American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card With 50,000 Point Bonus and 2 Years Fee Waived

by on May 13, 2011 · 11 comments

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There’s been a lot of buzz today on the incredible offer of an Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card with 2 years of the annual fee waived and 50,000 bonus points. It’s an incredible deal, however it is a targeted promotion for  Columbia Business School 2011 and 2012 graduates. You technically need a valid Columbia Business School email address to get access to the application, but someone got the direct link and shared it online.

I didn’t post this deal, because I see the potential for it to turn ugly and I’d hate to see people get inquiries on their credit and not get the bonus. Plus, this is only for people who don’t currently have an Amex charge card (Platinum, Gold, Premier Rewards, Green or Zync card), so that further limits the usefulness of this offer.

However, this deal  may actually pan out, but apply at your own risk. The application link and further discussion can be found in this Flyertalk thread. As I said, I think its a fantastic offer and I hope it works out for anyone who applies, but I can’t personally vouch for it.


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  • Simon

    Applied for the missus & approved – screen shots taken for insurance purposes :)

  • abcx

    I had recently applied for the 10k standard offer with the hope that Amex would grant me 75k with 5984 if I secure messaged/called like everyone eles FT. They shot me down over Secure Message, but over the phone they offered me the 50k offer when I asked for the 25k. She said the 25k had expired but she could offer me 50k with $500 spend under the same offer code as this one. She said I was eligible for this. So I’m guessing that people should be all right.

  • Glen

    Having recently been approved for the 25k bonus, I sent a secure message to AMEX asking for the 50k deal and was instantly given an extra 25k MR points! I could not, however, get the 2nd year annual fee waived.

    “It doesn’t hurt to ask!” :)

  • S

    First time CHARGE card holders! My oversight – I’ve never had a charge card. So I applied just now, and was approved! Again, screen shots taken for insurance purposes :)

  • Dave

    I have a platinum and a business gold (as well as personal and business spg and a business plum) but my wife has only a Delta plat so applied for her and got instant acceptance. Screen shots also taken.

  • Bob

    For whatever it’s worth, I got instant approval for this AmEx Premier Rewards Gold Card yesterday through a link at another blog, and I’m not a Columbia grad. First time I heard it was targeted, that was never mentioned on any other blog.
    It is key to remember you shouldn’t apply if you have an AmEx charge card, but if you have an AmEx credit card (like SPG or Delta) then there is no problem, and you’ll get this bonus.

  • J


    With Amex, approval rarely means you are out of the woods yet. I have had to call/message for just about every Amex bonus I’ve ever applied for, and some I was never able to get.

  • Tao

    I recently applied for the 25k offer through TPG’s link. After I activated my card and immediately put >$1000 on the card, I emailed Membership Rewards through secure message center asking for 50k points with bonus ID 5984. They immediately issued me 50k pts and said the rest 25k would be posted after I met the spending threshold. A few days later, 25k showed up. There are a lot of success stories on FT about this offer. AMEX has been very generous for retroactively issuing pts to people who didn’t apply through the right link but applied within the promotion period. Keep up the good work, AMEX!

  • Stefan Shagwell

    I wrote e-mail to Amex on secure message center. Here is the question and answer:

    Would I be able to apply for the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card online and get this offer with no annual fee for the first two years and 50,000 Membership rewards points?
    Bonus ID: 5889

    Dear Stefan ,
    Thank you for your email.

    Only students graduating Columbia University with an MBA during 2011 and 2012 can take advantage of an offer to receive a pre-approved Premier Rewards Gold Card.

    This is a pre-approved offer and is only available to Columbia University students graduating with an MBA during 2011 and 2012. This offer will be published on the graduating class’s Facebook page.

    In case you have not received this solicitation we would not be able to extend the offer to you.

    I hope this information is useful.
    Sincerely, Edgar D’Cruz Email Servicing Team American Express Interactive Services

  • Shari

    In case anyone is interested, I was instantly approved for the 50,000 Amex 2 days ago. The link worked just fine and for what it is worth, worked the day after I signed up too. Today I called Amex to verify how many points I would be receiving once I met the $500 minimum spend. The agent immediately asked me if I had graduated from Columbia Business School. When I said no, he said I wouldn’t be eligible for any enrollment bonus! I told him that no where in the T+C’s for this card did it mention Columbia. I also said I had taken a screen shoot of my enrollment page and the T+C’s for proof of what the requirements were (ie. over 18 and not having an Amex “chargecard”). I also said that if I wasn’t going to be awarded the 50,000 enrollment bonus, I would not activate the card.

    He was very polite and said that he would make a note on my account and which would be reviewed in 7-10 business days by their Complaints Dept. He said that they should contact me to let me know what their decision regarding my enrollment bonus was but that if I had not heard back, to call the Amex no. on the back of my new card when I got it. I will report back!

  • Bob

    This offer seems to be a waste now for anyone who applied. After instant approval on May 13, I called AmEx today to confirm the details, after reading about all the trouble with the offer at the flyertalk post. Ended up with a very nice supervisor who took down the whole story, empathized with me that I should receive the 50k offer since I was genuinely led to believe it was open to all (and not just Columbia grads), nothing in the T&C, I had screenshots, etc.
    She called me back just before I was to fax the screenshots, saying she talked to AmEx marketing about it, and marketing is clamping down hard on anyone who applied for this that wasn’t targeted on the Columbia facebook page. She was very apologetic, but said not getting anything more than the 10k normal bonus. She offered to cancel the card then and there (haven’t even got it in the mail yet), so I did cancel. She said I’d still be eligible for future application to this card and any bonus that may be offered, since I never even opened the card.

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