Amazing Deal: Chase Sapphire Preferred 50,000 Point Bonus and First Year Fee Waived

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Update:  As of July 20, 2014, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card no longer offers the 7% annual points dividend. View the current sign up offer here.

Capitalizing on lucrative credit card offers is the foundation to any robust points strategy. In the past two months I’ve banked over 350,000 points from leveraging my credit- 100,000 points for the Amex Platinum, 100,000 for the British Airways Visa, 150,000 for Citi AAdvantage cards and today that number will increase to 400,000 since Chase just announced another showstopping offer of 50,000 points for the Sapphire Preferred Card when you spend $3,000 within the first three months.

50,000 points may seem tame compared to some of the other offers, but this offer is amazing for two key reasons:
1) The points can be transferred to a number of different loyalty programs at a 1:1 ratio- including hotel programs and
2) No annual fee for the first year

Current Chase Ultimate Rewards Transfer Partners.

Key Benefits:

- Sapphire Preferred points can be transferred (usually instantly) at a 1:1 ratio to United (Star Alliance), British Airways (Oneworld), Korean Air (Skyteam),  Southwest, Hyatt, Marriott and Ritz-Carlton, Priority Club (Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza) and Amtrak. Tip: you can even transfer these points to other people- names do not have to match accounts. – If you want to use points for any flight, they are worth 1.25 cents each. So the 50,000 sign-up bonus would equate to $625 in credit to be used on any trip and you earn miles on flights redeemed using this method. – No foreign transaction fees. Check out this post to find out why foreign transaction fees are bad.

- You earn a 7% dividend on points earned in a year. So if you spend $30,000 on the card in a given year, Chase will give you an extra 2,100 points. – 24/7 Customer service- your phone calls are always answered by a human.

- 2 points per dollar for travel booked through Ultimate Rewards and up to 10 points per dollar on purchases through the Ultimate Rewards Mall

Let’s take a look at the transfer partners and where the value is in each partner:


British Airways: I did a 10 part series on maximizing British Airways miles, but to sum it up, they are best used for Oneworld partner redemptions to everywhere, but Europe. Some notable values: 40,000 miles roundtrip coach US to South America (80,000 for business), 50,000 miles US to Asia and 25,000 miles for American Airlines domestic coach awards. British Airways also allows cash and miles redemptions, which can be valuable, especially for coach awards. To learn more, check out the whole series: General tips, Post 1 – Booking BA Awards, Post 2 – Booking Partner Awards, Post 3 – Oneworld Alliance, Post 4 – Taxes and Fees, Post 5 – Household Accounts, Post 6 – Companion Ticket. Post 7 – Using ExpertFlyer for Partner Award Availability. Post 8- The Art of the Stopover. Post 9- Leveraging Miles and Cash Redemptions, Post 10- Using to Find Oneworld Award Availability

Korean Air: Previously an American Express’ Membership Reward partner, Korean is now with Chase Ultimate Rewards. While you can use your Skymiles to book Korean Air, booking directly with Korean Air has some perks such as one-way awards. They allow first class Skyteam redemptions unlike Delta which blocks them, and they have a family mileage pooling option. There award chart from the US to Europe roundtrip is 50,000 for coach, 80,000 for business and 100,000 for First.

United: Is a member of the Star Alliance, so miles can be redeemed on 27 partner carriers including United, US Airways, Air Canada, Singapore, Lufthansa, South African, TAM, and ANA, and allows one-way awards. It has a great online award engine and their taxes/fees on award tickets are usually very low.


Hyatt: has 6 categories of awards, with the top being 22,000 points, which can be redeemed at top-notch Park Hyatts like Paris and Washington DC. I find Hyatt to have very good award availability, though it is somewhat annoying, because you have to have the points in your account in order to check availability online. However, a quick phone call to Gold Passport at 800 228 3360 gets the job done.

Marriott: has 8 categories of awards, with the top being 40,000 points. Marriott points can also be redeemed for Ritz Carlton stays which require 30,000-70,000 points. Marriott offers the 5th night free on awards and also features PointSavers, which are free nights for 33% less points.

Priority Club: has multiple award categories based on the brand of hotel, with Intercontinental coming in at 40,000 per night. They also feature PointBreaks hotels which are only 5,000 points per night. Priority Club also awards elite status based on points earned- so 60,000 points would get you Platinum status- a transfer from your Sapphire Rewards card would count towards that threshold.

Ritz-Carlton: Ritz-Carlton points are basically like Marriott points and free Ritz-Carlton nights start at 30,000 points and go up to 70,000 points per night.


Amtrak: Has several different train awards, with one-way Northeast coach redemptions for 3,000 points and Acela for 8,000. Those with an Amtrak credit card or elite status can transfer to Choice Hotels at a 3:1 and Hilton at a 2:1 ratio, up to 50,000 points a year.

Update: The current sign-up bonus for the Amtrak Guest Rewards World MasterCard is 12,000 points after spending $500 in the first 3 months, 2 points per dollar spent on Amtrak, and one point per dollar on everything else.

You may be saying to yourself “I just got the Chase British Airways card, so I won’t be eligible for this card.” Wrong. I recommend waiting 30 days from the day you were approved for the BA card, but you can absolutely have multiple Chase credit cards.

If you are denied for the Sapphire Preferred, don’t fret! Simply call Chase’ reconsideration line and tell the rep you want to be reconsidered for the card. They are extremely friendly and helpful and in most cases will work with you to shift around your current credit lines so that you can get the card approved. Remember, the credit card companies are making a ton of money when they gain new customers, so it usually doesn’t take much convincing to get cards approved. I know someone with 6 Chase credit cards.

If you already have a Sapphire Preferred card, I recommend sending Chase a secure message through and asking for the difference in the sign-up bonus that you received and 50,000. If you applied within 60 days they will give it to you immediately and even if you’ve had your card for more than 2 months, usually they’ll give you the points anyway, though it may have to take a little persuasion. It never hurts to ask. I don’t have an expiration date for this offer, but my understanding is that it should be around for a while. That being said, as with all great offers, they won’t lost forever, so I’d recommend applying sooner than later. This offer is a no-brainer, because in a worst case scenario its $625 towards buying airline tickets on the airline of your choice. Feel free to ask any questions below and comment on your application status so others have an idea of what to expect (whether people are getting instant approvals if they got the BA bonus recently). As always, I’d greatly appreciate if you could apply using my referral link.

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  • KL

    Do you have a link to the Amex Platinum that you mention in the first paragraph?

  • hobo13

    If you got the BA 100k in the past two months, it presumably means you did not get it in 2009. Why?

  • Shayna

    Can you please explain how to transfer points? It would be especially helpful to know how to transfer points to someone with a different name. I am hoping to apply for both my husband and myself and then transfer his miles to my Continental account where we have amassed most of our miles. Thanks so much for the help!

  • Lantean

    Hey Brian, this is the third thread about this card… LOL… but anyway, my question was…
    I got this card the first time it came out (I think July 2009) and I canceled 11 months after.
    Do you think I can try this 50k point offer and still get it? How far back do they check?
    Thank you.

  • The Points Guy

    @KL- I applied for the Platinum card when there was the 50,000 bonus and then I asked them for the additional 50,000 as I outlined in this post
    This method may still work if you apply for the current 25k offer using this link

    @Hobo- I didn’t get it in 2009 because I had recently applied for several Chase cards and I fell prey to the rumor that you had to wait 6 months before applying again. I was naive and thought a denial would be the end of the world and that they wouldn’t budge. To be fair, that was in the middle of the credit crisis, so they weren’t nearly as lenient as they are nowadays.

    @Shayna- When you get the card you just login and they have a functionality to transfer points, just like American Express.

    @Lantean- per the T&C “This one-time bonus offer is valid only for first-time cardmembers with new accounts. Previous and existing cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer.” Chase seems to have a long memory when it comes to points- people who got the BA card in 2009 were denied the bonus points when they applied again, so I doubt you’d be able to get this bonus, but you never know!

  • beltway

    I got this card in late Nov 2010. Sent Chase a secure message last night asking for the add’l 25K — no dice.

  • baronpen

    Are there ever transfer bonuses like there are for AmEx Membership Rewards?

  • The Points Guy

    @Beltway- try again, they should throw you something.

    @Baron- There haven’t been any transfer bonuses to my knowledge

  • beltway

    Points Guy,

    They gave my wife (card issued ~4.5 months ago) 2500 points just now as a consolation. Better than a poke in the eye with a stick….

    Note that Chase requires you to specify the general nature/topic of a secure message before you get to the compose screen. I labeled mine “rewards inquiry,” while my wife’s was under “general comments.” Maybe it’s coincidence that she got a small bonus, but I’ll give it another shot as a “general comments” message.

  • gpapadop

    Hmm, what to do, apply now or wait for the 100k offer:-)

  • Jim

    First question you said “Before June 15, you can transfer your Continental points to your United account, which allows one-way Star Alliance award” What about after June 15th?
    Second question;I had the Chase Sapphire (not the preferred) so I guess this would be different card and I would be able to get it?

  • The Points Guy

    @Gpapa- don’t get greedy now! :-) In all honesty, I highly doubt Sapphire Preferred will have a 100k bonus, but ya never know!

    @Jim- After June 15 you can still transfer to United, but Continental will also have one-way Star Alliance awards.
    As for your second question, I believe Chase classifies them as the same card, but the T&C says “First time cardmembers with new accounts”. I think you’d be able to convince them Sapphire Preferred is a different card from Sapphire, though I can’t say for sure. Maybe someone else can weigh in who is in the same boat.

  • Mommy Points

    I just applied (using your link) and was told they were working on it would have a response within 10 days. I have two other Chase cards now and got a Platinum Amex back in Feb. Not sure if that is a fancy term for denial or if it will all work out. Fingers crossed though!

  • Lantean

    @Jim… that’s a very interesting point, I didn’t even notice it’s sapphire “preferred” now… maybe it’s worth applying and argue with them later for the 50k point bonus?
    Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Mike

    2 questions.

    1. Will bookings made through Chase that allow you to redeem for 25% bonus quality for points/miles?

    2. If I book a $1000 hotel stay through Chase will they credit me the $625 and I pay the balance or do you have to have enough points to cover the full stay, like Cap1 requires?

  • The Points Guy

    @mommypoints I bet it’ll all work out- keep us updated! Remember, if you get a denial, call and have it reconsidered

    @Mike 1) Yes you get elite and regular miles on those tickets. 2) I’m not 100% sure- let me poke around to see how that works

  • Adam

    @TPG I applied online and was denied for too many credit pulls and the recent BA Chase card. Called the number you left, asked to be reconsidered, and viola, new card on it’s way! Thanks and love this site!!

  • Andy

    I just applied for this card and recieved the “Decision Pending” Screen and I’ll get a letter in 10 days. In your past experience does that usually mean a rejection? I currently have the Continental MC (Approved around 1/23) and the Priority Club card (Approved around 3/25) so I “think” enough time has past between applications with Chase. Should I wait for the letter to come or can I call now?

  • John S

    Hey TPG – love the site. Is it hard to find retailers that will accept a Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card? Is it as readily accepted as VISA, AMEX, etc? I noticed many online retailers don’t have a box for anything other than VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover, so concerned over what kind of card this is.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  • David

    Hi Brian,

    I applied for the 50K Continental Card 4 months ago (Approved immediately) and last month I applied for the 100k British Airways card (Approved but only after calling the reconsider department and moving my credit lines around (I have 3 total chase cards now). What are my chances for eventually getting approved for this card after I wait 30 days from my last card? I am sure I will get the we are considering your application response but when I call the reconsider department will they be willing to move my credit lines yet again or will they say enough is enough :-)

  • The Points Guy

    @Andy- not necessarily a rejection, but it can’t hurt to call and see whats up. They may be able to approve you over the phone so you don’t have to wait for mail to come.

    @John- its either a Visa or Mastercard, so I wouldn’t worry about acceptance.

    @David- 3 is hardly enough :-) I think you’ll be fine- however you won’t know for sure until you try!

  • Mommy Points


    I got the same screen as you and I called in to the “reconsideration phone number” to see if there was any additional information I could provide, see if they had any updates, etc…. and was told that “my application was pending” and I needed to wait 7-10 days to get something in the mail. They pretty much stonewalled me for getting or sharing any additional info. Guess I’ll just wait it out and see………

  • Shayna Mora

    Thanks for your quick response. Another quick question — can you apply for a business account with this card?

  • Cay

    What if I applied literally two days ago for a different Chase offering but want this one. Will they let me swap and get this promo instead?

    I got a pending notification screen too. I was approved for the BA card 2 months back, I wonder if that has any bearing on their decision.

  • Jay

    I recently applied and received the card with just their standard 25k bonus. Sent a secure message last night explaining that I was a recent new customer and came across the alternate 50k bonus. Within a few hours I had a message back and bingo, 25k bonus points credited to my account. Never hurts to ask, especially if you are within the 60 period of receiving your card.
    Thanks TPG for your always wise words!

  • Mike L

    Does anyone have any experience with Priority Club Platinum? Any insight?

  • Ra Na

    Hyatt is not on the list of 1:1 transfer? Only BA/CO/IHG/MAR/AMTRAK. Not sure if Hyatt was recently added.

  • Ken

    I just wanted to chime in and say that Chase will decline your application if you recently applied for another Chase credit card. That was the case for me since I applied for the BA card 1 week apart from the 80,000 points Priority Club card, BUT I called the reconsideration line and was approved for my second card by just asking, and reallocating my total available credit across both cards. Here’s that number: 1888-245-0625

  • dan

    has anyone heard of any stories of being able to churn this sappire card? or get a second bonus from reapplying a year or two later?

  • Kathy

    I am a little confused. I would love to apply for this card. I don’t have a Chase card yet, but have great credit. I usually fly frequent flier miles with Delta and US air. Would I be able to transfer the miles to my US air account? Thanks for any clarification.

  • The Points Guy

    Kathy- they don’t transfer to Delta or US Airways, but they do transfer to Continental and since Continental and US Airways are Star Alliance partners, you can redeem both sets of miles for Star Alliance travel- if that makes sense.

  • Mommy Points

    Just a data point, I applied for this on Monday and got the screen saying I would hear in 7-10 days. Logged onto my Chase account tonight (I have other Chase cards) and saw the new Sapphire account listed with my previous accounts. Woohoo!!

  • SamoNYC

    I have an ancient Visa account now held by Chase that I was considering upgrading to a Sapphire or Sapphire Preferred a few months ago but instead decided to get the Hyatt Visa. Is there any way to finagle this deal by upgrading that old account, or must I apply for a new one? And would the T&C exclude me anyway? This Visa is my oldest credit account, at more than 15 years, but I hardly use the card because it earns me nothing.

  • Andy

    I don’t know if anyone goes back and checks older posts, but I always like to get updates on what people have done so everyone can learn from each other. I received a denial letter yesterday stating that I was rejected because of “too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us”. I called the Chase reconsideration number at 888-245-0625 and explained that I had two cards that I opened months ago but also wanted this card and was there anything they could do. They looked at my accounts and were able to decrease my credit line on my Chase CO card to give me available credit for the Sapphire card. Card should arrive in the next week or so. Thanks everyone for the good advice and good luck in your own pursuits!

  • Dave

    I just purchased a new car today, but want to apply for a new CC. So there was a credit pull today. I also received an email today (5/24) from Continental for the 50k Chase card valid thru 6/15. I would also like this Saphire preferred. So, big question…should I apply for both tonight so the pulls are on same day and possibly unseen by each, or should I just apply for one card? If just one, which one?

  • Toadhollow

    When does this offer expire? Can’t find exp. date.. Want to push this one out as far as I can as recently got two Lufthansa cards…$2500 each/3 mo……need to wait to spend more (my wife says she’ll gladly help)..

  • The Points Guy

    @Toad- no expiration date. My hunch is it will be around for a while, though you just never know with these credit card companies. If they get enough sign-ups, they may pull it at any time.

  • AdamRx

    Brian-Thanks again for all of your wonderful info and responses.

    Would you go for this offer first over the Chase Priority Club or Chase Hyatt card offers? (already have 100k british card since February)
    Has anybody had success upgrading a current Chase Sapphire card (my wife has had for 2 years) to the Sapphire Preferred and get the bonus?

    off topic question, Have you ever heard of an award (any airline, any alliance) allowing a one way trip LHR-LAX-Aus/NZ with a long stopover in LA?

    Thank you

  • Shuji


    Can you confirm if the 7% annual dividend applies to the 50,000 bonus points as well. Obviously would affect my decision to keep it open longer than a year. Thanks.

  • The Points Guy

    @Adamrx- this is a great deal, worth 50k Hyatt versus the 2 night free Hyatt card which is worth max 44k. Plus this has no annual fee, so I’d definitely go Sapphire. This is a special offer, whereas Hyatt has been good since it launched.
    In order of preference I’d apply Sapphire Preferred -> Hyatt -> Priority Club

    @Shuji- yes, I’ve heard it does apply from those who have gotten it. I don’t have my Sapphire Preferred card yet, so I can’t personally confirm, but it makes sense that it would count since its a dividend on all points earned in a year

  • David

    I just recieved and activated my Chase Sapphire Card under the 50,000 point offer. They person on the phone confirmed the bonus. Time to get spending.

  • MJL

    Do you have to use Chase’s UR website to book travel, to get the 25% bonus on points? Can you use a different site like Hotwire or Priceline, then use the “Pay Yourself Back” feature and still get the equivalent of $625 in travel? Here’s what the Chase website says:

    Use your points to pay a recent transaction with the form below.

    Just enter the date and amount of a transaction within the past 60 days. Click “Calculate Total” to see how many points are needed to redeem for your own reward. Click “Place Your Order” to get your own reward.

    Note: The minimum amount that can be redeemed is $20 or 2,000 points. Credits may take up to 5-7 business days to process and cannot be cancelled or returned once you place your order. Statement credit will post to your account within 5-7 business days and will appear on your monthly Chase credit card billing statement within 1-2 billing cycles. Reward credits are not applied towards your minimum payment due on your billing statement. You must make your full minimum payment by the payment due date on your billing statement to avoid a delinquency on your account.

  • Mark

    I already have a Chase Sapphire card from before. I called to see if I could upgrade to the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. I was told that I could upgrade to the Preferred card, but not receive 50K points OR apply for a new Preferred card but that I might not get the points (because I received points from my original Chase Sapphire card before). Any suggestions?

  • Marty

    A bit confused with regard to the bonus …. I understand the 1:1 transfer, but would it then be better with the 50,000 miles to do a 1:1 transfer to an existing program or get the two tickets through them and get 25% more?


  • The Points Guy

    @Marty- it depends, but generally I get the most value by transferring to airline programs and redeeming for first /business class. If you tried getting business class by buying it with points, it would take you many times more points.

    However if you want to use these points for flights that will earn you elite status, the 25% bonus is the way to go since award tickets from transferring miles to airlines dont earn you elite status.

  • David

    If at first you don’t succeed – try again! I just scored the Sapphire deal after getting rejected twice.

    I cancelled my Chase United card last year and opened the British Airways card a little over a month ago.

    When I applied for Sapphire and Continental last week, I was rejected.

    I tried calling the reconsideration line over the weekend for Sapphire, and they rejected me again!

    I called again today (MON), and they approved my application (by moving credit from BA to Sapphire).

    @ Brian, that is a good point. The most leveraged use of the BA points then, is to wait until I can take a vacation off a miles-run and charge it to the Sapphire points?

  • Brian

    I know it says 6-8 weeks after qualifying the bonus points wil be applied (usually it’s less than that). Is the qualifying date the day you get to $3000 or is it 3 months after opening the card regardless of when you hit $3000?

  • Ted

    I had opened Chase CO on 12/10/10 and Chase BA on 4/10/11. Applied for Chase Sapphire today. Result was pending. Called 1-888-245-0625 and was told application was declined due to too many inquiries (5 only) and too many recent accounts open. Asked to close CO or shift credit limit, wouldn’t budge since CO and BA were opened in recent 6 months. Hung up and called again. Same thing (apparently a note was left from previous convo with first agent), this time was also told they are trying to prevent people from applying just for bonuses. Both times I was also asked why I’m applying for Sapphire since I’ve applied for CO and BA recently. Was told to “continue maintaining good relationship and later shifting credit line is definitely an option.” Again citing the recent new cards as reason for unable to approve. I’m definitely calling again in a couple of days.

  • BLiberty

    Just applied and also got the 10 day notification. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it works out and call if it’s declined. The waiting is the hardest part.

  • CCC

    Hi does anyone know wether you can transfer the chase sapphire points to ana?

    and also whats the best way to get rewad tickets to israel?


  • The Points Guy

    @Brian- its usually once the statement closes in the cycle that you hit $3,000 that youll get the points

    @Bliberty- I’m sure you can call and talk to them to see whats up with your application.

    @CCC- No- they dont transfer to ANA, but they do transfer to Continental, who is an ANA partner. For israel, book on Continental flies EWR-TLV, US Air flies PHL to TLV nonstop (though tickets are hard to find) but its pretty easy to get tickets on Lufthansa with a stop in Germany (usually an all day layover which isnt nice).

  • CCC

    THX TPG!!

    how many points would i need for that flight with continetal to israel?

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  • Stanley

    I already have a Sapphire card but decided this offer is too good to pass up. So I clicked the link and applied. I just got the letter today saying that “Our records show that you already have a CHASE SAPPHIRE account.” They gave a number to call but I used the backdoor number instead. I spent a few minutes explaining to a very helpful agent that what I really wanted was the PREFERRED card. He told me he’d have to go through the credit check process and that if I just wanted to swap cards it likely wouldn’t be a problem. I’d have to cancel my current Sapphire card and redeem the points I have since they can’t be transferred. Since my Sapphire card did not come with a bonus points offer I am eligible for the 50K points being offered on the Preferred card. I also have points in the queue based on pending charges, so I need to wait a few days for those charges to clear before I can finish the process.

    So now I have to wait a week for my monthly statement to close–and not use the card in the process. Once that’s done I can redeem my existing 45K+ points (I’ll likely get a few hotel cards) and let them close the account. My balance won’t be zero but I was told it should be fine to open the new account with the same limit. He said unless I get close to charging to my limit–which I won’t do–it shouldn’t be a problem to issue the new card with the same limit. So even though I still need to pay off the balance it’s almost like getting a defacto limit increase. So I’ll be without the card for about 10 days or so, but I can live with that. And I’ll have at least a total of 95K points for my efforts, with the possibility of getting 50K more if they will honor the targeted offer.

    The agent is supposed to call me back a week from today to finalize the transition (again, waiting for my points to settle so I can redeem them). If he doesn’t I’ll be unhappy but I’ll just call back and repeat the process.

  • Karan

    Typo – second to last paragraph, ” lost forever” should be “last forever”

  • Steve

    I thought I saw somewhere that one could transfer these miles to Continental 1:1, but I just got off the phone with Chase, and the rep couldn’t find anything confirming that. Does anyone know how to go about that?

  • The Points Guy

    @steve -yes it’s possible

  • Steve

    Ok, thanks, but how? I called Chase and the rep said he couldn’t find any info on it. It seems to me it’s the best way to use those miles, but it will have to be done soon because of the merger.

  • Tim

    Just applied for my partner and I via your link TPG.
    Wish us luck!

  • Tim

    Just applied for my partner and I via your link TPG.
    Wish us luck!

  • Tim

    Just applied for my partner and I via your link TPG.
    Wish us luck!

  • Tim

    Just applied for my partner and I via your link TPG.
    Wish us luck!

  • Tim

    Just applied for my partner and I via your link TPG.
    Wish us luck!

  • Tim

    Just applied for my partner and I via your link TPG.
    Wish us luck!

  • Tim

    Just applied for my partner and I via your link TPG.
    Wish us luck!

  • Tim

    Just applied for my partner and I via your link TPG.
    Wish us luck!

  • Tim

    Just applied for my partner and I via your link TPG.
    Wish us luck!

  • Tim

    Just applied for my partner and I via your link TPG.
    Wish us luck!

  • TeeJay

    We’ve had a Chase Sapphire Preferred for quite a while now. I took your advice and phoned Chase to ask for the 50K miles, saying that we’re loyal customers and I believe in treating your old friends as well as you do your new friends. They weren’t able to offer 50K miles, but we got 10K! Thanks so much! I’ve become a loyal reader of you!

  • Rob Perelman

    You forgot to mention how bad ass the credit card looks. Just got it in the mail today, and it is one of the best looking credit cards I’ve owned. Excited to put this into use in the next 3 months!

  • Kim

    Three to four weeks ago I applied for the Continental card and was approved immediately. I got to “eager” and applied for the United card about a week ago and it said I will receive something in writing in about 7-10 days. I received a letter yesterday telling me it was declined because of too many chase inquires in the recent past.

    How long do you think I should wait before applying for the united card again? Any thoughts?

  • Blake

    If I were to close my Sapphire Preferred credit card before the 1 year anniversary so I don’t get charged the annual $95 fee, would I lose the points earned? Would I need to use the points up before closing the credit card? Should I just convert whatever points I have into my airline miles program 1:1?

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  • Selva

    I applied through your link and got approved. Thanks for all the great information on your blog.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! I really appreciate your support of the site.

  • Anonymous

    Call the reconsideration line and they’ll most likely approve you for the United card

  • Anonymous

    You will still keep the points earned, but I recommend transferring them before you cancel.

  • Pat

    Great deal. Signed up. Thanks TPG!

  • Anonymous

    Yes… just about everyone comments on it. A few tell me it reminds them of the AMEX black card? I wouldn’t know… It is apparently a very fancy card for a very wealthy person.

  • Justthink

    this is a dumb question…i already have a chase southwest and a chase freedom and a chase amazon but no sapphire…so am i still eligible for this deal i was afraid im might need to be a first time chase person. but am i ok as long as i have never has sapphire? thanks

  • Anonymous

    You are eligible as long as you’ve never had the Sapphire Preferred card before. Not a dumb question at all!

  • MJLouise

    Shouldn’t the potential total be 56,700? (50K initial bonus +3K straight points for spending 3K) all multiplied by 7% bonus? Also, you get double points for dining / restaurant and travel, so potentially more on top of that.

  • kris

    Does anyone have the code for 100,000 bonus points with Chase sapphire card?

  • Justthink

    Got rejection letter “Too many requests for credit or opened accounts” with us. And yes I have already opened 2 this year. Have excellent credit but suppose they are trying to filter out greedy ppl like me who only sign up for the rewards.

  • kris

    Hi ,

    I had the same issue with AX cards ( all 3 cards)and they did not approve mine too saying the same reasons..”Too many requests for credit card in the near past or too many opened accounts”

    I applied for a Southwest airlines card and just got approved when I applied for the chase sapphire card and they refused my sapphire card saying that you just got the Southwest airlines card, I called and requested them and asked to cancel my Southwest airlines card and the supervisor was nice enough and he cancelled my Southwest airlines card and gave the same credit line for Chase sapphire card and I thus got the sapphire card now.

    Hope it is helpful to you and I advise you to call and talk to a supervisor and request it , maybe will go thru..

    Goodluck !


  • Anonymous

    The $3,000 isn’t a “bonus” its earned from spend, which is normal for credit cards. The 53,500 is truly a “bonus”

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    There is no public code- that deal is dead unless you receive a specific unique code that is linked to your account

  • Anonymous

    Nicely done!

  • Jadelk

    I just cancelled my Chase Sapphire. Since I have not has the Chase Sapphire Preferred, would I be eligible for the bonus?

  • Aas5

    Thanks for your recommendation of the Sapphire Card. I did exactly as you recommended and used my points for 3 free nights at the Category 6 hotel in Zurich which easily saved my $3.6K on my trip. Thanks.

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  • Jav

    I used your referral and got approved for the Chase and the Amex. Thanks, TPG.

  • Iris97

    Is there any situation where it is advantageous to purchase tickets through Ultimate Rewards (using existing Chase points) versus transferring the points to the carrier you plan to fly on, or vice versa?

  • Anonymous

    If you need a Delta flight (no transfer option) or its cheap – say only $200 ( 16,000 points) vs 25,000 saver level.

  • Anonymous

    thank YOU!

  • Anonymous

    Technically no, but I’m not 100% sure. You’d have to call and ask Chase

  • Anonymous

    You cannot transfer to ANA. Best bet to Israel is via Continental (nonstop from EWR or via Europe on Star Alliance partners. )

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  • Darrin

    The card does not indicate if this is a Visa or Mastercard and there isn’t an icon on your logo. When I receive this card will it be one or the other? If not, how widely recognized is this card?

  • Anonymous

    My understanding is that there are Visa Signature and Mastercard options.. not sure exactly how its decided which you get.. let me look into it

  • Eric

    If I want to fly on Singapore Airlines, do I transfer points to Star Alliance to redeem an award ticket?

  • Pingback: My Experience Getting the Chase Sapphire Preferred | The Points Guy()

  • Kane

    This might be my new favorite blog post.

    Last night I signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and was instantly approved. This afternoon I signed up for the 2 Citi AA cards and was instantly approved.

    Now, for those of you who might not be on AA’s e-mail list, they just announced some changes to their Advantage Program. For those of you looking to get into the Million Miles Club, I would check this link out:

    Basically, points earned through bonuses will count towards the Million Mile club if earned/posted by November 30th. Points earned after that will not count, even points earned through CC purchases will no longer count toward the MM club. Which basically means you should apply for these cards ASAP if you have been putting it off.

    Looks like the game plan will be to do these 2 Amex cards in the next month/two and then do the Chase card. Amazing blog. Thanks again!,ESM&cp=SB&skw=&tc=&pp=MILMILER

  • Anonymous

    You would transfer to Continental and book through them

  • Curious_Flyer

    After the merger will Chase Sapphire points convert to United? (I know currently it can go Continental then United but that option will go away at some point).

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    TBD- I asked my contacts at chase and will let you know once I get any info.

  • Curious_Flyer

    Thank you, I am likely going to India via IAD (to Newark then direct to Bombay) and am looking how to maximize United/Continental deals (either United card or chase sapphire). I also have 70000 marriott points (w/ marriott premier rewards card) I can transfer.

  • Pingback: New Traveler Needing Suggestions - FlyerTalk Forums()

  • Mark

    I assume that my wife and I should sign up separately to get 50000 each?
    But I guess that would mean two annual fees.

  • Anonymous

    Correct, but both annual fees are waived the first year and after that its $95. You can switch to a no-fee card (or one of them to Freedom) and then continue to accrue points in a central pool that you can combine with your wife. In my opinion the $95 annual fee is a bargain- the Sapphire Preferred is a solid all around card.

  • Dogandhiscoat

    Can you transfer Chase Sapphire points to American Airlines. I’m currently short 40000 point for another flight to Europe, and I’m looking for a fix. I already have The AA Visa and AMEX for the 75000 points.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, but you could transfer to British Airways and then book one ticket with AA and the other one with BA

  • avi404

    TPG, congratulations on the site. It’s useful, easy-to-use. Just started reading last week & got my ChaSaP (chase sapphire preferred card) today. Some questions:

    1. It has been mentioned on this site, at a couple of places, that with the 7% dividend at the end of the year and the 50K bonus, one could accumulate:
    50K bonus + 3K (3K points because I have to spend 3K to get the 50K bonus) points earned + 7% of total points = 50K + 3k + 7% (53K) = 56710 points.

    I called Chase today to confirm this and every agent I spoke to categorically denied that the 7% dividend is going to be awarded on bonus points (50K). They 7%, they say, will only be awarded on points earned, i.e.: on 3K (or how many every points you earn by spending your money). So for 3k that would amount to 210 pts for a total of minimum of 53210 points.

    Can you please confirm this with your chase sources too? Any comments from the community?

    2. I am not sure this matters but going to ask anyway: do the points show up on billing date or the payment date? I have the option to select a billing date and I am wondering if I should have it at the very end of the month or early in the month such that it gives me maximum time to spend the 3K to earn the 50K bonus (and hopefully get the maximum dividend). I saw another comment on this from user: mikes, but would love to get your take on this.

    I am going to start using the card and post more as I find out things that might be helpful to the community. Cheers.

  • Anonymous

    Phone agents always err on the conservative side just to protect themselves. They don’t really know what happens in reality. Several people on Flyertalk reported getting the bonus on their signup bonuses. I emailed for clarification. Stay tuned.

    Points show up shortly after your statement closes.

    Welcome- glad you enjoy the site!

  • avi404

    Hmm…flyertalk. I will check it out. Thanks.

    Another clarification: When points show up after statement close, is that for the current statement or from the payment to the previous statement? Ex: assume my billing date is 2nd of every month (which would make my payment due date to be 23rd of every month as Chase says that one has at least 21 days to pay the bill). So when my Dec 2nd statement closes (for Nov2-Dec2 spend), will it award me points for Nov2-Dec2 expenditure too? If yes, this is great. I have been citi customer for a while and their thank you points only show up once you make the payment for a statement.


  • Anonymous

    Its pretty current. I just started using my Sapphire card and I got the points from my current statement almost as soon as the statement closed. They are very up to date in my limited experience.

  • AJ

    May annual fee due now for Sapphire Preferred. Can I cancel and reapply for 50K offer? Retention want to move me to standard chase card.

  • Sean Buchanan

    Any update TPG? I’ll be applying for both my wife and I through your link in the very near future, just curious as to what card (Visa or MC) this will be. Thanks!

  • sj

    how quickly after the statement close dates do the points show up on the account? our close date is the 16th, will the points be available for us on the 17th?

  • hc

    Any idea whin this deal will expire? I’d really like to get it but I just got an SPG amex and I don’t know if I’ll be able to do a total of $8000 spend for the bonuses :-/

  • Zeavran

    Hi Brian! As with everyone else, I appreciate this blog tremendously! I’m a newbie to the whole miles/points game and I had a question regarding these Ultimate Rewards points. You mention that they can be transferred to other people; however, when I called Chase (I have a Freedom card) and asked about this, they said it’s a no-go. Do you know how I can, for example, transfer Ultimate Rewards points from my sister’s card/account to my own UR account? Thanks again for your time and efforts!

  • Track1012

    I’m big on Amex, but I’m traveling to Europe in a few months and would like a no foreign transaction fee card. This is obviously a great deal and might become my dining and international card only with all others going to Amex. However, I also got in on the 50,000 point Southwest Chase deal a little more than 2 months ago. I’m nervous to apply for this card because it’s my understanding that getting denied could hurt my credit. Am I likely to get denied since I just got a Chase card a little more than 2 months ago? Thoughts? Suggestions? If/when I do get this card, I’ll obviously use your link as I ALWAYS do! Thanks TPG.

  • Anonymous

    Getting denied for a card does not go on your credit report- its the same impact as getting approved.

    If you have good credit, you should have no issues getting approved. Their systems are set up to possibly auto-reject if you’ve gotten a card recently, though many people are getting approved as long as they wait 30 days between applications. Even if they autoreject you, just call the reconsideration line at 1-888-245-0625. Also see my post on my experience getting reconsidered successfully

  • Anonymous

    The rep was wrong. Just go to> Manage Ultimate Rewards -> Combine and then you can send points to any other Chase Ultimate Rewards member

  • Track1012

    Thanks for the quick reply and info. Originally, it was your post on your experience that concerned me because you mentioned Chase auto-rejects you if you applied for a Chase card less than 6 months previously. But, I was also working under the incorrect assumption that getting initially denied would hurt my credit. I’m going to seriously consider this card now and promise to use your link as always. Thanks again.

  • heidi

    I’ve applied and got instant approved using your link. Is it normal that I didn’t get a confirmation e-mail? (the screen kinda froze after i saw the approved message..)

  • Anonymous

    You’re fine! If you want to double check, just call them tomorrow but I wouldn’t be concerned

  • Zeavran

    Thanks Brian! As a new reader to your blog, I totally missed that previous post. I appreciate your hard work and efforts! :-)

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  • Guest

    How can I spend the $3000.00 like you did with the no longer available US Mint $1.00 coin progarm???

  • Stuartjenner

    Hi, 1. an expense reimbursed from work 2. an insurance bill 3. a property tax bill, it cost an extra 2.2% but was worth it 4. charity donations 5. gift cards to then use at Christmas time, either directly or using to buy presents with.

    The Sapphire points did show up immediately. Our bill is due on the 13th of Nov. The closing date was nov 16. At about 10 pm pacific time on Nov 16, the points were available. We had reached our $3K minimum a week earlier. The reps on the phone said it might take a few days for some sort of memo to be noted on our account stating we had met the minimum spend level. Also, some transactions do not post immediately, they will list as pending. So, when setting up your due date at the time you get the card, you need to plan for these events, things won’t just happen all at once. If we had cut things too close, then the bonus would not have been available til the following month.

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  • Samantha

    If I plan to book a trip to south africa and fly south african airways should I book through the rewards program or transfer the points to continental and book through them?? I’m a bit confused.

  • Anonymous

    If you book through paying with points you’ll get 1.25 cents per point. So a $1,000 ticket will cost 80,000 points. Or you could transfer to United/Continental and book an award ticket with South African airways or Lufthansa – thats the smarter route if you want business/first class but you have to make sure there is award availability before you do that

  • Samantha

    so would I need to get a credit card for south African airways first? so I will have somewhere to transfer the points to? Do you know which card I would need?

    Also-what do you mean about making sure there is award availability?

  • Hwtj

    You don’t need a card for them–only a frequent flyer account for united/continental, which can be created for free on their website.

  • rfcornell02

    Hi, my wife doesn’t have much credit history, but she’s had a store card from about 4 years ago, and another recently opened store card with a pretty big limit. She applied for a chase card (not the Sapphire, but the Soutwest RR) but was rejected; we called the reconsideration line, but they weren’t very helpful. Her credit is good (~720 according to the rejection letter), and she’s been an authorized user on my accounts for almost 5 years. Is there anything in particular we can say to get her approved?

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  • Jill_deitrick

    We are hoping to be traveling to Guangzhou China in 6-9 months for our daughter. I am hoping that our family of 4 can travel to get her. We traveled in March to adopt our youngest daughter and we flew Cathay Pacific from JFK and we stayed at the Holiday Inn Shifu while in Gaungzhou. Do you have any recommendations for a card that will help up with saving some expenses on travel?
    Thank you,

  • C H415

    Can I change the preferred sapphire to the regular sapphire before the 12 months is up or would I have to cancel it and apply for the regular sapphire? I’m wondering if it would be the same number if they allow the change. Paying annual fees is no bueno. Also, from what I’ve been reading, both cards are they “heavy metal type” cards, correct? A girl has to have her bling :)

  • Felixi22

    I live in Puerto Rico. I am trying to apply using your link but PR is not in the drop down menu. Do you know if they will extend the offer to PR residents?

  • ali

    Question on the 7% annual bonus: I think it applies to the 50k initial sign up bonus as well, right? If my wife and I both have accounts, and I transfer her 50k bonus points to me, on renewal do i get 7% on all 100k points or just my 50k?

  • Anonymous

    Yes the 7% is on all points earned in a year -including sign up bonus

  • Rjjohnsony

    I have applied and been approved for the Chase Sapphire preferred card. However, I look at the transfer fee and it says 5 % . That would be $2500 on transferring 50,000 miles. Is this correct?

  • Mose1947

    Heads up people. This card only has two airlines participating – British and Continental. Unlike other cards that allow you to choose your airline and use your miles or points, this one does NOT. I have been told that you can fly on the partner airlines of the two that participate (BA and CA), but this has not been verified and it does not say that on the Chase site page “About the Program”.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not true- you can transfer points to continental, united, British airways and korean- and then redeem those miles for travel on their alliance and partners so tons of options. You can also book any revenue flight and use the points at 1.25 cents per point towards the cost of airfare

  • Anonymous

    Is it best to wait until January to get this card? Is the 7% bonus done based on calendar year? I was thinking of getting the card and cancelling after 1 year, but I want the 7% bonus and dont want to pay the annual fee.

  • BizClassEnthusiast


    I’m considering applying for this card for the very same reason – to be able to fly business class to India sometime next year (takes 120k miles for a roundtrip). All my miles are on United though, so if I were to apply after the United/Continental FF programs merge (Dec 31, 2011) – would applying next year give me 50,000 miles that I could xfer to United? Or would I be SOL?


  • Jill

    I applied online through your link and was immediately approved. I received the cards Friday and began using on Monday. I have also recently opened a priority club rewards. I am trying to figure between the two rewards sites how to best utilize the points. We will be traveling to China and I would like to have points to either help with airfare or the hotel (Holiday Inn). Do you have any suggestions? We currently aren’t part of any frequent flyer rewards programs.

    Thanks for helping me to find this card!

  • lola

    You can redeem your points through the Ultimate Reward website and use those toward any airline except JetBlue.

  • lola

    The years starts when you are approved – so you can apply whenever you’d like.

  • ozzy

    I wish I could use the points to transfer to AA miles. :-(

  • Speedw

    I received a Chase Sapphire (regular card, not Preferred) targeted offer with 50,000 bonus pts recently. No annual fee ever on the regular card. I see all of the other posts saying the regular card is only offering 25,000 pts. I went ahead and signed up. Am I missing something or is this a better deal?

  • Mike

    I got the 50,000 Sapphire Preferred Bonus several months ago. Any idea if I were to cancel that card if I could then get the 25,000 Sapphire Bonus from the non-preffered card?

  • JP

    Is the $95 fee charged every 12 months after you sign up or is it based on calendar year? If I signup for the card today, do they waive the 2010 fee but charge me $95 jan 1, 2012?

  • Ngkempf

    Anyone with the Sapphire Preferred able to verify if it’s Visa Signature or Mastercard
    World or is a toss up? Both the Visa Signature and Mastercard World list the chase Sapphire Preferred on their sites.

  • Cat

    Hi, I’ve been reading up on credit cards because I am going to study abroad in China in a couple months. I already have a United Explorer card, so I thought I might pair it up with the Chase Sapphire Preferred as it does not have foreign exchange fees and has different benefits than the United Explorer card.

    However, I was reading on about the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and it lists a Foreign Exchange fee of 3% on the graph. ( I don’t know if that is a DIFFERENT type of a fee (like a VISA or MasterCard fee) or just a typo. Do you have any idea what the 3% is referring to?

    Thank you! :) Your posts about credit cards has been very useful and educational!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t load the link, but it must be a typo. The Chase Sapphire Preferred most definitely does NOT have a foreign transaction fee. Maybe they meant the regular Sapphire card?

  • Anonymous

    Its based on a year from when you open the card- not calendar year

  • Anonymous

    My understanding is that you can only get one Sapphire bonus- whether preferred or regular- not both

  • Anonymous

    They can be transferred to British Airways and then redeemed on AA

  • Anonymous

    Generally you’ll get the most bang for your buck transferring to airlines or redeeming for Hyatt awards- though it all depends on your travel goals

  • Ngkempf

    I hope this link has been helpful! It is a typo with The Pricing and TOS for the Sapphire list 0% transaction fee, and reiterate there is no transaction fee.

  • Cat

    Maybe. I’m not sure. But I think it’s a typo. Does this link work?

  • Anonymous

    That works and its definitely incorrect information. Check it out for yourself on Chase’ own application under Terms and Conditions/ Pricing info

  • Cat

    Okay, thanks! :) Just wanted to double check.

  • mwhoipig

    Stupid question. Is this a visa/mastercard? Is it a card that is accepted widely?

  • Merriej

    Im confused…can I use this card for Delta flights or not?

  • Colin

    Visa. Internationally accepted so it really is a great one to have.

  • Tryingtofly

    Can I transfer the $3000 from another card?

  • Anonymous

    Yes- you can use the points to purchase any flight at 1 point = 1.25 cents (so 50,000 points = $625 in delta flights) or you can transfer points to Korean Airlines and book Delta awards since they are Skyteam partners

  • Anonymous

    No, I believe the $3,000 needs to be spend- not balance transfer

  • Justin

    Just got an instant approval! They wouldn’t approve me for the CITI American cards as I just had the mastercard and canceled, but wanted to get some miles somehow. Thanks Points Guy!

  • Tex

    Hello. I just read this post. So, if one recently applied for and received the regular Sapphire card (this one was eligible for the 50K point bonus), you are saying that applying for the Sapphire Preferred would not get you that 50K point bonus since one already received bonus points from the regular Sapphire card? Thanks.

  • Haas

    Is there any point transfer fee (when transferring to an airline partner)? I found this quote in a 2009 version of their pamphlet: “A points transfer fee may be charged based on a percentage of the number of points transferred.”
    Not sure if it’s still the case.

  • Anonymous

    Nope- no fees

  • LucLester

    Interesting offer except that $3000 is a lot to spend in 3 months…

  • LelaPin

    You can always go to the POST OFFICE and buy a USPS Money Order.
    What do money orders cost?
    $0.01 to $500.00 …………………..$1.15
    $500.01 to $1,000.00 …………….$1.55

    What do you need to buy one?
    Cash, debit card, or traveler’s check for payment.

    So for only $1.55 you can “spend” $1k and deposit the $1k money order back into your bank account.
    NOTE – Within the past 6 months, I got the Chase United Explorer; British Air card; and 2 days ago, the Sapphire Preferred. I already have the Continental MC and the United Signature card. So I have 5 Chase cards plus the Delta AMEX which I got 3 months ago. Total : 5 Chase cards + 1 Amex; 4 of them within the past 3 months.

  • Lee

    But as you mentioned yourself, for a USPS money order it’s “Cash, debit card, or traveler’s check for payment” so how would you use your new Chase Credit card to help you meet the minimum spent???

  • LelaPin

    MY BAD – I didn’t catch that. In the past, credit cards were accepted. SO APOLOGIES -

  • Andre Grant

    I just wanted to say thank you to the TPG for this card and everything else he offers. A couple of my friends signed up for this card via your link.

  • Yash

    @ LelaPin
    do you know what u r talkin about?
    how can we meet $3k spent requirement on CHASE SP card if money order needs cash, debit card or travler’s check as payment?

  • Yash

    don’t spam lela,
    just go somewhere else to talk nonsense

  • KeepItNice

    Lela admitted making an error already PRIOR to your trashing & apologized. Not everyone is perfect & never make mistakes as such an erudite person like you Yash

  • nc

    Hello, I am sorry if this question has been asked before but will greatly appreciate if someone can chime in.

    1) Gross Annual Income that is asked for in the application, is that Family income or the individual income that I have in my W2?

    2) If approved, how soon can one receive the card? Can I call Chase ask them for the card number. I am planning to buy tickets for an international trip and would like to use this card for the purchase.

  • Anonymous

    1) I think it can be interpreted either way since it doesn’t specify individual or household.

    2) They won’t give you the number over the phone for fraud reasons, but you can probably have it expedited within a couple days.

    Good luck!

  • nc

    Hi Brian,

    Greatly appreciate your prompt response. I will try and let all know how it goes.

  • nc

    Hi Brian, Applied yesterday using your link and got approved. I finally filled in the household income. Thanks for your help!

    Which program according to you gives the most bang for the buck when it comes to using the 50K reward points? I am more of a budget (value for money) guy. Love to travel within USA (unfortunately do not have lot of airlines operating from Cincinnati except Delta) and travel to India (internationally).

    I will appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks again for putting this site together.

  • Kevin

    If I already have a Chase Sapphire card, is it possible to upgrade to the Preferred, and get the difference in the promotion points? How about applying for the Preferred on top of my current Sapphire (it’s been more than a year since i’ve gotten it.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard that you cannot get Sapphire Preferred 50k if you already have Sapphire. Though I suppose it cant hurt to call Chase and ask

  • Pranay Patel

    Can these points be transferred to my southwest rapid rewards account? In the post, it is listed as one of the airlines however in response to a someone’s question, southwest was not listed. Thanks in advance.

  • ozzy

    Indeed you can. It’s listed in the Transfer menu on They’re a somewhat recent addition.

  • thepointsguy

    They were added recently- so yes you can transfer to Southwest 1:1

  • Dave

    FYI: Chase apparently starts your 3 months from the DAY you get approved for the card, NOT from when you actually get it/activate it. That could shorten your spend time by as much two weeks. It didn’t matter in my case, but it might in yours.

  • JSW

    I was hoping this card would replace Amex Platinum. But if you value customer service, and if you expect statement periods to mean anything (they like to apply credits in their own sweet time – ie, If you purchase 1000 in a month and return a 500 item, don’t count on that credit getting applied just against the 1000, they’ll potentially apply it against ALL charges made up to the due day but after the cycle closes = you could have a 500 charge the day before your bill due date, and weeks after ‘statement closing,’ that they want you to pay for immediately. Not cool. The discussion with customer service about this was 30 minutes of grief – he tried, he really did, but no getting around bad implementation. They also won’t hesitate to ding you with late fees where Amex tends to give generous grace periods – maybe I get special treatment with Amex? Or maybe they just treat customers better.

    I hate 450/year for Platinum but honestly, for the grief they spare me I’ll pay it. Even a green card yields superior customer service to this. And I bank with Chase (happily) and was really hoping to have it all together…

  • Eric

    My 7% points bonus just posted to my Sapphire card, and I did a quick calculation and it was more than I was expecting. I have also been transferring some of my Freedom points into my Sapphire account, and I’m not sure if they also gave me the 7% bonus on the points I transferred in… anyone else have a similar experience? (Not that I’m complaining!)

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  • soidog

    Thanks for the info PG. I was initially not approved for this offer but with just an email sent asking them to reconsider and it was a done deal! I have read you can use balance transfers to the card to meet the 3000 dollar spent requirement but on their site, it is stated that transfers do not count. The website also stated that if you already had a chase account that you would not be eligible for the points bonus. Are they just talking about if you applied for the preferred/got the points/cancelled the card and then reapplied? Are there any ways to spend the 3000 without actually spending it? Thanks!

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  • LearningtheTrade

    You certainly are a dumbass. Am gonna thrash you, the sec you puke some rubbish on this website. Give you a taste of your own medicine.

  • Oooom

    I have a Chase Sapphire card and just applied for and received the Saphire Preferred. So yes, you can. I called them and talked to a rep to make the application.

  • Christine

    Once you’re approved, how long did it take to receive your card?

  • Barack Slamama

    Um no, credit cards were NEVER accepted by USPS for MONEY ORDERS. You must be confusing this with purchasing POSTAGE.

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  • Pingback: Understanding How Your Credit Score Works | The Points Guy()

  • Stevecs21

    Question: Are you allowed to combine points from two different accounts? I already have had my Chase Preferred for almost a year, but I am hoping my wife can also get one. We want to combine her points in with my account so we have more flexibility; is this possible without a fee?

    Thanks TPG

  • thepointsguy

    Yes you can combine points instantly with anyone else – no fees involved.

  • Veritas

    Okay, stupid question time: when you transfer the points 1:1, are those status-eligible miles? Getting free tickets is great, but with work paying for most of my travel, I’m more interested in status-bumps than anything else. Thank you!

  • Guest

    TPG: do you know if Chase is planning to up the bonus for the Sapphire Preferred back up to 50K anytime soon?

  • thepointsguy

    To my knowledge there are no plans to increase it

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  • sharon

    So the Chase Sapphire is now back to 40K, should I apply and call to see if they would honor the 50K still? Should I apply and then call? Or call to ask if they will honor it and apply over the phone with the rep?

  • sharon

    Wow! You got 5 cards in one month? I thought the rule was to apply for one every 3 months. Did you use diff browsers and apply for multiple ones on the same day? How did you do it? I don’t want to bring down my credit score. Thanks!

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