Final Day for American Express 50% and 25,000 MQM Delta Transfer Bonus

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Just a friendly reminder that today (May 31, 2011) is the last day to transfer 50,000+ American Express points to Delta in order to get the 50% transfer bonus and 25,000 MQMs.

Check out my original post and follow-up post and the comments on each, where most questions have been answered. If you have other, unanswered questions, feel free to comment below.

Remember- this is only for people who are able to register for the promo through this link. I was rejected because I took advantage of this promo last fall.

Is this a good deal? Generally, yes. You won’t see a better transfer bonus. In the past they generally range from 10-40% and only a handful of times do have they ever awarded Medallion Qualifying Miles as well. If you value Delta elite status (domestic upgrades, mileage bonuses, free exit row/premium seats, better customer service), then I would say go for it.

However, if you aren’t familiar with how to use Skymiles (and the quirky online award calendar), then I’d make sure you have an award in mind before transferring. Delta is like no other program in that they have three award tiers – low, medium and high, and the online engine that prices awards is for the most part broken. Piecing together an award can take a lot of time and research, so you’ve been warned! For those who need some help, I put together a couple tips for using their Skymiles.

I have no idea what future transfer bonuses are planned, but I’d be very surprised if they were more lucrative than this one.

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  • Chad

    I finally got the points transferred yesterday and I achieved Gold Medallion this morning. I had to call American Express several times. Every representative had a story. I’ve had my card less than a month (signed up for the Platinum AmEx). I had everywhere from “we can advance you the points. All you have to do is finish spending your $1000″ to “no, it is not possible because you settling date is past May 31.” Someone else mentioned I had topay my bill first. I tried that too. I don’t know what the magical moment was, but I called American Express, got a representative, and he transferred the points right away. Woo Hoo. Thank you for all of the help TPG and friends.

  • Tim A

    Can a second SkyMiles account be set up in the same name, get the 50% bonus, then merge the accounts later on?

  • The Points Guy

    @Chad- glad it finally worked out. My experience with Amex is that they generally have very good customer service, but sometimes they need a little coaxing.

    @Tim- technically no, but I did recently read someone did this. Proceed with caution- they may very well run analytics to catch people who did they (or they may not).

  • Dallas

    @Tim – You are very lucky! I am in the same situation but after 4 calls have not had any success in getting my bonus points expedited or a points advance. It has taken me more than an hour of phone time now trying, so I will probably give up and just hope for future Delta bonuses.

  • Mark


    Have followed your advice on using Flying Blue to coax out Delta awards (still not sure I want to transfer 50K amex deal to Delta). Anyway, in checking SLC to NRT for July FB shows two dates “from 40K miles” on July 17 and 19. When I click site just says “There are no Air France flights on the selected route.” and gives no additional info. Should I assume it might be a partner award? Delta? Does the site not provide partner awards if there is no AF routing. Any other tips on using Flying Blue to coax out Delta awards. Other tricks or tips, services to use? I am picturing both my wife and my account siting at 100K plus miles on Delta and endless frustration. We fly mostly coach awards.

    Thanks Mark

  • Heidi

    got the 75,000 and 25,000 mqms! thanks TPG – I am going to Hong Kong! woohoo!

  • Heidi

    @Dallas – try to transfer the points online. I was in the same situation, the supervisor told me there was absloute NOTHING she could do to advance the 50,000 (I just got the card today :). But then I went online (, and transferred the points over with no problems at all.
    Hope it works for you!

  • Esque

    @Chad and Heidi –

    Did either of you have a previous relationship with AmEx, for example a Delta SkyMiles AmEx that you’ve had since before Thanksgiving? I’ve also been told by the supervisor that nothing could be done (and the online page is telling me I have to buy the points for $1280).

  • Adam

    Thanks to @thepointsguy and this invaluable website I ended up turning a 50k platinum card bonus into 150k Delta points (got my 50k MR bumped to 100k as suggested on the blog recently) split between my girlfriend and I, as well as a bump in status for us both. I can’t thank you enough!

  • AS

    What would happen if I register for both the 50% and 40% promos and then make the transfer?

  • Tje Weekly Flyer
  • Mike K

    By the way the american express plantinum $200 feature for airlines will cover the delta economy comfort purchases up to $200, but make sure an choose delta as your airline 48 hours before you use it for the economy comfort.

  • fewa fwae

    Officially, the $200 does not cover upgrades.

    As a practical matter, many report it being covered. It all depends, more or less, on the airlines ability (or inability) to properly code the purchase.

  • Mike K

    I used it to upgrade to economy comfort on delta to istanbul and my american express showed a credit for $200 while the total for the upgrade was $240

  • Garrett

    Looks like this link is still active. Any chance that Delta would still honor this offer today? (02 June 2011)
    It accepted my registration…so, I am wondering. Please advise.

  • The Points Guy

    Garrett- highly doubt it. TO be safe, register for the 25/40% bonus so you at least get that.

  • Garrett

    What are the chances that this offer could be repeated? I thought that I saw a similar offer at the end of 2010…but I didn’t see it until March, when I signed up for your e-mails.

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