Delta Double Miles and Cheap Flights to Tokyo Haneda- Under $600 Total Roundtrip From Many US Cities

by on May 18, 2011 · 46 comments

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Delta was one of the airlines to get routes (Los Angeles and Detroit) to the Tokyo Haneda airport, but they suspended the service soon after the tsunami hit Japan. Now that things are picking up, they are reinstating the route and to incentivize travelers, they are introducing super low fares for June and July travel and instituting a double miles promotion to entice customers back on this route. Note: double miles are only from LAX/DTW-HND and do not count towards elite qualification.The promo is good until September 30, 2011 and the LAX route restarts on June 2 and Detroit on June 16.

The sub-$600 all-in, roundtrip fares only look to be available in June and July and then they double to over $1,200. I’ve never been to Tokyo and while I swore off any more coach mileage runs, this one is tempting.

I can get JFK-LAX-HND for $597 total roundtrip. I’d net 15,925 Medallion Qualifying Miles and 15,925 base miles, plus:

+ 125% Diamond bonus of 19,906
+ double LAX-HND promo bonus of 10,975
= 46,806 SkyMiles, and while I don’t want to fly coach, Delta is introducing Economy Comfort, which features 4 extra inches of legroom and up to 50% more recline and I’d get it free as a Diamond Medallion. Plus, Delta is flying their 777-LR on this route, which is ostensibly their nicest aircraft.

Well, by the time I finished this blog post, I convinced myself to go for it and book a 2 night, 3 day mini-Tokyo vacation for early June. I kept getting; “We’re sorry. The fare for the flights you selected just sold out. Please search again to view and select alternate flights.” so I had to call Delta to book the dates I wanted.

If you see a trip you like, Delta allows risk-free cancellations by 11:59pm EST the day after you book a ticket so I’d recommend booking now and thinking about it later if you want to go. For more info on pricing from other cities, check out the Flyertalk thread.

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  • veeRob

    Wow, this is a killer deal! Thanks for pointing this out!

    I’m actually flying to Omaha from Las Vegas for my girlfriend’s graduation. I successfully found an itinerary from OMA-DTW-HND-LAX-LAS for $587.40. We save $200 on the flight back to Vegas, and our mileage bonus is bigger since we’re flying DTW-HND. If I’m doing my math correctly, we should get:

    12,765 base miles
    + 11,880 double promo bonus
    = 24,645 miles

    Does this look right? If so, at $0.01 per mile, I get $265 worth of miles + $200 saved on my return flight = $465 off the $587 flight = $122 actual cost to go. Sounds like a steal.

    Except… is it safe to travel there right now?

  • Andy Mesa

    It is perfectly safe to travel to Japan. You get more radiation from that coal plan near you.

  • Kevin

    This is very tempting.

    And yes it’s very safe to go there. You’ll get a ton more radiation from flying at 35,000+ feet for several hours compared to anything you would get in Japan.

    (I went to Chernobyl a few months ago and it was the same way there. I even had my handy Geiger counter with me to verify this.)

  • Supon

    3 day mini-Tokyo vacation? It will take you one days to get there and one day to get back. Are you planning to stay at the airport? :)

  • Supon

    I just tried to book tickets to HND from DCAduring 4th of July week—the ticket were available and only cost $525 . Also, just brought ticket from DCA to Honolulu during the Labor’s Day week (with Delta) for $ 445. Bargain price!

  • Gene

    Coach, no matter how glorified, is a non-starter for me. NOT flying in coach is my goal in this game!

  • The Points Guy

    @Supon- I will have 3 days in Tokyo. I arrive at 4am on a Sunday and leave 1245am on Wednesday. 2 nights to Tokyo is crazy (especially for my first time), but its literally the only time I have in June/July that isn’t booked with other travel, so what the heck!

    @Gene- I hear you, but I’m hoping on JFK-LAX upgrades and 10.5 hours on a 777L in premium economy isn’t so bad (I hope)

  • Sergey


    May I ask you a different question about an open jaw on award tickets: if I arrive in EWR and depart from JFK – is it considered as open jaw? Technically, this is the same city. Thanks.

  • The Points Guy

    Sergey- rules vary by airline but generally they are considered coterminous so they shouldn’t count as an open jaw

  • Sergey

    Thanks, TPG! Will Delta consider such situation as an open jaw? It is too difficult to find a J ticket to JFK (we have a 5 days stopover there) during the summer, but many international flights to Paris on AF leave from JFK.

  • The Points Guy

    @Sergey- they shouldn’t Plus, Delta allows an open jaw and a stopover on awards, so you should be fine.

  • Jason

    I am very new to the points game, and not even a Skymiles member, but based on airfare around $600 (JFK-LAX-HND), how much would a beginner like me be able to net in miles?? Sorry for the amateur post!

  • Gregory Tran

    TPG: noob question

    How did you come up w the 15.9k miles calc? The site is showing me 2475 for JFK-LAX, then 5488 for LAX-HND… which after the 100% bonus comes out to 13451…

    not that it makes much of a difference but i’m just wondering if i’m doing something wrong…

    any idea if delta status matches aa plat?

    booked a flight in july btw… thanks for the heads up on this!

  • The Points Guy

    @Jason whenever you want to figure out how many miles you will get for a flight, go to and click “Distance” and then enter in your route, for example JFK-LAX-HND-LAX-JFK and it’ll calculate the total miles. As a general Skymiles member, you’ll get that amount, PLUS the double miles promo on LAX-HND legs. So you then add on an an additional LAX-HND-LAX. I did the math in my post- just subtract my Diamond bonus and you’ll have how many miles you’d get, which should be about 26,900

  • The Points Guy

    @Gregory 2475+5488 = 7,963 miles ONE way. Roundtrip x 2 = 15,926. Plus the 100% bonus is ONLY on the LAX-HND-LAX legs, so throw in an additional 10,975 plus any Medallion bonuses

  • The Points Guy

    @Greg- Delta will most likely give you Delta Gold which will give you a 100% bonus on miles, lounge access and possibly domestic upgrades. Check out this post for info on status matching

  • Gregory Tran

    TPG: ah you’re right i’m bad at math :o

    re: status match – thanks i read that link… i guess my only question is… i got my plat aa status by doing a challenge… wondering if they look down on something like that when doing a status match…

    also you mentioned doing it in the latter half of the year to get it through the next year as well… if i wait til july to try and status match so i get the extra year, can i then upgrade to the better seats?

    thanks for all your help!

  • John

    Just booked this… $588 for DCA-DTW-HND July 13-19. FANTASTIC.

  • Bill

    Hey TPG: Great site. It’s my first stop in the morning!

    Economy Comfort question… can you book a flight thru a third party site (i.e. Kayak) and then move into the Economy Comfort section after the fact thru I’m Gold now and this trip will push me to Plat, but I’d really like to make sure I’m in Econ Comfort before I pull the trigger.



  • The Points Guy

    @Gregory- I’d personally wait to match until July 1 or after unless you think you’ll have enough flying for the rest of this year to requalify for 2012

    @John- Nice- enjoy!

    @Bill- Thanks! Yes- you can book anywhere and then login to and select EC seats. For example, A friend purchased a seat on and when I logged in for her, it had the option to purchase EC seats.

  • April Thompson

    Locked and loaded! Thanks for pointing out the double points for LAX. I just moved to LA and this will be a nice boost towards Diamond status and business RTW ticket for the fall/winter!

  • MichaelP

    Deal is dead! price went back up :(

  • The Points Guy

    @Michael- how do you figure its 100% dead? Even if Delta pulls it, it will be available on Orbitz/Travelocity and other online travel agencies for a couple hours.

  • veeRob

    MichaelP seems to be correct. The itinerary I was looking at went up 100%. And I can’t book it on Orbitz. I get the error “We’re sorry, due to changes in availability, we’re unable to confirm your selection with the airline. Please make another selection.” Couldn’t convince the g/f last night that it was safe to travel to Tokyo. Now I guess it’s a moot point. :(

  • Gregory Tran

    shrug… July still has the $588 prices when i pull them up… at least for the JFK-DTW-HND…

  • MichaelP

    I checked, Travelocity and CheapTickets.

  • Andrew Fielding

    Thanks for pointing this out. I was about to book a business class award ticket but bought a coach ticket instead…wonder if there is anyway to do both and pay the 500 for the miles and everything and then use the 120k miles for business class seat.

  • discoalucard

    Booked through the Delta site from EWR (Newark) for two weeks in the middle of July. Everything looks to have booked properly. Thanks for the info!

  • Jerimi

    Still working for me ORD-HND july 21-28 under 600. Bought two now just gotta convince the other person to go! I hope I dont have to figure out how the cancellation thing works but I wasnt going to let this one slip by like the Madrid flights.

    Only complaint: Isnt it really really hot there in July? lol

  • MichaelP

    My mistake, the deal is still good at

  • Tyler Link

    I have a wedding in San Francisco in July and flights are currently $400 RT from Chicago. When I read this post I had the crazy idea that I might book a flight to Tokyo for $600 and use a stopover in Los Angeles on the way back and then drive from LA to San Francisco for the wedding before returning to LA and then Chicago. If I could make it work it would essentially be a $200 vacation to Tokyo.

    This is my first time trying to book a stopover and I’m not entirely sure I understand all the rules, but I called Delta to inquire and the woman had no clue what a stopover was. She suggested I book a multi-city from ORD>HND, HND>LAX, LAX>ORD. When I tried plugging this in online it came to $800, maybe still worth it, but not quite the deal I thought I had.

    Question: Am I doing something wrong? Is a stopover only allowed in an airlines hub? If so, I guess since Delta does not have a hub in LAX this would not apply. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

  • Supon

    I cant pass this bargain price ticket…just booked myself to Japan during 4th of July holiday. I think I will be out of the country almost every month until October. Now I have to find sometime to be in the office. LOL!

  • Matt

    Ugh I think it’s officially dead now.. showing $860+. Should have booked and then thought about it during the cancellation policy as pointsguy suggested. Oh well

  • Gregory Tran

    Yea it’s dead… it shows $1221 for the routes i booked earlier for 588…

    thanks for the heads up TPG… i got to book a pair of tix for JFK-LAX-HND returning HND-DTW-LGA for the $588 in late july/early aug…

    hopefully the status match works out and we get some bonus miles on top of it…

  • jeff

    I’m so sad. Got my girlfriend all psyched for a Japan vacation end of July from NY. Were there this late afternoon. Discussed, came home to pull trigger, gone.

  • Shiv

    Yesterday, I booked this great deal from Memphis to Tokyo (Haneda) for weekend of July 4 (Jun 30 – Jul 11) for a bargain of $584 inclusive of ALL taxes. IT WAS GONE A FEW HOURS LATER ! Typically you don’t get very many deals from Memphis, but this is Just fantastic ! With the double bonus miles Detriot – Haneda, I get 26,932 plus Silver Medallion Bonus of 25% (which is another 6,733 miles) plus Delta Amex card double bonus of 1,168 miles for purchasing directly from Total of 34,833 miles for $584 which is just 1.6c per mile !! NOT TO MENTION THE ENJOYABLE VISIT & VACATION TO THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN !!! Hope many were able to get these fares while it lasted ! Thank You, Brian.

  • Jason

    @ TPG

    Thanks a lot for the info! One last question… Do you earn AA Miles for flying if you paid for your flight with AA Miles?? I’m assuming “no”, but I thought I would ask. I’m flying to Nicaragua, that I purchased with the Citi 75k promotion, and was wondering if I would also get miles for the flight. Thanks!

  • The Points Guy

    @Jason- nope. The only way you’d earn miles on an award trip is if you encounter mechanical/weather problems and they reroute you and accidentlly put you in a revenue fare class, though that is rare

  • TheSkeptic

    He who Hesitates Is Lost!!! My passport expired and a new one is on it’s way – now the $600 tickets to Tokyo are gone!!

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  • D. Whitaker

    I have a question for Brian or anyone else who can advise. I have queried three different Delta agents. also Medallion desk and received three different answers and none of the answers left me feeling I have a definitive answer.
    Question: I have pinpointed exact flights I want from ATL- HND and return. The outbound has flight into LAS with long layover I want and shows “change plane” in LAX, then onto HND. Under details, there is no flight# or details given for LAS-LAX leg. The double miles are only for LAX-HND and my contacts with Delta do not answer this LAS-LAX question. How I have planned, the route I have would award over 40k on coach with all bonus miles with a desired Vegas stopover. I need an answer before my 24hr grace period is up on flights. Thanks

  • Shiv Shankar

    There is a DL 635 from LAS – HND which stops in LAX. It is the same flight # from LAS – LAX & Onwards to HND with the following schedule. Hope that helps.

    Delta 635 Las Vegas (LAS) 10:20pm Los Angeles (LAX) 11:36pm Airbus A320 1.16 236 Retrieving performance data.
    One moment please…
    On time: 80%
    +30 mins: 8%

    Delta 635 Los Angeles (LAX) 1:10am Tokyo-Haneda Airport (HND) 4:55am Boeing 777-200ER 11.45 5488 Retrieving performance data.
    One moment please…
    On time: n/a
    +30 mins: n/a
    Cancellations: n/a
    Total miles: 5724

  • D. Whitaker

    Thanks Shiv ……Yes , I saw that. My concern is that flight will not show as LAX-HND , but as a LAS-HND with stopover. I have been told by Delta 1 it is LAX flight and told by Delta2 it is LAS w/stopover and not the flight intended for the double mile bonus, which the points are what I want , but with a Vegas trip. I have had this type of thing before and I would rather have it clear cut before instead of having to do follow up w/Delta after the fact and speak to numerous persons, which is a pain to me. Delta2 told me to book direct ATL-LAX if HND was my final destination and forget Las Vegas and when I replied I would like Vegas stop before overseas jump, she commented that I need to pick a final destination and forget stopovers.! ((Realized too late that this was wrong agent to be discussing this with–my mistake– She doesn’t play the game , so to speak.)) Thanks Shiva.

  • The Points Guy

    @D Whitaker- there is nothing you can do. The agent you were talking to did not know what they were talking about because LAX would not be a “stopover”, it would be a thru flight. I feel your concern, but just have faith the miles will post. I have a contact at Delta that will get you the double miles if you have any issues so just email me if you have any troubles. I’m in Tokyo now and LOVING it so don’t worry and just enjoy your trip :-)

  • Shiv Shankar

    To: D. Whitaker

    Brian, TPG, has answered the question completely. It is so nice of him to offer his help in case there is a problem. I have faith in Delta. In the past, when I had booked Airfares on to Sydney & the prices dropped by $200 per person, the agents could not do anything but I called Delta’s Customer Care in Atlanta 404-715-1450 & told them I have been a loyal customer since 1996 & they adjusted it to the new fare & gave me Delta Credit for the difference. Enjoy your trip to Tokyo. My wife & I are flying to Haneda for 10 days Jun 30 – Jul 11. All the best.


    To: Brian, TPG

    Brian, Have a GREAT TIME in Japan & please let us know. We have taken advantage of this super deal & flying there June 30 for 10 days. we look forward to hearing from you on your experience & tips for our travel. We plan on spending 5 nights in Tokyo & 5 in Kyoto & planning to do day trips to Hiroshima, Nara, Mt. Fuji. BUT YOUR THOUGHTS & EXPERIENCES ARE VERY VALUABLE TO US. Thanks for all that you do & a safe return.

    [email protected]

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