1st Class, maybe Biz) next year. So, should I use the miles to reach Gold Medallion or for British Airways 50% Bonus Transfer Promo?

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  • Day

    I just called and asked and they said they would put 100k bonus pts on my card within the next 48 hrs! I cant even believe it, this is freakin GREAT! Thanks so much for the post!!

  • Larry K

    Just called and they wouldn’t give me the 100k true-up, as it expired in May. Should I call and see if I can speak to someone else?

  • Larry K

    I originally called and gave Offer ID: 3882, and just called back and gave 5748 (thanks KamanCali), and they are going to honor it! 100k points here I come!!

  • ELE

    I just called, I got the card in March, and just got 100K posted into my account. 5 minute phone call, more than worth it.

    Use 5748, Thanks KamanCali!

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  • Mitch

    Where would you be flying from? GM probably won’t help with award availability to Oz with DL, and you’ll almost certainly have to call and check into Virgin Australia availability to get Biz. Redeeming BA miles on QF from the US might be the better bet, but the fuel surcharges from BA on that ticket might be higher than VA’s fuel surcharge as passed through by DL.

  • Cindy

    Thanks KamanCali!! I signed up in May under the 50K promo. I called today and gave them the code you mentioned below and the additional 50K points were posted immediately and visible on the Membership Rewards site in my points summary as available. (Not visible on AMEX main card site yet, but I’m guessing that’s the page that doesn’t upload the new info for 48 hours or whatever people are being quoted.) Unbelievable! Thanks so much!

  • Bryce B

    Yes – Good point about award availability to “OZ”. I fly a fair amount domestically, so have to at least “mid-tier” for my regular travel would be nice. But so would some a nice trip to Australia.

    Maybe DL would be better. However, I will be going with some family members who like to fly Qantas, so that would also be nice to have available. Thanks for the response.

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  • esque

    KamanCali, you are far kinder than the goddess Kali. Many thanks!

  • Jeff

    Thanks, KamanCali! Bumped to 75K using 5748.

  • esquish

    Where does it say what the normal bonus is? Is there a special link for that? I’m not seeing it on the AmEx site and I just want to make sure I’d get something if 5748 didn’t work. Thanks in advance :)

  • Adi

    Was told that 5748 only applies to platinum cards. If you have a gold or premier rewards card, use promo code 5894 for the 75000 bonus miles – I was able to do that today.

  • KamanCali

    NP guys! The Points Guy has made me 400,000 points this summer, so click his links!

    Has anyone done the AMEX Gold Rewards 75,000 plus-up this July btw? I haven’t worked up the guts to double dip yet…but I wanna crack 500k!

  • Guest

    I am an Amex customer since 2000 (Gold) and got my Platinum card back in 2006. Today I called MR and mentioned about the promotion that was giving 100,000 points to new Platinum card members. I said I was a loyal member, bla, bla, bla… and I asked if I could get the points added to my account as a courtesy. The attendant said I did not qualify since the promotion was for new customers only. I asked to talk to a supervisor and he said he would transfer me but I would not get a different answer from his supervisor. A nice lady came on the phone and I explained her the same and she said she woud place me on hold for couple minutes and see what she could do for me. After 5 minutes she came back saying that I was indeed a very loyal customer and she had already added 100,000 MR points to my account. AMAZING!!!!!!!! Tks Points Guy and Tks Amex!!!!!

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  • Stanley

    So here is my own Experience, and thanks to all,

    After reading below comments last night i decided to try my own luck, sent the following secure msg, at about 4am, received no response at all, but my acct got credited with additional 50,000 Points within hours,

    (Dear Customer Support,
    I recently applied for a Premier Rewards Gold card and now after 2 months, i already spent over $10,000 on my account, I saw a new offer code in the mail that has better MR benefits,(better Bonus for initial signup) i would like to ask you to please apply this offer code “5985″ to my card account.
    Thanks in advance)

  • Emevert

    Kaman – how did you get up to 400,000 points?? I would love to start maximixing mine! Thanks! What’s the 75,000 plus-up?

  • ej

    anyone have any luck recently getting the gold “not premier rewards” to match to the 75000. What promotion id did they use to match to the 75k gold?

  • Mitch

    Wow, this was pretty much way too easy. I’d been procrastinating calling in since I first saw this, but since I read people were still getting the extra 50K, I figured I’d give it a whirl. I spent more time on hold waiting to get an agent than I did on the line with the wonderful MR rep, who put 3882 into her computer (I’d applied in late January/early February), waited a bit, and confirmed that she’d be putting another 50K MR points into my account. They’re showing already!

  • KamanCali

    Even more now, at 540k, and going!
    AMEX Platinum 100k.
    Sapphire Preferred 100k (plus-up expired, but 50k still nice).
    3x Citi AAdvantage cards (Visa, AMEX, business) 225k.
    Just did AMEX Gold Business 75k (targeted),
    and Alaska BoA 40k.
    On the fence regarding AMEX Gold Rewards 10k, call to match to 75k…anyone try this recently?

    Check top deals here,, and flyertalk milesbuzz forums.
    Don’t forget AMEX BA miles tranfer 50% bonus, per mr. pointsguy!

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  • Vishal Upadhayay

    Anyone on applying for a new Platinum Card and asking for this bonus?

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  • Mrcandoit

    I tried at 1 pm eastern time yesterday, July 20, with both 5748 and 3882 and came up with nada. Person was really nice and was seraching for all kinds of codes for me and said if I wanted a Gold card they could bonus me 35k miles. I politely declined (and am holding out hope against hope for another platinum deal in the fall).

  • Mrcandoit

    I tried at 1 pm eastern time yesterday, July 20, with both 5748 and 3882 and came up with nada. Person was really nice and was seraching for all kinds of codes for me and said if I wanted a Gold card they could bonus me 35k miles. I politely declined (and am holding out hope against hope for another platinum deal in the fall).

  • Alicehbender

    Wow!! Got the 100k mr points placed into my account immediately with a 3 minute phone call to AmEx Platinum with code 5784. Immediately sent 125k points from my MR account to Delta with the 50% bonus and 25k MQM bonus as well. Flew on Delta next day and was already qualifying with Delta as a Silver Medallion member!!! Got upgraded with my daughter in our trip to Seattle, had already paid for our bags and they reimburswd my account!!!! I already have better seats coming home to Atlanta next week. Thank you soo much Points Guy. You have made a true and loyal member/believer in you! Feel like I won the lottery. So fantastic!!!!

  • AnonGuest

    Just called and got it without any fuss

  • Hong1dan

    So I signed up for the Premier Rewards card about a month ago under the 25,000 point bonus after 1K in months and then found this today.

    I just called the MR cust service.
    Me: “I recently opened an account and have met the spending requirement for my bonus points, but since then was made aware that there was a better offer at the time.”
    Rep: Do you have a code on that offer?
    Me: Yes, 5891.
    Rep: (after a brief hold) I wasn’t able to find that offer, but I’ve found an offer code, 5894 that was available for those who applied for the card at the time you did. It’s for 75k bonus after 1000 in spending in the first 3 months, and I see that you’ve already met the spending requirement. I will go ahead and apply this code to your account and you will see the bonus after we receive your first payment.

    That was cake. Thanks to pointsguy. you rock!

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  • Dldove

    50K like magic!
    Thanks Points guy!

  • Dilemma!

    Wondering if it’s a good idea to sign up now for Premier Gold or Platinum to try to get the bump, or just wait til the next offer? Suggestions? Had the same issue with Sapphire Preferred and got dinged there.

  • Anonymous

    Amex has a much better track record than Chase. I’d say odds are good for a 100k Plat payday. I say strike when the iron is hot!

  • Dilemma!

    You think Premier Gold with no annual fee is a “safer” option? Only problem there is can’t max out a 100k transfer right?

  • dab

    I just got approved for the Plat with the 25k link. After reading I see different code are being discussed can you guys tell me which one I should use? 5784, 5894?
    Should I wait to receive my card and activate it to call or send a SM?

  • Anonymous

    Sure its safer, but also a lower reward 75k vs 100k. Not sure what you mean with max out with 100k transfer?

  • Anonymous

    5748 seems to be working well for most these days. Please report back! I’d also wait until you get the card

  • dab

    can you get bonus for plat, gold and gold business? how does Amex works in terms of churning?

  • Millicent

    Here’s my experience. Although not as successful as some, I am nevertheless happy with the results. After reading the comments here, I emailed AMX and mentioned the promotion. They replied that, while they appreciated my loyalty this promo was for new card members. I wrote a second time, explaining that, while I love AMX, I have recenlty been disappointed over ceasing their association with Continental (a benefit I counted on). Nearly immediately, AMX replied they would be delighted to give me a 10,000 goodwill adjustment! Sure, it wasn’t 100,000 or even 50,000 but that 10,000 can go a long way towards earning me another free EU trip. Thanks!!!

  • Victoria Plum

    I signed up for the platinum card 3 weeks ago (through your link), instantly approved, got the card in the mail and when I called to activated requested that offer id 3882 be applied, the rep refused, said we were ineligible due to date of application, tough luck. I called again 2 days later, requested offer id 5748 be applied, they refused again, transferred me several times, each rep refusing, and I was eventually cit off. Frustrated, I figured I’d give the phone a rest and send a secure message through my online account, requesting offer 5748 and letting them know fun reps weren’t helpful…for some reason they applied offer 5542, which I definitely did not request, but they gave me an additional 50,000 points bumping me up to 75,000 total. Do I push for the last 25,000 points?

    Here is what I got in response:

    Dear xxx,

    I can appreciate your interest in the Platinum Card offer and will be glad to review your account notes.

    Our records indicate that you had actually inquired about another offer, 3882, which also had the 100,000 bonus associated with offer at which time my colleague determined that your account was not eligible. In addition, you were asking for the 5542 offer which you were given the additional 50,000 bonus points for dated on 07/20/11.

    Due to your account already receiving a better offer (5542) we are unable to issue an additional better offer to your account.

    We appreciate your understanding and look forward to assisting you in the future.


    Emma Maxwell
    Account Manager Email Servicing Team – Fort Lauderdale

  • Tim

    You applied for 25k and walked away with 75k. They tripled your bonus. I’d say that is very decent of them, and you should be happy. Seems a bit pushy to go after another 25k

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  • sil

    Anyone applied for the Premier Rewards using the 15k link in the last couple of days? If so and you were instantly approved, did you call in right away to ask for the 75k bump or waited for the card first , then ask? I really want to apply but only for the 75k bump.

  • Tim

    Hey Guys
    Have a question – those of you who have the Platinum card (at the 25k or 50k point level) and are getting it bumped to 100k points via 5748 code… are you new card members and were you solicited yourself with this offer?

    Amex is telling me I don’t qualify as I am not a new cardmember (have Starwood card) and also I have to be solicited.

    But I’m guessing many of you have have an Amex already and also were not solicited.

    Many thanks

  • Joshb

    When people say they called MR directly. What does that mean?

  • dab

    After receiving my amex PLT and applying through the 25K offer from this page (booooh) I called 3 times and mentioned the 5742 code and got rejected big time as in no sir nothing we can do… I then PM’ed Social media whom explained this promo was targeted and not for me. This morning after another rejection I called again, spoke a nice agent who explained to me that we needed to get Membership rewards on the phone, a nice lady came on the line and ask me to verify my ID and the offer code and informed me of the spend requirements, and said that when the original 25K post an additional 75k should be added, if not just call back. She told me not to worry as she put a note in my account and won’t have trouble getting the bonus.

  • Ap22182

    Just called the membership rewards number and was credited with additional 50K points without any fuss (had received 50K with the initial offer)

  • Amex is the best

    Want to report my success after reading this post and comments here. I had applied for the card in Apr 11 and sent a SM in june asking to be bumped for the bonus and was immediately turned down by email . Couple of weeks ago i was reading through the comments in this post and decided to give it another chance. This time i asked for Bonus id 5748 and a nice MR Rep said i qualified for the bonus and said he notated my account and i would receive the points in two weeks and if they didnt post asked me to call back. Called back last week and was again put on hold while a rep researched my account and said that i qualified for the 100k points and she couldnt apply it rightaway. She said she will send it to her supervisor and i should receive the points in 24-48 hours. No sign of points till late Sunday night. This morning i decided to call again and checked my amex account one last time and there they were 100k points sitting pretty in my MR account. I asked for 50k and they gave me 100k making my bonus a whopping 150k .. im a happy camper now :)

  • Joe

    I called in May as I was a Gold card holder at the time, I was told I wasn’t eligible but if I upgraded to the Premier Rewards and met the spending limit that I would receive the bonus in early August. I sent an email yesteday and found 75K points in my account this morning.

  • Sean

    I applied for the PR gold card last week and was instantly approved. Haven’t received the card yet, but after I do I will activate it immediately and than call MR to try for the bump. Anyone recommend which code to use for an August gold Premier Rewards card?

  • Recordgirl33

    I keep asking and asking – using info from thread below. I upgraded from Business Gold to Business Platinum and got a lousy 25,000 points. Have emailed, spoken to 2 people, etc and I’ve got nothing. Just a get 4x points on purchases and a whole lot of hot air. Very disappointed with AMEX.

  • Anonymous

    This promo was never for business cards, so don’t be disappointed or upset. In fact the business platinum has a signup bonus of 0 so I’d be happy you even got 25k.

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  • Valerie M.

    Instantly received 100k points from Amex. I called to add my 2 children as card holders. I gave them the promotion numbers and asked if I were eligible. I was told yes and VIOLA, 100k points magically appeared. I now wait on the 20k for the extra cards. I will do the same for my husband’s Amex card.
    SO easy. Thanks Brian!

  • Steve

    Is there a promo code to receive more than 25,000 miles to upgrade from the Premier Rewards Gold card to the platinum card?

  • Anonymous

    None of these bonuses are for upgrades (thats why you have to log out of your Amex card).
    Many people have gotten 75k for Premier Rewards by applying fresh and asking for bonus ID 5985

  • Anonymous

    None of these bonuses are for upgrades (thats why you have to log out of your Amex card).
    Many people have gotten 75k for Premier Rewards by applying fresh and asking for bonus ID 5985

  • Amy

    I got my Premier Rewards Gold card last November under the 25,000 points after $1000 spending, and I am thinking to close my account since the annual fee is approaching, but I found your site and am wondering if it is possible to get the extra points by calling them? Which code should I metion? Thank you very much.

  • Bsim1925

    I signed up for the Platinum on 10AUG and called on 11AUG and was APPROVED for the 100K membership rewards bonus. It is still active and only took 3 minutes of being on hold. Thanks Brian!

  • Valerie M.

    a relative tried to apply for Premier Gold card and take advantage of the 10k bonus points, extra card offer and the 100k bonus points offer. three different representatives declined allowed these bonuses. they said they were for “targeted” people only. I called last night and both bonuses were applied to my account and the 100k points were banked immediately in my account.

  • freddy

    what code do you use to get 100k on premier rewards gold?

  • Farscapeone

    Opened Am Ex Platinum in February 2011 for 50K MR. Talked to a CSR tonight and asked if I qualified for promo code 3882. After a wait about 5 minutes, the CSR confirmed that I qualified and applied the additional 50K MR to my account.

    Thanks so much Brian.

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  • jdg

    I recently transferred from the US to the UK and app’d for the Premier Rewards Gold under the AMEX Global Card Transfer program. Can I get the 75k bump as well or is this strictly for the US?

  • Mrcandoit

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Points Guy and Bsim1925 below! I opened an Amex. Platinum Account in mid-July thinking that I would have to settle for the 25k bonus. Well, I called once and was denied but after reading that Bsim1925 applied Aug 10 and got the bonus, I called again today, Aug 12. I was super nice and polite and explained that I had already spent over 1k and that my friend Brian had referred me to the possibility of a 100k bonus. After chatting the agent up, she asked for the 100k code and I gave her 3882. Put me on hold for three minutes and came back to say she put a note in my account and I’ll get the bonus within 6 weeks and to check back via phone with MR 6 weeks from today if the points aren’t placed into the account by then. Awesome, the transfer will take place just in time for me to take advantage for the Delta Transfer Bonus. All I can say is wow!!!!!

  • Winstontewes

    i just talked to 3 agents, none of whom would honor the 5748 or 3882, saying that I needed an “rsvp code” from a mailing. i would love to cash in on this offer! how are others getting this over the phone??

  • PJ

    100K ; that was the target invitaion letter I got; Brian told me it was a no brainer; i have since added on 4 AU not 5 onto my Gold Premier and Platinum i was shy of asking my nephew so maybe a 80K more we shall see. I was also told in case you are hungry for CO points they can advance up to 60K in case posting get in late not sure the meeting the spend is the requirement. another trick is when you can transfer points into those AUs’ account with orphan miles or points. Sapphire has the same rule : I was an AU on Sapphire my 90K ultimate points swam over to Sapphire happy family.

    the points game is getting a bit unreal isn’t it? Now I will feel very guilty to cancel my Gold Premier amex coming up for annual renewal… even though I got only 50K in Aug 2010

  • Simply_mains

    I called today and was able to apply code 5748 for a 100k bonus. A quick synopsis for newcomers who were wondering how it worked.

    I applied for the card in Mid July 2011. I travel frequently and wanted to use the lounge benefits, so I didn’t wait around for a great promotion, I settled for the 25k bonus at the time just to get the card quicker. After speaking with a colleague who is an avid TPG follower I decided to try my luck at the 100k bonus. I made sure that I racked up my $1000 and paid it off in order to get my first 25k bonus and then I did the following:

    8/4/11 – Called and spoke to platinum customer service and asked if I could receive the 100k bonus. Abruptly the agent shot me down stating that they get thousands of requests a day asking for more points. The conversation was short.

    8/6/11 – I submitted a secure message asking for my additional 75K bonus points stating that “I recently applied and received the AMEX Platinum Card. I have surpassed my $1000 spending threshold and paid my balance. Please reference code 5748 for the bonus points” – I have yet to receive a reply (even after checking that the message did indeed go through).

    8/16/11 – After the aforementioned rejections I read through TPG blog more thoroughly and decided I’d hinge the call on the 5748 points off the bat. I called customer service and said the following:
    “I recently became a cardholder and was trying to apply a bonus points code 5748.” The customer service rep asked when I applied for the card. I vaguely replied “a month or two ago, I’m not sure”. She asked me to hold on the line while they reached a rewards service rep who promptly spoke up and asked to verify my identity. She then asked what code I was referring to, to which I replied “5748“. She then asked what the value of the bonus was. I replied “75k I think”. She asked for a minute to research the code and assured me not to worry that she always found them. She came back on the call and said “actually it’s for 100K bonus points, I hope that will do”. I agreed and she continued to work her magic. She confirmed that I already had my initial 25K bonus points applied and that she was applying the remaining 75k more points to my account. I thanked her repeatedly and that was that. I checked my account minutes later to reveal my shiny new 100k balance. That didn’t suck.

    1 – Be courteous, quick and to the point.

    2 – Have your code ready, don’t have a big lead-in when you call, just state that you are trying to redeem a bonus point code.

    3- If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.


    Hi TPG. I just applied for the Premier gold amex a couple of days ago online through the link provided on your page for 15,000 bonus miles. I signed up because I really am looking for the 75,000 points. Should call MR as soon as I get the card to add bonus code? Or should I wait until I meet the spending limit? Also what ph# is everyone calling and what code should 63I be using. So many different codes are mentioned…just kinds confused as to which one to mention. TIA!


    What did you say when calling in and what code did you use? Were the points added to your act or the code for once you meet the spending requirements? TIA.

  • Rita

    I had no luck with getting American Express to apply these promo codes to my new Premiere Gold card (signed up early August). I called 4 times and each time they said the bonus codes are targeted offers and could only be applied if I got a mailed invitation or RSVP code. In the end, I decided to cancel the card. Not worth any more of my time/effort trying to get them to give it to me. Oh well … It sure would have been nice to get the bonuses and stack them up (75k sign up, 10k for 15 transactions in a statement cycle, 5k for every $100 of Delta spend).

  • Tracy

    Hello Everyone,

    I just want to say thank you to everyone for your willingness to share your information. I am a Platinum card member. I took the information on the website and called American Express asked if I qualified for the 100k member rewards bonus. The rep. asked for the id. code and I gave her id: 5748, she put me on hold and after two minutes, she said I qualified for the 100k reward points and she added an additional 75k to the 25k already in my account for a total of 100k point. Again, thank you very much.

  • Jbiz

    I called and said “i’d like to apply a bonus code — 5748.” She put me on hold for about 3 minutes and then said “Thanks for calling, I added the bonus code, it will be duly noted on your account.” I asked for a confirmation code but she said their system didn’t work like that. We’ll see!

  • Jbiz

    I called and said “i’d like to apply a bonus code — 5748.” She put me on hold for about 3 minutes and then said “Thanks for calling, I added the bonus code, it will be duly noted on your account.” I asked for a confirmation code but she said their system didn’t work like that. We’ll see!

  • Rick

    I got my platinum card in May and immediately got 25k bonus points. Last month I received a 50k bonus, and today I came across this forum. I called Amex and gave them the 5748 code.. She was like “well we already awarded you 50k, I will give you another 50k.” 125k bonus points total!

  • malki8

    I got my card approved June 28 with 25k points. Just called MR today to ask for the 100k bonus (75k extra) … I gave the rep the codes referenced in earlier emails 5891 and 5894. Neither worked. However …. the rep was able to find a code with which he got me an extra 75k! Never hurts to ask … Thanks!

  • Kakakhel

    Malki8 – What number did you call and what was the code number the rep found for you? Thanks.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks TPG! and all you commenters.

    Got the brush off from CSR on the phone last night..didnt have the RSVP letter to associate with the 5748 nothing she could do, I said are you sure? “Yes, sorry”was the response…told them I was dissapointed, as it seemed I was a good candidate and my history should show that. 100k + spending in 12 months..

    Read through the other comments and decided to try an email..


    Response (removed name) 08/29/2011 09:15 AM
    Good morning ,

    We have received your e-mail regarding the 5748 promotional offer and I will be delighted to assist you.

    We value your membership and I have gone ahead and credited your Membership Rewards account with the additional 50,000 Bonus points.

    Your available point balance is now 265,518 and pending point balance is 11,394.

    It was my pleasure to assist you. We appreciate your Cardmembership since 2006 and we look forward to serving you in the future.


    Email Servicing Team
    American Express Interactive Services


    Got my 100k!…so yes, try again if you get the brush off!

  • David Luke

    So I just got off the phone with membership rewards customer service. I just signed up for both the Premier Rewards Gold Card and the Platinum card.

    I will start with the Platinum Card (called 1-800-297-1300):
    A girl named Lauren answered. I stated “I just activated my Platinum AMEX and I wanted to ensure that the bonus code I expected was applied to my account.” Lauren said “what was the bonus code?” I stated “5748″ She asked “How did you hear about this offer?” I stated “got a promotion letter in the mail” she said “can you please hold for a minute?” When she came back on she said “was this for the 100,000 points if you spend $1000 within 1 month?” I said “yes it is” She said “OK, I have applied this to your account. You should see the bonus miles within 8 weeks of hitting the $1000 spend.” I said “thank you very much and have a wonderful evening.”

    I called for the Premier Rewards card as soon as I hung up the phone (called 1-800-297-3276):
    A girl name Lashauna?? answered. I stated “I just activated my Premier Rewards AMEX gold card and I wanted to ensure that the bonus code I expected was applied to my account.” Lashauna said “what was the bonus code?” I stated “6661″. She said “I don’t see that code attached to your card” I said “well I singed up for the card just for those bonus miles, am I not going to get the 75,000 bonus mile as I expected? If so I might have to cancel the card.” She said “hold on, I see the code it’s at the very end of the list” (she said over 100+ codes she had to look through). She also stated that “if you don’t see the points after the $1000 spend within 3 months the call back and tell the agent the following, The bonus code is from July 1, 2011 and it’s the last one in the list of the ACTIVE OFFERS.” She also stated “if they give you an problems with that code there is another one you can use” I was of course curious and stated “which one is that?” She said “there is an offer that just started for PR Gold cards issued after 8/22. The code for that is 6939 which is also 75,000 points for new PR Gold cards.” I stated “thanks a bunch, have a wonderful night.”

    Both Customer Service Agents where really helpful and nice. Just wanted to share my experience as a newbie to this FREE points game. Thanks to this Blog for a couple of free flights!!!

  • Use2BnAngel

    Takes 2 mins – I work for amex…and essentially what you ARE doing is encouraging people to needlessly complain to get points, and that’s what they’re doing, while numerous other card members sit and wait needlessly on hold while waiting to get assistance. Asking for a card that would enable you to earn points, fine. Asking for your interest rate to be lowered, fine. But what you are promoting is needless complaining.

  • Travelingjojo

    Hi. I recently applied for this card because of this post. I called tonight to request a bonus using code5985 and
    was told that I couldn’t get it. I was also told that there was not a first year free. I was also told that I would not get extra miles by adding users to the card. How did you do this??? Should I ask for
    a supervisor? Please help. (Also is there a way to request bonus online?) I already have a Platinum card
    for several years and I could not get the 50,000 bonus miles. Thank you for your help.

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  • Lyons

    I signed up for the AmEx Gold card on August 3rd, met the spend requirement prior to the closing date of my account on August 22nd, paid my bill on August 24th. Sent an SM on the 25th requesting the bump to 75,000 for code 5985 and 10,000 for downloading Insite. Was told it was to late to get the 10,000 for Insite (had to be downloaded prior to May 31st), but the very helpful person who responded expedited my 75,000. Great service.

  • DaveMem

    I recieved the 100k bonus from my Platninum card without any issue. They told me that it would take 6-8 weeks to get the extra 75k miles into my account. I have deal with Delta that i get 50% bonus for 100k transferred by the end of the month. Will AMEX accelerate the 6-8 weeks so that I can get the points into my account by the end of the month to get my delta bonus? If anybody has any experience with this please let me know how to make it work. Thanks

  • svper

    Is this deal still alive for someone signing up for the card right now?

  • Devmd

    Hi guys – I am wanting to get the Platinum card – have not applied yet – and if I wanted to get this offer, what do I do? I called their apply by phone number and the lady taking the application told me there are no bonus points on offer right now. thanks!

  • Winstntews

    just fyi. have gotten dissed by 3 representatives in trying to apply this code to new platinum card. the last was quite rude and told me they had kept track of all 3 of my phone calls in asking and she told me the days i had called to ask. yay to the others, whom have had a pleasant representative help them! (i have not) for anyone else, do not bother with promo code 3882- expired months ago.

  • Spencer Wheelwright

    I just received my card. Tried calling (two different reps) and they both said I wasn’t eligible. The second one said, “You used to be able to call in and get a better offer, but not so much these days.” This may not always be the case, but they definitely seem to have tightened up on targeted bonus offers.

  • Roller

    Applied in July, called MR and was told they noted my account with 5748. Was told that after I ment spend req. and points were no longer pending, call MR and ask for the bump. Statement closed in Aug called today, was told that my account was noted for the 50K bonus from when I signed up. I stated I thought it was for offer 5748 which was for 100K bonus. Put on hold for 5+minutes, said that after speaking with supervisor they were able to apply that offer to account. Refreshed MR page before hangin up the phone and had the 100K bonus. Thanks TPG for the tip!

  • Mitten

    I too signed up for the AmEx Platinum on September 7, received and activated the card today (9/14) and called the Platinum Card Membership Rewards Customer Service (1-800-297-1300) re the 100,000 point bonus after spending $1,000 within one month. The CS rep asked for the bonus code; I replied “5748″ and was assured that I was eligible for the bonus, and should see the miles within 8 weeks of the $1000 spending. Thanks, everyone!

  • CodeSeeker

    what did you tell them in the first two calls. Did try to open with this code right away?

  • Brett2287

    I applied for the premier rewards gold card in august and was approved 8/20/11. I called every week to verify that I would get bonus code 6661, which is the 75000 bonus. I was told every time that I called that I would receive it upon spending 1000 dollars in three months. make a long story short, i spent 1000 dollars on the card two days ago and called today (9/21/2011) to verify that i’d get the points and they told me that i can only get 10,000 points for spending the 1000 dollars. I spoke to the supervisor and he didn’t understand why the people at amex were telling me that i was eligible for the last month. but he said there was nothing he could do and apologized. so i cancelled my card. what a waste of money, when i could have spent that 1000 dollars on my spg card! Be warned, that even though they’re telling you that your eligible for it before you spent the 1000 dollars, you’re only going to get the 10,000 bonus points. The only way you’ll get it is if you signed up with the targeted offer that was specifically given to you. you can’t apply these bonus codes after the fact!

  • Brett2287

    I applied for the premier rewards gold card in august and was approved 8/20/11. I called every week to verify that I would get bonus code 6661, which is the 75000 bonus. I was told every time that I called that I would receive it upon spending 1000 dollars in three months. make a long story short, i spent 1000 dollars on the card two days ago and called today (9/21/2011) to verify that i’d get the points and they told me that i can only get 10,000 points for spending the 1000 dollars. I spoke to the supervisor and he didn’t understand why the people at amex were telling me that i was eligible for the last month. but he said there was nothing he could do and apologized. so i cancelled my card. what a waste of money, when i could have spent that 1000 dollars on my spg card! Be warned, that even though they’re telling you that your eligible for it before you spent the 1000 dollars, you’re only going to get the 10,000 bonus points. The only way you’ll get it is if you signed up with the targeted offer that was specifically given to you. you can’t apply these bonus codes after the fact!

  • Brett2287

    I applied for the premier rewards gold card in august and was approved 8/20/11. I called every week to verify that I would get bonus code 6661, which is the 75000 bonus. I was told every time that I called that I would receive it upon spending 1000 dollars in three months. make a long story short, i spent 1000 dollars on the card two days ago and called today (9/21/2011) to verify that i’d get the points and they told me that i can only get 10,000 points for spending the 1000 dollars. I spoke to the supervisor and he didn’t understand why the people at amex were telling me that i was eligible for the last month. but he said there was nothing he could do and apologized. so i cancelled my card. what a waste of money, when i could have spent that 1000 dollars on my spg card! Be warned, that even though they’re telling you that your eligible for it before you spent the 1000 dollars, you’re only going to get the 10,000 bonus points. The only way you’ll get it is if you signed up with the targeted offer that was specifically given to you. you can’t apply these bonus codes after the fact!

  • Jones

    No dice for me… applied in August and just was awarded my 25k. Called MR and was denied – flat out.

  • JT

    what code did you give to be able to get the 100k points? thanks.

  • Wnstntews

    i tried to open with it, failed. once i activated the card, called MR to ask if i could apply promo, told no. called 2 other times to see if i could apply the promo, told no. last time was rudely told that i had been told 3 other times , referencing my other calls, and do not call again

  • Cankk1

    Did anyone have luck lately ?

  • Sarina

    I signed up for the Platinum card this past July. I spent $1,000 in literally 2 weeks (yikes). I didn’t have to call them to remind them about the 100k membership points – it was automatically applied within weeks.

  • Mike

    did you get an offer for this card? how did you apply (online, phone, mail)? Was there a code you gave them?

  • Babushca

    Is this offer this valid?

  • Demon5

    Wow. When I call them they offer to do anything I want to make me happy. They also apologized for it being overlooked. (code was never there when I upgraded to the card) but I’m assuming spending trend has something to do with resposne. And I recommend not using words like “dissed” and such with financial institutions as it changes the response you receive immediately.

  • Demon5

    Well I feel they owe me this since I don’t even see the 25k points that website offered for upgrading in the first place and I spend 15-25k per month on it with distributor.

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  • Sc487z

    I’m so FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heres the story:
    1. Applied for the card last week of August using the link. Approved immediately.
    2. After receiving the card I sent a secure message asking for the upgrade. Received a no.
    3. On August 30th. around 2pm EST called Amex customer service and asked for the upgrade. After a brief hold she came back on the line and told me she would add it to my account and I would receive the miles after spending the $1,000. I know the exact day and time because I sent my friend a very excited text after finishing that call.
    4. I quickly spent $1,000 in the first month.
    5. Around November I was curious when the miles where going to be kicking in so I called customer service to confirm. She told me “I do see this note on your account, but you’ll need to wait the full 8-12 weeks for the miles to be posted.”
    6. In December when I was confirming some travel reservations I asked the same thing and she told me the same.

    I just called today and asked about them and they seemed to have zero knowledge of any of the calls or the notes on my account. They transfered me to the rewards department when the rep informed me that there was no such code on my card and there never had been. They said there is absolutely nothing they can do even after speaking to a manager.

    I’m amazed I would be told by three customer reps one thing and then they would deny that completely 3 months later. Honestly the benefits weren’t THAT great.. And I would never have paid the $450 fee without the 100,000 miles.

    Also, they are making it sound like I am getting ZERO miles not just being denied the extra 50,000 bump. I wouldn’t be so angry if I had been denied from the start, but to have been approved and promised and expecting it for four months and then be totally let down is not acceptable.

    Has anyone else had this experience? Any suggestions? Is it actually possible to find transcripts of calls since I have the exact date and aprox. hour? Rewards said they can’t but if they told me one thing I think they need to promise through.

  • esquish

    I had the same problem. I wrote them a letter and got the points. Message me on flyertalk and I can send you the letter.

  • Anonymous

    Hi i actually went trough a very similar incident myself is there any way you could also please sort me out with that letter?

  • esquish

    hi yeah just message me on flyertalk. i just don’t want to put my email or anything online and the letter is too long to post here.

  • Sc487z

    Hi esquish, sorry I guess i was thinking I’d get an email notification when someone responded here. I just checked it and saw your comment. I messaged you on flyertalk.

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  • eri

    if i just ask them to match a 50k point offer without giving the offer id is there any chance that will go through?

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  • Marie Garrido
  • Bloodprofit
  • Xxequals

    Don’t miss a payment. I did after 40 years and asked for a goodwill adjustment. Was basically told we appreciate your business but we don’t give goodwill adjustments. That was after they tried to tell me to do so was illegal.

  • IronKat

    Called Amex they said additional 50k pts wont be added until spending limit has been reached.

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