Delta Offers Fast Track to Gold and Platinum for Targeted American Express Customers

by on May 25, 2011 · 59 comments

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Delta and American Express have been enhancing their relationship recently – they’ve been offering unbelievable Membership Rewards to Delta transfer bonuses and even giving 300 points for using the Platinum Card to enter Delta SkyClubs.

Today Delta sent out an email to American Express Members who have recently taken advantage of Membership Rewards transfers. The offer is pretty incredible – jump to the next elite level by only flying a token amount of domestic (2 for Gold, three for Platinum) or international (one for Gold, two for Platinum) flights by the end of the year. I’m happy I’m a Diamond Medallion, because I’m sure the Gold and Platinum ranks will swell with this promotion (though frankly, I have no idea exactly how many people were targeted, but in the first 10 minutes I got over 10 emails from readers).

For those that currently have Silver status:
“For a limited time, register (link), then fly just two paid round-trip domestic flights or one paid round-trip international flight, and we’ll grant you Gold Medallion status. As an exclusive offer, this is just a small percentage of the standard Medallion Qualification Segments you would need to reach Gold Medallion status. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy more benefits faster. And it’s our way of thanking you for flying with us.

In addition to the benefits you already receive as a Silver Medallion member, you’ll enjoy these benefits as a Gold Medallion member:
• No direct ticketing charges
• Unlimited Rollover Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs)
• Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades for all tickets, including Award Tickets and Pay with Miles tickets
• Delta Sky Priority® experience
• SkyTeam Elite Plus status in our global network
• 100% mileage bonus ”

For those who have Gold status:

”Register today (link) to accelerate your rewards, and we’ll help you bridge the gap to Platinum Medallion® status. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy more benefits faster. And it’s our way of thanking you for flying with us.

Fly just three paid round-trip domestic flights or two paid round-trip international flights, and we’ll grant you Platinum Medallion status. As an exclusive offer, this is just a small percentage of the standard Medallion Qualification Segments you would need to reach Platinum Medallion status.”

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  • Platinum madness

    15k is a miseable offer that compromises your integrity.

  • Mike L

    I got Silver from the MQM bonus promo. So this 1 international round trip, do codeshares count? I looked up JFK-YYZ for $297 operated by Mesaba Dba Delta Connection… will that suffice?

  • Vick

    I registered for silver to gold and have three domestic flights in the next few weeks. Will it register me to Gold immediately after travel is complete?

    Also, I have an award ticket for ATL to BOG at the end of June. If I have gold status, can I potentially get complimentary standby upgrades on this flight?


  • Phil

    @ Mike: Why shouldn’t it? Also, what dates did you search? I might take advantage of that myself!

    My question for TPG is this. I also made silver from the AMEX promo this year. I have EWR-ATL-LAX-SJC-LAX-MSP-EWR booked for a mileage run in June thanks to a great deal found on FlyerTalk. This is a same day turn in SJC.

    Would LAX-SJC-LAX and EWR-LAX-EWR count as two separate round trips or is the whole itinerary just one round trip?

  • David Z.

    Thanks, just registered!

  • Kevin

    @Vick: After you finish your 2nd round trip flight you should get upgraded to Gold. It may take a day or two for their computers to process that and show on your Skymiles account.

    Yes, being Gold you can be upgraded on award flights. give more info on the order of how all that happens. You might confirm as early as 3 days before the flight or at the gate.

  • Chris

    I got the Gold-Platinum offer e-mail and registered. Does anyone have more details?

    Will already confirmed flights count? (Probably)
    Will I get MQMs or just status, and how long will it last?

    I was already going for enough MQMs to reach PM this year. What will happen to those miles? If I was going to hit 75k anyway it seems that the only benefit of this promotion is I will get PM faster. It would be nice if the ‘double qualifying’ would count for an extra year, or something. As usual, the link to the T&C doesn’t work for me. (

  • Mikael

    Already a silver member, and have transferred AMEX points in the past (just not recently). I have 2 upcoming domestic flights and 1 international flight…do you think Delta would flex if I gave them a call??

  • Aleks

    I received this offer as well to jump from Silver to Gold. I received my Silver with the 25K MQM promo for transferring 50K MR points. I got those by getting the Amex Plat with the 50K bonus promo, which I turned into a 100K bonus :-)

    I already have one trip booked for this coming weekend and I will definitely be flying at least another. Even counting the $450 fee for Plat card, this will be the least expensive Gold Medallion status ever fro me!

  • Mike

    My wife and I are silver. I was able to sign her up, but not myself. I got her Silver by transferring my AMEX points and using the promo TPG posted. I earned Silver the old fashioned way. I called Delta Premium CS to see if there was any way that I could register for this promo, since I have 5 Delta round trips coming up in the next 6 weeks. CS rep was very friendly but said that the customers are actually selected by AMEX and not Delta. I thought it was a long shot anyway, but am sharing just to prevent someone else waiting on hold for 15 minutes – “unsuaully high call volume” today. Interesting that the list comes striaght from AMEX.

  • jeff

    I’m about to transfer my 60K mem rewards to Delta. I’ll get 90K to go with my 10K I got from spa finder and a few I had on. Boom I have membership. Does anyone know, if I fly two legs and get the GOLD they’re talking about. Is that only good til end of year or does it last?



  • O

    I’m gold now and would get platinum from this but will not earn 75k mqm this year. Sounds like if I end up at 60k mqm I’ll lose my 10k rollover if I accept this offer which makes it harder to get gold again next year. Is it worth taking platinum now and for 2012 at the risk of only qualifying for silver for 2013?

  • eric

    i have not yet transferred amex points to delta, but i do have an international round trip coming up next month on delta. does this mean that if i transfer 1000 or 2000 points to delta in the next day or so, somehow i will be eligible to become gold when i fly to europe over the summer, or is there a risk (i.e. this was simply to targeted amex holders who did their transfers already)?

  • Simon

    @O – I think I’ll go for Platinum and enjoy it while it lasts.

  • CP

    Currently Silver. I got the Gold offer for 2 domestic flights and/or 1 int’l flight.

    1. Any way to petition for the Platinum offer?
    2. Am I correct in thinking that if I do my flights after July 1, 2011, I will have gold until end of feb 2013? I may have the date wrong, but isnt there some benefit to waiting until after a date to get status?

  • EN

    I didn’t receive an email from AMEX, but I “successfully” registered for the silver->gold promotion. Does that mean I’ll definitely get it? Or is there still a chance Delta won’t honor it because I don’t match against Amex’s list? Also, does it upgrade me for the remainder of the calendar year, or the remainder of my silver status (which I believe is until feb ’13)?

  • EN

    P.S. I have an international RT planned for July, so I would meet the requirements for the upgrade.

  • AS

    @O – I agree. I think it’s better to keep Gold and the rollovers. UNLESS you can keep the rollovers as well, which I see being a 10% chance. Anyone have information to the contrary?

  • tivoboy

    Does one have to be a card holder to REGISTER for this? I made my nephew silver last year through the promo, 50K AMEX miles transferred and then the 25K pop AND silver MQM status. I would do it here to make him GOLD for this year and next (and pay the mileage fee of what 10K?)

    But, the T&C’s state ONLY AMEX XYZ card members qualify.

  • Chris

    Here are the T&Cs directly from the Delta registration page. It should answer some questions, esp down below where rollover MQMs are specifically discussed:

    Terms & Conditions
    Eligibility: Only members who receive this communication directly from Delta Air Lines are eligible to participate in this offer. This offer is non-transferable. This offer cannot be combined with other Delta/SkyTeam offers. To participate in this offer, eligible members must register online by December 31, 2011. Medallion status (including status granted via status match, Choice Benefits or Million Miler™ status) will not count toward promotional qualification.

    Bonus Offer: Qualify for 2012 Gold Medallion status by flying 2 paid round-trip domestic flights or 1 paid round-trip international ticket between date of registration and December 31, 2011.
    Travel Period: Travel must be between date of registration and December 31, 2011. All travel must be completed by December 31, 2011.

    Pay with Miles: Only Gold and Platinum Delta SkyMiles and Delta Reserve Credit Cardmembers, as well as Gold and Platinum Delta SkyMiles Business and Delta Reserve for Business Credit Cardmembers, with a U.S. point of sale address in their SkyMiles account are eligible. Limited to Delta and Delta Connection® carrier flights booked under the DL code on Minimum 10,000 miles for redemption. Not eligible for mile accrual, Complimentary Upgrades, MQMs, Medallion segments, or Best Fare Guarantee. Refund restrictions apply. All SkyMiles program and Pay with Miles rules apply. To review the rules, visit Membership Guide & Program Rules.

    Miscellaneous: Rollover benefit means Medallion Qualification Miles earned in 2011 above a member’s earned Medallion threshold level will roll over to 2012 and count toward 2013 Medallion status qualification. Members who receive complimentary or gifted Medallion status are ineligible for rollover MQMs unless they earn more MQMs than the gifted status requirement. For example, if a member is gifted Silver Medallion status in 2011 and also earns 30,000 MQMs in 2011, s/he will be able to roll over 5,000 MQMs since the Silver Medallion requirement is 25,000 MQMs. Complimentary Upgrades are subject to availability and may not be available on all flights or in all markets. Access to and use of Delta Sky Priority services are reserved for BusinessElite, First and Business Class passengers, Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion members, SkyTeam Elite Plus and Alaska Airlines® MVP® Gold members on all Delta and Delta Connection flights.

  • KT

    I also received this targeted offer via email to upgrade from Gold to Platinum. However, with the Membership Rewards transfer (with the 25k MQMs), I’m already at 69k MQM this year. I don’t see the benefit of registering for the promo since it will already take me about 3 roundtrips to earn Platinum without the promo.

    Is this backwards logic? Has anyone heard of getting targeted for a different promo later if I skip this one now?

  • Clara

    I just tried registering but a message popped up saying I wasn’t eligible – offer only for members who actually received the promotion. Is that right? I JUST got the Amex Platinum – is it worth a call to Delta to try to take advantage of this?

  • CaySquared

    I just transferred 50k to get the bonus +quick-medallion, but mistakenly didn’t have my email preferences set to subscribe for promo’s. Doh! Sounds like the quick gold emails get sent automated right after transfers are made?

  • Matt

    CaySquared – if you’re eligible, your SM number should work in the form, regardless of whether you got the email.

    I’ve been having good luck at getting targeted by DL promotions this year. First the mile bribery for flying to status and now an outright gift that will get me to Plat just a bit quicker.

  • Jason Arroyo

    I am surprised there has not been more discussion about MR (or status runs, in this case) …

  • jwill

    It looks like they are trying to get some rollover miles off the books. Let’s say you finish 2011 with 49k MQM miles, but you’re Gold or Platinum because of this promo, well….you would have zero rollover miles for 2012 because you didn’t hit your threshold of your current mileage level.

    So…you’d start 2012 with 0 MQM instead of 24k MQM.

    It’s designed to keep someone like me from using the 1 time bump of 25k MQM miles last December as being an anchor to keep me Gold for 2 full years. I used that bump last year to carry 17k miles over to this year…which is enough to keep me at Gold through 2013 as I typically on fly about 30-35k miles / year.

    Pretty smart on Delta’s part.

  • Cameron Joe

    I have Silver status thanks to this blog– transferred 50 k miles from my AMEX PLATINUM to SKYMILES and they added 25 k.

    But when I try to register for this offer– I get the message that only customers solicited by DELTA can sign up.

    Any advise?

  • sandra

    Can anyone tell me the promo code? It should start with a letter the Amex customer rep said.
    I have called both Delta and Amex. Delta was very snotty and totally unhelpful. Amex would have helped if I had a promo #. We are both Silver with a Delta Reserve Amex card can’t see why we would not qualify.

  • EN

    I registered “successfully” for the promotion, and I see it in my list of registered promotions in my skymiles account, (twice actually), but when I click on it to view the terms it says “page not found.” I’ve refreshed the page, logged out and back in, and still nothing. Can anyone with more experience with these things tell me whether I should be worried that they’re not going to honor it after my qualifying flight?

  • Chris

    @EN – Same for me.’s webmasters are not known as sticklers for details.

    @TPG – Where are you? Looking for answers, I hope.

  • RWH

    This might be a silly question but what, exactly, is an international flight. I fly out of EWR and I could make a quick, cheap run to Canada. One run to upgrade status? Seems too good to be true. Any thoughts?

  • The Points Guy

    Sorry for the delay all, here goes:
    @Platinum- do you have a higher bonus on a fee-waived Membership Rewards Amex card? If so, please send over

    @Mike L – Delta Connection will count

    @Vick- once you complete the required flights, it will automatically bump you to Gold. As a Gold, you will be eligible for an upgrade , even on an award ticket, for ATL-BOG. For your reference the South American routes not eligible for medallion upgrades are: Upgrades are not available on flights to/from South American cities that are serviced with our BusinessElite® product (i.e., Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Lima, Peru; Caracas, Venezuela)

    @Phil- the whole itinerary will most likely count as one trip

    @Chris- already booked flights will count. Your MQM count will not change, only your status level.

    @Mikael- I don’t think Delta will add more people to this promo, even if you call them

    @Jeff- Status earned via this promo will be good until Feb 2013

    @O- Get platinum now and figure the rest out later!

    @Eric- I bet the list of eligible participants has already been generated. I think the only people eligilbe are those who took advantage of the 50,000 point transfer with 50% and 25,000 MQM bonus. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran the list again for any new transferees since that promo ends May 31, 2011

    @CP- I wouldnt bother petitioning and this status will last until Feb 2013, so it doesn’t matter when you get it

    @EN theres a chance you won’t get it, but I think its encouraging that it accepted you. I’d quietly complete it and see what happens (I hope you will be pleasantly surprised)

    @Tivo- I don’t know the rules, but if it lets you register, you should be good to go, whetehr you are a cardmember or not

    @KT in your case it doesnt matter. I don’t think it will disqualify you from other promos in the future, though you never know. If the promo won’t help you, I see no harm in not registering in case it disqualifies you from a simliar promo in the future

    @Clara- its not for all Amex card holders in the world. Its only for people who have transferred 50+k Amex points to Delta

    @Cay- these emails were sent out in one big batch. I’d try registering in the next couple days to see if you’ve been added to the list

    @Cameron Joe- did you transfer recently? If so, maybe you didnt make the cutoff date

    @Sandra “Please refer Delta customer service representative to 97020312.”

    @En, you should be fine, but you have no grounds to complain if it doesnt work out. My gut is that you should be fine as long as it let you register

    @RWH- international means any flight outside of the US, so Canada would count

    Let me know if you have any others. I’m not an official Delta rep, but I have had experience with lots of DL promos so I’m doing by best!

  • EN


    Thank you for your thoughts. A quick note, I did take advantage of the AMEX->Delta transfer bonus back in Feb, and only just noticed that I had all promotional emails turned off. I registered for them now but there’s a pretty decent chance that I actually was on Amex’s list and am therefore completely eligible. Time will tell. Naturally, I won’t be calling either of them until some time after my flight completes.

  • Colin

    This has to be the worst news ever for me.. I transferred the membership rewards points and got the 25K MQMs and FO (thanks to your blog), and I’m about to get 50K and GM (because of the HND promo and price mistake). I figured there would be a million amex Silver Medallions, but at least I have Gold and will get some upgrades? Now they’re giving away Gold (and Platinum!!) like candy, and I’ll never see a front cabin (nor will these other folks who are getting GM because of this ridiculous promotion). Spent all this money to get GM for nothing. sigh. I think I’m better off buying status from US Airways. Status on Delta seems to be worthless.

    At least us Gold Medallions will all get free bags checked? :/

  • Chris

    @TPG, thanks for all the info.

    So, I have a Delta Platinum Amex and a Platinum Amex MR card. I was maximizing the Delta card to get the MQM boosts. (Already spent $25k this year for one 10k MQM bonus.) Now it seems better to use the MR card because all my MQMs will zero out at the end of the year.

    On the other hand, if I spend another $25k on the Delta card I get 25k miles plus the 10k MQM boost, which is 35k extra miles in my account. If I use the MR card I will have 25k points that can be transferred to Delta as 25k miles plus whatever bonus I can get. I must make up my mind soon if I should I trade known 35k for points with flexibility.

    One question though. What about the recent bonus offers for requalifying gold and platinum status? Will we get the bonus if the “achievement” is a gift?

  • Colin

    @ TPG, also like Chris said, thanks for all your info! I hope I didn’t come across as ungrateful, I’m very grateful that you take the time to find these deals for us so that I can, and we can, be Gold Medallions. Therein lies the problem :P though the free standby/same day confirmed, the international lounge access, and the joy of mileage runs makes it worthwhile for me :)

  • ballardFlyer

    @jwill, you are totally right – this is a sneaky way for them to knock out rollover MQMs.

    I was targeted and already registered for the platinum promotion, but now I’m kicking myself as I would have been able to roll ~20 MQM into 2012 for 2013 qualification. Now I’m going to have to fly 95K to do that same level of roll over.

    At least the SWUs + outrageous YBM fares will be nice. One RT to JNB in M to use my new SWU and I will be at 100k MQM anyway I guess.

  • feltman

    i did the amex transfer, upgraded to silver, but the promo link won’t accept me.

    called delta. referred to the promo. asked for an invite.


    boo hoo.

  • CaySquared

    My SM # failed to register for quicker elite promo and also called, didn’t work. Will follow TPG’s suggestion and retry after a few days to possibly get added to the promo emails being sent out.

  • jim

    Just as an additional data point: I was Silver and reigistered for the 50% +25K bonus about 6 weeks ago and am now Gold through Feb 2013, thanks to TPG, but my SkyMiles # is coming up as ineligible when I try to register for for this latest promotion

  • Andy

    I got my status the hard way…buying Delta tickets and sitting in an airplane. Now they want to hand out Gold Medallion status to everyone so mine means nothing? Way to slap your best customers in the face, Delta. Looks like it’s time to try that status match to United!

  • Andrew Fielding

    Andy, I got my GM status the same way, by flying a ton, but I was close to reaching platinum anyway so I’m taking advantage of this fast track. Remember these people will still have to requalify normally (the reason I was hesitant to take this up) and gold is only open to those who were already silver and plat to those who are already gold.

  • Laurie

    I did the 50K transfer, got the Sil Med. Status and try to register but same as many others I get the message that I am not eligible :(
    Tried calling Delta but they were not any help.

  • D. Whitaker

    I have not seen or heard of any offers bumping from Platinum to Diamond for more flights or Intl. R/T’s. Anyone aware of any such offers ? Those of you needing an international run may consider the new 4.5 hour Reykavik route out of JFK. 5000 mile bonus on top of 5000 trip mileage and free economy plus seats for platinum/diamond. Very good introduction fares were available, some midweek T fares. Airport was shut down, do not know if reopened.
    FYI- Did everyone get their FedX fathers day bonus ?
    FYI- some ATL lounges (B concourse) claim to not have any more 300 mile Membership Reward certificates

  • DavieZ

    Currently Delta Gold. Signed up for Platinum promotion, but not planning to fly Delta much this year. I currently have 1-way to Boston following by 1-way home from NYC. Any change Delta will count that as round-trip? Do you have any suggestions where/how I can look for trip travel on Delta domestically or international to meet the segment requirement if only goal is to get there and return?

  • jay t

    In the terms and conditions there is the section on pay with miles, does this mean that you can use a pay with miles flight to meet the requirements for 2 flights for gold status? why else would they include this section in the terms and conditions for this offer? tia

  • DavieZ

    I contacted Delta regarding some details of promotion…. I was told:

    * My two one-way trips will count as round-trip for purposes of promotion because they depart and return to same location.

    * The pay with miles option will not apply as you do not accrue miles with that option.

    * Ticket purchased with the American Express companion voucher would accrue miles, but not the companion ticket.

    * Any domestic or international fares that allow mileage accrual would qualify.

    Looks like I may have to make a segment run (MCO-MIA) at some point to get my 3 segments for Platinum. I only fly delta a few times a year, but a trip to Australia following by AMEX promotion got me Gold for this year and this promotion will yield me Platinum. The increased status can make a critical difference in getting more availability for redeeming miles through 02/2013. Thanks.

  • JN

    Has anyone here completed this promotion and seen the new status on their account yet? I registered for this then bought and flew two r/ts as of two days ago. The flights/miles have posted on my account history but still says I’m Silver medallion. Does it take a few days or do I need to call Delta?

  • Vick C.

    @JN Mine posted as soon as my miles posted. May want to give Delta a call if you have travel coming up soon.

  • JN

    @Vick C. Thanks for the info! I’ll call Delta and see what’s up.

  • bac

    I registered for this promo the day it was announced and luckily already had an international flight booked. I just completed that travel but even after the miles posted the upgrade to gold didn’t happen. After waiting a few days I called and found out that even though I was clearly registered for the promo the system didn’t recognize it. The rep had to force a re-registration, delete and reenter the information for the round trip I’d just completed. The next morning the upgrade appeared.

    So, if the upgrade doesn’t happen for you the night after your qualifying trip posts you should call them.

  • Sam

    Hi. I registered for this promo today and I bought a roundtrip same day flight today. According to the terms ” Purchase and fly 3 paid round-trip domestic Delta or Delta Connection® marketed and operated flights or 2 paid round-trip international Delta or Delta Connection marketed and operated flight between date of registration and December 31, 2011″ The term used ” between” Does that mean that my flight i purchased the same day I registered should qualify?

  • JN

    Turns out the two roundtrips I booked before only counted as one, because one was inside the other (I booked SFO-LAX-SFO, and within that LAX-ATL-LAX). But I recently took a second domestic r/t and as soon as the flight posted to my account I was Gold Medallion! I didn’t get the email, just registered through the link posted on TPG, so for anyone else in this situation as long as it allowed you to register it should work.

    Sam, I am pretty sure your flight purchased the same day will count, and I think it would count even if you had purchased it before you registered for the promo.

  • Linder Tommy
  • Gymnastguy
  • Sri

    Could you please provide me the link where I have to register for this pormotion.

  • Sri

    Could you please provide me the link where I have to register for this pormotion.

  • Poppatm

    Last year I spent $80K on my Delta Reserve AMEX card so I was eligible for 30K MQMs because I surpassed the $60K threshold. I wrote to Delta Customer service suggesting that after the $30K threshold is reached MQMs should be awarded at half value. Otherwise, why bother to keep spending with a particular credit card if the next threshold is beyond reasonable reach. In my case $90K.

    If you think this is a reasonable idea, I suggest we all write Delta customer service to push this idea.

  • Poppatm

    In 2011 I was a Charter Diamond Member but only earned 110K MQMs so dropped back to Platinum for 2012. This is sad in that as a Million Miler, I am lifetime Silver so in essence I believe I should have been at 135K. Since I am approaching 2M miles I will be upgraded to lifetime Gold but will still need to obtain 75K to move up one level. Is it really worth the effort? Then I read in these posts about special promotions that a couple of Domestic round trip flights and flyers are being rewarded as a Gold Medallion.

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