Final Reminder: Last Day to Apply for 100,000 Mile British Airways Visa!

by on May 5, 2011 · 28 comments

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Update: The current offer for the British Airways Visa is 50,000 Avios with $2,000 spend in the first 3 months.

Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day to apply for the 100,000 mile Chase British Airways Visa. Even if it takes a couple days to approve your application, as long as you apply today, you will be eligible for the 100,000 miles.

Even if you have several other Chase cards, you are eligible for the 100k miles as long as you haven’t gotten the BA card in the past. Chase has been very flexible with approving these cards – even if you are declined, you can call back and ask to move around other credit lines in order to get the BA card approved.  If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to comment below.

Key details of the card:
-You earn 1.25 BA miles per dollar spent, that’s 25% more miles than most cards
-No foreign transaction fees
-Super valuable companion ticket when you spend $30,000 in a calendar year
-BA miles can be redeemed for travel on American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Lan, Iberia, Finn Air,  S7, Malev, Royal Jordanian, Kingfisher and Aer Lingus.
-BA allows one-way awards, so if you have existing American miles, you can use AA Miles for one way and BA miles for the other
-BA allows Household Accounts, so you can pool the miles of everyone in your family
-BA allows unlimited en-route stopovers on awards

For more information on the card and using BA miles in general, check out my series:

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  • tassojunior

    Whoopee. Just got my 6th Chase in a year. My last ones were SWA personal and biz in early Feb.

    Phoned them and got my United closed and CL transferred to BA card. United annual fee refunded.

    Used your link. Thanks.

  • The Points Guy

    @Tasso- well played! Thanks for using my link!

  • glenn

    Finally got a letter in the mail telling me that I have been approved. But won’t have the card until 7-10 days. I guess they got so overwhelmed that can’t crank the cards out any faster?

    I used your link to. You’ve got a good racket going there. :-)

  • Connie

    Thanks TPG. I just signed up via your link. Thanks for the detailed info and explanations on your blog – very helpful!

  • ef

    Is today really the last day? The British Airways Twitter account just tweeted that there are 2 days left.

  • Afkabp

    Ok, you finally convinced me. I applied through you link and was approved.

  • Vick

    If I transfer my balance from my Citi AAdvantage card to the BA card, will I get AAdvantage miles on the Citi card as if a purchase has been made?

  • vick

    Correction on my last post.

    I meant, “will I get points on the BA card as if a purchase had been made?”

  • The Points Guy

    @Glenn, Connie, Afkabp- thank you!

    @EF- My ad agency tells me that the offer changes at midnight tonight. It could be different for or it could be extended, but I wouldn’t risk it. I know people missed out on the Amex Platinum 50k, so I just want to make sure everyone knows that this offer is most likely coming to an end.

    @Vick- Balance transfers do not count as purchases and I don’t see any fine print about earning miles for transfer bonuses, so I’d recommend calling Chase to see if they offer miles for balance transfers with this card

  • Alexis

    Thanks for all the posts regarding how to use the British Air miles. They helped me take the plunge and apply (through your link, of course) and was approved.

  • The Points Guy

    @Alexis- you made the right choice. Thanks for using my link- if you need help using those miles, feel free to ask. My goal is for everyone to extract as much value out of them as possible!

  • Jim

    Just used your link, and after application taken to screen that said I was approved and would receive in two weeks.

    Thank you so much for your posts and your whole blog, can’t wait to rack up some miles!


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  • Jean

    I filled out the application and was told it was accepted. Then I received an error message which said that I needed to fill out the application again. I wish I knew what is going on.

  • Dan

    @vick balance transfer counts towards the 2500 limit, so I’d assume it gives miles too.

    @ TPG, any numbers for reconsidering applications? I called 18882702127 and was told they won’t extend me credit (too many recently opened cards….).

  • Yaswanth

    Thanks for the great info. I got my entire family to signup and some co-workers and friends using your link! Also a test to see if my comment shows up!

  • Marti

    Your blog is great! I decided to sign up for this offer in the last hour for 2 of us using your link. Thanks so much!

  • Umut

    Brian, just wanted to let you know we used your link too .. My wife applied 4 days ago for Chase BA, unfortunately I could not apply due to recent apply for Chase Continental… It’s sometimes better to patiently wait for a good deal, than applying right the way….:) It became a good lesson for me

  • Jason

    @Umut – how long ago did you apply for the Continental? I got this card in Jan or Feb, and applied for the BA card on Thursday. Did you get rejected immediately, or go to pending and get a follow-up letter saying you were rejected due to the continental app? I’m debating whether or not I should tell Chase to shift some of my credit from the continental to the BA, or cancel the continental altogether.

  • JC


  • The Points Guy

    Jc- what contradictory information did you receive?

  • Jason

    FYI – I was approved after a week or so. I applied for and got the continental card in Januaryish, so it appears having two existing Chase cards didn’t matter.

    @JC – terms stated no foreign transaction fees, but I haven’t yet tried to use the card abroad.

  • JC

    on the webpage and on the sheet where the CC was glued it said Foreign Fees – NONE but then in the cardmember agreement is said that fees WERE included.

  • The Points Guy

    JC I wouldn’t worry about it. This card is widely advertised as having no foreign fees. You will be fine.

  • JC

    OK.. I spoke to a rep and he said I’m okay but the disclosures were not clear and I have had bad experience w/ these sneaky credit card copmanies. I’ll let you know how it pans out. Txs again for your great blog!

  • Dave

    How long before the initial 50k post? My bill cycle ended on May 28, and I would have thought they would show up the. Perhaps there is some lag?


  • James

    Did this card have an annual fee? Thanks

  • David

    Do you know if I cancel the Chase BA card before the 2nd annual fee hits, will I loose the bonus miles?

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