Happy Friday: American Express Membership Rewards Points Giveaway

by on May 20, 2011 · 241 comments

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I’m in St. Augustine this weekend for my sister’s wedding, so I’m in a particularly good mood – the weather is sunny and I am surrounded by family and friends. Last night I snagged a 300 Membership Rewards point voucher (just for using my Amex Platinum to enter the lounge as I wrote about here) and several others laying around that I’d like to offer to TPG readers. I really appreciate your support and the constant flow of tip emails and constructive feedback- keep it up!

While these points aren’t going to get you a flight – or even close – every point counts! All you need to do is comment below if you want to be considered. I’ll draw a couple random winners on Sunday and email you the codes and then you can redeem them online. You must have a Membership Rewards Account in order to use these certificates.

If you need a good Membership Rewards account, you may want to consider the Platinum Card - I wrote a review here and they are currently offering 25,000 bonus points (but you can most likely get more, just by asking as I outlined in this post).

Happy Friday!

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  • Kevin

    I’ll throw my hat into the ring! Very generous of you to offer up a few of these certs.

    After entering a few of these that didn’t seem to work with there online system I had to send a secured message to Amex to get them to post. However it looks like their system is fixed and just running slow. I got credit for the original 2 I entered and then 2 more I have entered since. I’m glad they fixed their setup since it was annoying having to use a secure message to Amex everytime to get the points to post.

  • Eric

    Very gracious!

    Thakn you!

  • Addison

    Hook a reader and twitter follower up!

  • Heels05

    I’ll throw my name in too.

    300 more points will go great with the extra 50,000 I got after reading on here I could call and ask the Amex Plat people for more.

  • Bill

    Because of you and your site, I’m a new Platinum Card holder and collector of AMEX Sky Club certificates!

  • Ryan

    Sign me up for consideration!

  • MasterJ

    Thanks for the site – you already earned me 50k (on top of 50k) MR points, but 300 more wouldn’t hurt…

  • Mike L

    Thanks as always, Brian!

  • Frenchman

    Well I need to start somewhere right?

  • Mark K

    Thanks- very nice of you.

  • aaron d

    hook it up. points guy is like a santa claus in may.

  • Amanda

    Your website is great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Margaret Dodd

    Thank you! desperately trying to accumulate points to travel ..on a budget in luxury!..with my kids this summer in Europe..every point counts!
    New, and avid follower!

  • Chris G

    Thanks for the give away, add my name please.

  • Lance

    Love your site and what what you share – and would love to win this!!

    Enjoy the wedding!!

  • David Z.

    Love your site! Please add my name to the drawing! Thanks!

  • Adam

    This site has become a daily habitual read for me…I’m in!

  • Beenie

    i’ll try for it! thanks!!

  • Mommy Points

    Every point counts! Love your blog and always appreciate any MR points. Thanks for doing this!

  • Jim

    I’m in too

  • jophilpo

    Cool, count me in!

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for the generous offer – I have become a daily reader and appreciate your tips and analysis!

  • pc8488

    Put my name in the hat, every point counts! I have become a daily reader since finding your site a few weeks ago.

  • Batzelda1

    That is awesome! Thanks!

  • Scott

    Thanks TPG! An extra 300 MR never hurts!

  • Marji Kruger

    Thanks for all your great info. I do humanitarian work in Africa. Every point helps! Thanks for what you do!

  • Dany

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Ryan

    Love your site, TPG, and thanks for the generous offer.

  • hoglard1

    Thanks for the offer, TPG! Every point/mile counts. Your postings have been very helpful in getting me hooked on miles/points offers. I look forward to your blogs every morning. Keep up the great work!

  • Lauren S

    love reading your tips and tricks for building my points and miles!

  • tiffany

    enter me, please!

  • Larry

    Thank You, throw me in!

  • sebastian

    I would like to add my name as well. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Lantean

    Thank you Brian!

  • Marti

    I’ll play!

    Love, love your blog! Thank you!

  • Ketan

    Thanks for the superb blog.

  • Joe

    More Points…..Great! Thanks for the offer.

  • Andy


  • Scott C

    I can always use a few more points. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  • vespa7

    Totally my favourite blog on the web. Thank you!

  • Ryan

    Great blog! I’ll never pass up an opportunity for some free points.

  • Mark

    Thanks! Your site is great and has led me to some good deals.

  • http://[email protected] NVG

    Thanks for all of the good work. You have definitely opened my eyes. Please consider me for the bonus AA points.

  • David

    Great blog. Read it daily. Please count me in for the drawing!

  • Carter

    I going to throw my name in the hat as well

  • Scott

    I’d like to throw my name in the hat!

    Many thanks!

  • David

    I’d love to get in on this. First time poster by the way. LOVE your posts. U actually aided me to 75K MR points instead of the 10K I was really eligible for with the Gold premier card and also 100K with Platinum card which I was only eligible for 50K just by using your advice to call Amex and ask! Thanks for your help, hope I get chosen for the 300 rewards points! Enjoy ur trip and the wedding!

  • Chris

    Every point counts! Sign me up as well. Thanks!

  • Chad

    I’m hoping to make my first lounge run in ATL next week. One more would help. Thank you, sir.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for offering the points! I love reading your blog. It’s a daily morning ritual.

  • Jordan

    Thanks for the offer!

  • Mikey


  • Chris D

    I’d love to be considered, too!

  • Glen

    I’d like to be considered! Thanks PG!

  • narayana sundaram

    Please pick me. Avid tpg reader. Naroowal.

  • Dave

    Thanks! Excellent blog you have!

  • John

    Hey, the more points, the better! I’ve only just started reading this blog, but I’ve already gotten some great deals–the 50,000 AMEX Platinum deal and the cheap flights to HND were incredible. Keep it up!

  • Ted

    Pretty please? I’m graduating from Grad school this weekend!!

  • Michael Temba

    This is such a great deal from Amex and Delta. I’d like to be considered!!

  • Ilan

    This would be great! Keep the news and offers coming.

  • Jason

    Hottest contest in years! Count me in!

  • Robert Thibodeaux

    As Donkey would say.

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  • Sunny

    pick me

  • Mihai

    I would love to be considered too. Thank you for the offer!

  • Coloradodude

    Read you first thing every morning. Great site

  • Sam

    In for one :)

  • Bryce

    thanks TPG!

  • JWC

    Great blog. I emailed you a sapphire preferred tip to get a shot at those Amex pts.

  • Gregory

    Thanks for offering TPG … Consider me interested!

  • Jeff S

    Pick me please!

  • Josh

    Haven’t made it to a lounge yet to pick up any for myself. I miss travelling. Maybe this would be a small taste…

  • SML

    Awesome, thanks for a great blog!

  • tivoboy

    Nice, nice offer. all the MR points count and with bonuses it could be 450-600

  • Marc

    Please throw my name on the hat. I just discovered your site a month ago and am hooked. You provide a lot of valuable info. Thanks.

  • Kai

    Your daily blog is my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keep up the good work.

  • Jon

    Possible free points? Of course I am interested! Plus this is a great site too.

  • Trevor Hoppe

    Well count me in! Please :)

  • maccoinnich

    Probably as good a time as any to say how much I appreciate your blog. I’m flying international business class for the first time in August, and it’s in no small part thanks to your advice.

  • Bill

    Thanks for the blog, especially the British Airways breakdown. Invaluable!

  • andrew

    love the blog, thanks for the offer!

  • Mike

    *post* I have yet to use my new Amex Plat card to get into a Skyclub . . . I can’t wait!

  • Ryan

    that’s really generous of you. thanks!

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the offer!

  • MaryJ

    Thanks for all your invaluable tips!

  • Patrick

    Hey, why not? I’m a new but avid reader–keep up the great work!

  • A. S.

    OK, if you insist… ;)

  • gpapadop

    Hey,every point counts!

  • Trench

    I got one of these in ORD last week thanks to your posts!

  • Roland

    a must read every day – thank you!

  • Farhan

    Nice gesture!

  • Kai

    Pick me!

  • HoKo

    I’m game, thanks

  • Byron

    Pick me!

  • Tim

    Pick me!

  • Valerie

    Thanks for such a great contest! I just got the Platinum card and love it so far.

  • Tim A

    MR points are the greatest

  • Diane

    Love the blog!

  • Theresa

    Every mile counts! Thanks for keeping up your blog – it’s a daily read.

  • David

    Pick me! Pick me!
    Thanks for the great site!

  • Mary

    Your blog is the best!! Keeping my fingers crossed for a win!!

  • StarGoldUA

    i want it!

  • Jim K

    I like TPG and MR.

  • Sean

    Three hundred AmEx
    Membership Rewards points towards
    Free flights and hotels

    -haiku and run!

  • D

    Love your blog, TPG!

  • ct

    St. Augustine is really nice this time of year. Is the wedding at the Casa Monica Hotel by any chance? Have you been able to get to the Columbia restaurant?

  • swb

    Well, if you’re just gonna GIVE them away… yeah, I’ll take them.

  • atrebla

    Why not? Every point counts! : )

  • Gisselle

    I read your blog religiously and would love a voucher.

  • Vick

    How gracious of you!!

  • Dave

    Enjoy the wedding.

  • Stephanie

    I’d love to be considered! Thanks!

  • Matt

    Hi TPG love your site and we have the same birthday! Pick me! :)

  • Elliott

    Me2 me2!!! Thanks for being so generous!

  • David

    Loving the blog – 500k miles earned since I started reading.

  • CP

    Great blog.

  • thenewrenew

    thanks for all the tips!

  • Ben


  • Mark

    Consider your site #1 – for detailed information both on bonuses and award procedure.
    I am not just saying this for the 300 points :) – It is true.

    Thanks Mark

  • Misterstuf

    Any points you are willing to share, I’m willing to accept. :-)
    I appreciate all the great tips you’ve passed along, and will do my best to pass along anything I hear about.

  • esther

    i signed up for the amex platinum after reading your posts. would love the points!

  • beltway

    I’m reduced to begging.

  • Neal

    Every little bit helps

  • Amit

    great stuff !!! keep going !!1

  • Joe

    Por favor!

  • Brandon


  • Ritam

    Love the blog and thanks for the giveaways to your readers!

  • David

    choose me please :)

  • newdeltaSM

    love the blog, keep up the great work!

  • Toya

    sure! i’ll take them! got 80,000 more laying around??

  • Redskin

    I’d like to be considered :)

    I’ll even report back on my findings since I have a couple of two hour layovers at ATL within the next 5 days :o

  • Kanoelani

    Do I feel lucky today… Hell, yeah. Thanks, TPG!

  • Todd

    Big Fan

  • Rob

    Nice gesture- and thanks for all the helpful tips!

  • william

    hola TPG,

    me encanta tu blog. se que puedes ayudar a un amigo con unos Amex puntitos.


  • Elijah N.

    Count me in on this points bonanza. I’m not flying until July, although luckily it’s on Delta, (the Japan deal you mentioned a few days ago), so I’ll be heading to all the lounges I can.

  • scott

    thanks for all you do, love your blog TPG!

  • Dave Edgar

    Oh, why not.

  • Jason

    300 points, yey.

  • mellomood

    Awesome, love the site.

  • Jack

    Love your site!!!

  • jlb

    Awesome, love the site.

  • Dan Z


  • Eli

    Love the site and advice! Thanks!

  • David

    Thanks for the help this past year!

  • Tom

    Points, please! :-)

  • Jessica

    Please consider me!

  • Liz

    Read your site, use your links, love points!

  • SJ Xiao


  • Tao

    I’m in for 300 pts. But most importantly, I’m here to support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    Congrats on your sister’s wedding! Hope you have a blast

  • Jennifer Frost

    Pick me, pick me!

  • Ash Cat

    Thanks for all your help this past year!!!

  • Michael


  • Vikas

    Thanks for the offer from me too.

  • Terry

    Thanks for the chance for points!

  • Rich

    Wife and I read your blog daily.

  • Mike

    Love your site, thanks!!!

  • Greg

    Hook me up bro!!

  • Dave

    Snap into MR Points! Ohhhh Yeahhhhh

  • Joanne

    I just discovered your site last week and now check it every day. Thanks so much.

  • SK

    Thanks for a great website!

  • thrashsoundly

    Are these the last points I’ll ever earn? #rapture

  • Tracy Snell

    I grew up in St. Augustine and am moving back as soon as our house sells. Enjoy!

  • Adam

    I’m game.

  • John

    I’d like to be considered for this. Thanks!

  • Kristi Hollins

    Pick me! Pick me! :)

  • bfisk

    Hey Pointsguy! Happy Friday to you too! Got the AMEX Plat MQM bonus and MR 50K bonus here! Please send a few more points my way.

  • Min

    I like to be considered, thanks for your kindness and God bless you

  • Laurie Roberts

    Love you updates and scoops on getting points. Would love to be considered. Follow you on Twitter under my model name Sophie LaRae.

  • Matt Curry

    Hoping to snag some awesome points. I love my plat card.

  • Bobby Burns

    I can use the points!

    I have a points advance to pay back (3000).


  • sortaconfused

    Count me in!

  • Chris

    Sign me up for the drawing, Brian. Great blog.

  • CCC

    Every point counts, right? Sign me up!

  • Dale

    My favorite blog. Point me; thank you!

  • Jason

    Consider me!

  • Ken

    I’d like the free points please >:)

  • Drew

    You’re website got me into this whole thing! I’ll take the points!

  • ilimas

    Thanks for the offer; count me in! Aloha.

  • Richard

    Forty-one vouchers.
    What could be better than that?
    Deep Thought: forty-two!

    pick me!

  • Bret

    Every point counts! Thanks!

  • Ben

    A few hundred points would be great!

  • Andrea

    What a nice gesture! Great info & giveaways…yay!

  • zshiner

    This is one amazing blog. I got the Sapphire Preferred card (using your link) Thanks for all the good work!

  • msp2anywhere

    Two things I NEVER turn down: free beer and opportunties for points! love the blog, and refer all my friends and family for the tips

  • Melody

    Your blog has been fantastic….as a graduate student, I’ve gotten a chance to earn points and travel to places I never thought I could afford.

  • Max

    I want some points!

  • cmoz

    In for a chance!

  • Dan

    Pick me :-)

  • Brian

    Sign me up! Great blog, man!!

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  • stephen

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    wow, this is really nice… I’m in!

  • Micheal

    Congrats to your sister!

  • Arlington Frequent Traveler

    Please pick me!!


    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
    I need Amex points, so throw me a few.
    That’s all….thank you. =)

  • Andrew Harwood

    Leaving Monday on a month-long trip to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Spain, and Portugal on a 75,000 point Aeroplan reward thanks to 20,000 SPG points, the 50k Amex Platinum bonus, and YOUR HELP! Thanks so much!

  • Sergey

    TPG, I would like to get considered too.

  • Robert

    Set the great wheel of fate aspinning.

  • Andrew

    Count me in. Thanks!

  • Iain

    I am new to your site and now read it daily. Love to win 300 points. Thanks to your advice my wife and I have 150,000 Amex rewards, 25,000 SPG, 50,000 Marriott Points. Thanks again.

  • Justanotherblogger


  • AAP

    Thanks for the tip, as I’m in need of some Amex MR points for a last-minute flight!

  • Michael

    Through your blog that I recently discovered while googling, I just landed a ton of free points, translating to award flights from West Coast to Sydney without a lot of fuel and tax surcharges – much appreciated. Also doing to track everything (another tip from your blog), “Every little counts”.

  • A.K.

    thanks for your tips

  • Buell

    Thanks for all your help.

  • Josh M

    Brian -

    Thank you for all the time you put into your website. As a frequent traveler, I find your regular emails and suggestions very helpful. I too and a points junky and have been making a point to stop by every Delta Skymiles lounge I can on the way to and from the airport. If you don’t mind, please enter me into your drawing as I can always use an extra 300 MR points.

    Thanks again for all that you do.

  • Dennis Murphy

    I’d like to be in the drawing. Just got back to the US via Amsterdam yesterday. An A330 with Economy Comfort. The program launches June 1 but this aircraft was already fitted with the 4″ increased pitch and 50% more recline and no up-charge since the program hasn’t officially launched. For those of us that travel on business but our companies won’t pay for Business Class – this is going to make a big difference on long-haul international travel.

  • Jon

    Love you site! Keep up the great work TPG!

  • Brian

    Keep up the terrific work — invaluable tips for us road warriors.

  • Shari

    I recently just found your website and love it. Thanks to you and your commenters, I got Amex to agree to give me the 50,000 MR for getting their recent Amex Gold Premier Card (the one with all the “controversy”). Thank you very much and I would like to be entered in the draw!

  • Victor

    thanks for the site. good info.

  • Brittany

    nice! thanks for the giveaway!

  • Terry

    MR points would come in handy!

  • M

    Win or not…I’m an avid fan of all your info!

  • Sean Broderick

    I really enjoy visiting your site. Just did the Amex Platinum, will collect the 50k+ points tomorrow, and get them over to Delta. Never really thought I’d be close to platinum, but now looks like a shoe in. Looking forward on cashing in the points for Ireland next year, and finally will be able to “give back” to you, and travel in style at the same time. Thanks for doing this!!

  • Ramsey

    Thanks for the great information! I love your blog and recommend it to others.

  • Isaac

    Love the blog, thanks for the opportunity!

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    Thanks for all you do. Please enter me.

  • Aleks

    This blog is awesome and the information here is incredibly useful! I’m flying next weekend and hope to snag a couple of those.

  • jen

    Just read your entire series on using BA miles. Thanks so much!! This blog is awesome!

  • Do

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  • Ekrem

    Since discovering this site I’ve really learned a lot of neat things. I hope to return the favor in the future.

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  • CraigR

    One round trip to LAX throught DTW last week netted me 2100 points

  • Jeffrey

    Thanks for all your work!

  • William

    Thanks for your work!

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  • Brent

    I’ve managed just one of these certificates so far – I need to plan for longer connections! If you’re in a giving-away mood, I’d be happy to be considered!

  • Erik

    Common random number generator!

  • The Points Guy

    Congrats to Aleks, Dale, Kanoelani, Trevor Hoppe and Jeff!

  • CC

    thanks tpg! just got my corporate card and opened up a rewards account.

  • herman

    count me in!

  • Miriam A.

    HI TPG!
    You list as one of the benefits of this card is 4x reward points for booking travel through Amex Bonus Points Mall
    I don’t see this benefit anywhere, all I can find is that travel is 2X the points. Have they just removed this benefit?

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