Earn Up to $250 in Cash for Marriott, Hilton, Starwood and Hyatt Stays

by on May 5, 2011 · 24 comments

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I’m always amazed at the quality of feedback that I see on frequent flyer bulletin boards and blogs. Frequent travelers seem to be predisposed towards giving high quality feedback to the brands that we visit – whether it’s a complaint or praise post, I think we all want hotels and airlines to understand our feedback so they can improve the product and experience.

I was intrigued recently when I saw an ad on Facebook asking me to fill out hotel surveys for cash. What caught my attention was the name of the company - LRA Worldwide. That name seemed very familiar and when I clicked through to the homepage, I realized it was the company of a close family friend from my childhood.

I always knew they were in the hospitality industry, but never exactly what they did. I decided to contact them and I found out that they are a research and consulting company that focuses on Customer Experience Management. So in a nutshell, they visit hotels and provide them with feedback necessary for them to improve their customer experience – especially when it comes to loyalty programs.

They are in need of quality feedback from travelers who stay at Marriott, Starwood, Hilton and Hyatt hotels, so they’ve created a survey exclusively for TPG readers, which comes with a nice cash payout. All you need to do is complete a survey about your stay and you’ll get $100 (mailed to you within 4 weeks). You can do it two additional times for $75 each, bringing your total earnings to $250. The great thing is that you can even do these surveys if you are using points for your stay.

I am approached all the time to feature products and services, but I am very picky with what gets posted here, because I value the integrity of the site more than anything else. However, since I personally know the COO of the company and have been in contact with several executives who are running this project, I feel comfortable encouraging TPG readers to participate. Full disclosure: I will receive a small commission for completed surveys, but my main intent of offering this deal is for TPG readers to be able to make some money on hotel stays that we already have planned (even corporate stays).

I’ve reviewed the survey and it isn’t too burdensome and considering they will be used to make hotel experiences better for members of frequent guest programs, I see this as a win all around. The process is pretty simple, if you are interested, simply fill out the online profile and they will contact you before your next trip if they still need surveys. Remember, only people staying at Marriott, Starwood, Hilton and Hyatt hotels will be eligible for this and once they receive the number of surveys needed, the application will be shut down.

I’ve asked LRA representatives to monitor this post and answer Q&A, so please comment below if you have any questions.

Link to the initial survey. It took me just under 3 minutes to complete – it asks about your upcoming travel plans, so have them in front of you and have a list of what hotel brands you will be staying at on each trip.

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  • gpapadop

    You mean I can do my reviews like I do at tripadvisor and get paid, sign me up!:-)


    I see you posted a link to the initial survey. Can we do this without doing the online profile? Or does the online profile need to be completed first?

    If we have no set schedule of upcoming participating hotel stays coming up, will we be turned down?

    Once they get the needed number of surveys completed this is done once and for all and never to be contacted again. Or, with the online profile stored in their servers, we may get contacted again soon if they get another project.

    Cash is good of course and the payoff sure looks very tempting. Naturally, they may want to throw in the pot some hotel points, elite status, etc. :-)

    It appears this is only for upcoming stays. How about recently completed stays?

  • Maury

    This isn’t about hotel stays in the past? It’s only about upcoming stays? Thank you

  • Nicole Thomas

    The link will take you to an initial screener which must be completed before you are invited to take the actual survey. This screener gives up basic demographic information, the dates/location of your planned travels, and the necessary contact information to send you a survey and hopefully an incentive check for completing!

    This information is strictly confidential, you will not receive any other offers as a result of completing it.

    You must have trips planned within the next 6 months. We will then send a survey to you around the date of your next planned hotel stay. Once we reach the number of surveys we need completed, we will have to take the study down, so this offer is time sensitive.

    Thank you for your questions, I hope I have answered all of them.

  • Jason

    I just signed up.
    Out of curiousity, where would you guys consider a trip to Barbados located? The choices were (from memory now): North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia…may have been a few others, but nothing around the Caribbean. After some googling, I put it as a trip to North America, but that seemed so boring :)

  • Redskin

    Thanks for posting this. Lots of travel coming in Mid-May at 4-5 different hotels. If I’m not a candidate I will give up :)

  • Jeff

    I just finished the initial survey but I forgot to put down the trip I planned next week. Could I re-submit one? Thanks.

  • Don VS

    I just signed up… There aren’t many weeks that go by in which I’m not in a hotel, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

    If anything, they will be flooded with a significant amount of folks to choose from – which is good for them, of course.

  • MommyPoints

    Just as a data point, my husband and I both signed up the day of this post and we both have our first travel booked in June – he got an email from them today and so far I have nada. Still super jazzed that he got emailed! Thanks, Points Guy!

  • Redskin

    I ended up getting the initial survey (HHonors). If I really do get $100 from it, I will be amazed since it took a significant LESS amount of time to fill out than most $5-$6 surveys from e-rewards.

  • Sean M


    Thank you for announcing this paid survey program. I completed the online profile a week ago, and sure enough I was selected to complete a survey about my check-in at the US GRANT on May 7th. The survey took under 15 minutes and a check for $100 is on the way. I hope I get selected for a second and third!

    This site is awesome and getting better each week this year!! Thanks again!

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  • Carolina G

    I got selected and started completing the survey for a Hilton in the Seychelles. However, when I went back to finish the survey, it said it had expired. I’ve sent them two emails, but never received a response. Any chance you can help me by contacting their Rep?

  • Joanna

    Got a check for $100 in the mail today from LRA Worldwide! Thanks!

  • Larry

    I recieved a $100 check yesterday!

  • Gary

    Joanna or Larry. How long did it take to get your check? I submitted my survey about 3 weeks ago. I also emailed them to make sure they received it because I got no confirmation but they haven’t replied to any of my emails.



  • Glenn

    I filled out a survey in early May and have yet to see a check. I tried to email them and am awaiting to see if I get a reply. It would be quite disappointing to fill out a survey and not receive a check.

  • Scott

    I, too, filled out a survey nearly two months ago and I haven’t heard anything back from them.

  • Stacey

    I got a check today for $100! Awesome.

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  • Heather

    I registered and completed a survey but never got a check. :(

  • Anonymous

    When did you complete the survey? don’t worry, you will get it- I will make sure of it!

  • Austin

    I registered and completed a survey back in May and have not got a check.

  • Austin

    I received a check in the mail today, thanks Brian!

  • Nick


    I also completed the survey in May and the check never showed up? Do you know how I can contact LRA?

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