Amazing Deal: 40 SkyMiles per Dollar Spent at (Update 2: Deal is Dead- Back at 10 Miles Per Dollar)

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Update 2: As of Friday morning at 9:51am, the earning ratio is 10 miles per dollar spent. It was good while it lasted!

Update: I just pulled up and checked the T&C for the promo and it states the following as of 2:46pm on May 12, 2011. I recommend getting in on this deal soon, because I have a feeling they may be in the process of changing the terms, but I suspect they will honor the 40 miles per dollar for purchases from today since the T&C are published and active. Use NYC12 promo code for 12% off your order.
“For every one ($1) dollar spent on SpaFinder Gift Certificates (including gift boxes and other gift accessories), you will earn 40 miles.

Shipping, insurance, and other administrative fees are not included in the amount of miles awarded.

Items purchased at a discount will earn miles based upon the actual cost of the item, not the original, non-discounted price.

Items purchased via third party loyalty redemption programs or other non-cash methods are not included.

Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.

All SkyMiles program rules apply. To review the rules, please visit Please allow 6-8 weeks after qualification for miles to post to your account.

Offer valid from May 9, 2011 to May 31, 2011. ”

Until May 31, 2011 you can get 40 Skymiles per dollar spent on gift certificates. This is actually cheaper than buying Skymiles directly from Delta at 2.8 cents/mile. With this promotion, you can get 100,000 SkyMiles (enough for a business class award to Europe) for $2,500 - plus you get $2,500 in spa gift certificates! Buying those miles directly from Delta would have cost you $2,800 and Delta caps mileage purchases at 60,000 per year. If you value spa treatments (or can re-sell them or use them as gifts), this could be a really lucrative way to manufacture miles.

If you have a Delta Amex, you can redeem Skymiles for 1 cent per mile towards airfare, so this is essentially a 40% travel rebate. For example, I just purchased $300 in gift cards and I’ll end up getting 12,000 Skymiles, which could be used for $120 towards Delta flights. Of course, I’d never do that, because I get much more value redeeming for super-expensive international business class flights (which I have no problem doing considering I am based in NYC and have a decent amount of Skyteam options). has top notch spas, including Bliss and Mandarin Oriental NYC, so I look forward to taking advantage of this deal for both the spa treatments and premium international award redemptions.

Update: Thanks to TPG reader Barrett, you can get 10% off by using promo code ACCESS. I originally thought that may invalidate mileage earning, but the T&C states that you will still get miles- just on the discounted rate (not original purchase price).
Update 2: Thanks to TPG reader Brittany, she caught the clause in the redemption info that certificates must be surrendered at the time of use. So don’t buy huge amounts – buy smaller multiples.
Update 3: TPG Reader Colin got email confirmation from that you can indeed stack the 10% promo and get the 40 Skymiles. Per the email chain, which I’ll abridge:
Dear Spafinder:
For the 40 Delta SkyMiles promotion, can I use a promotional code to get a discount of 10% off of my total order as well? There are two terms in the Terms & Conditions that have me confused about this:

* Items purchased at a discount will earn miles based upon the actual cost of the item, not the original, non-discounted price.
* Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.
Dear XXX,

Thank you for contacting SpaFinder!

Any changes to your e-mail gift certificates can be e-mailed to us.

You may use a promotional code for your purchase and you will still receive special that is offered for Delta SkyMiles.

Feel free to reach SpaFinder at 646-695-0575 should you have any further questions or concerns.

Below are the T&C- there doesn’t appear to be any limit. There was also no sales taxes or shipping and handling when I ordered my electronic gift certificate. You enter your Skymiles number at checkout and miles should post within 6-8 weeks.

Hat tip to TPG reader WChris for bringing this to my attention!


  • For every one ($1) dollar spent on SpaFinder Gift Certificates (including gift boxes and other gift accessories), you will earn 40 miles.
  • Shipping, insurance, and other administrative fees are not included in the amount of miles awarded.
  • Items purchased at a discount will earn miles based upon the actual cost of the item, not the original, non-discounted price.
  • Items purchased via third party loyalty redemption programs or other non-cash methods are not included.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.
  • All SkyMiles program rules apply. To review the rules, please visit Please allow 6-8 weeks after qualification for miles to post to your account.
  • Offer valid from May 9, 2011 to May 31, 2011.
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  • Barrett

    Try promo code ACCESS to get 10% off. Makes this a great deal. Thanks tpg.

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  • Mike L

    BigCrumbs has spafinder for 4.8% cashback… can we double dip?

  • The Points Guy

    @barrett Thanks for the code- I added it to the post

    @MikeL- you can’t double dip- its either BC or Delta’s linkage. However, you can probably buy Amex GCs via BC with a mile earning card and then use the Amex GCs to buy spa gift certs- however, this promo ends May 31, so you should act quick.

  • Brittany

    Just noticed this on the redemption page-

    SpaFinder Instant Certificates are for a Single Use Only. Certificate Must be Surrendered at Time of Use.

    Make sure you don’t buy a $500 one if you don’t want to use it all at once. The $50 options seem better.

  • The Points Guy

    @brittany- excellent catch! Will add that to the post.

  • Mike L

    @Brittany: If you have GC balance after using it at your spa, they give you back the balance in THEIR store credit. Just an FYI. Also smaller ones are better anyway; you can just as easily use multiple ones per visit anyway.

    Oh and Brian.. forgot to say a huge THANKS! This is an easy way to rack up points.

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  • Adam

    Hmm, you can still get to the Delta link when you go to Spafinder via Big Crumbs…will that invalidate the Delta miles?

  • Lantean

    Does American have a similar deal? Thank you.

  • The Points Guy

    @Adam… you can try it, but from my understanding you can’t get double referrals. will either pay Delta or Big Crumbs for referring your business- not both. Though please keep me updated if it does work- that would be a great triple dip!

    @Leantean- yes but the best I could find was 3 miles per dollar spent

  • Ellen

    Anyone know how long these certificates are good for? 12 months? That will influence the buying decision too, but I’m glad to see my “regular place” as an acceptor of their certs. Score!

  • Mike L

    They have NO expiration date.

  • Sam

    Im worried about using the discount code and maybe not getting the miles as well. The terms and conditions do state:
    “Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.”

    Anyone else have reservations? I mean, I would surely prefer getting the 40 delta miles per dollar as opposed to the 10% off.

  • EvanInDenver

    If anyone’s feeling charitable, these GCs might make excellent donations to non-profits for silent auctions and other fundraisers for your favorite organizations. Seems pretty cool to me, maybe even tax deductible? :)

    Does anyone know if there is any obstacle to transferability of the printable GCs? Could you print them and give them to anybody to use, or do you have to name a person for each of them?

  • EvanInDenver

    Answered my own question: “A valid SpaFinder Gift Certificate may be used by the holder regardless of the name on the entity, as our cards and certificates are transferable.”

    Gift and re-gift away!

  • HerSquier

    I just did this and it looks like you *cannot* use the “ACCESS” promo code and also receive the Skymiles. It’s either/or.

  • SAM

    @ HerSquier: What makes you say that? I just made the min purchase as a test and everything went through without hitches. Of course my miles havent posted yet, but I do plan on buying more once I get clarity if I can use the coupon codes or not.

    Please let me know why you say you cannot use both. And thanks!


  • HerSquier

    I did the same thing, but after reading the fine print again I decided to call and ask. They directed me to corporate (866-569-0449) who told me that if you enter both a PROMO code and skymiles number, the skymiles will not post. So although everything goes through and it looks okay, the promo code will cancel out the points promotion.

    May or may not be true, but I’d prefer not to chance losing the awesome deal on the miles to save the 10%.

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  • Mooper

    @Brian (TPG) – Might be wise to update your blog post with the information HerSquier shared, as people might get pissed if they order, say $1,000 worth of these certs, only to find that their 10% off negated the miles. I wouldn’t bother risking it, but YMMV.

  • The Points Guy

    @Mooper- a TPG reader just emailed me an email exhchange between them and Spafinder and they confirmed you can get 10% off AND the 40 Skymiles per dollar (which was my gut). I added it to the post. As with all things YMMV, but it looks like its stackable. I tweeted them and am hoping for a response since that will be public. Will keep you all updated.

  • Jeff

    I just bought with 10% code and able to enter my miles.

    I emailed customer service to get a confirmation that my miles posted as well.

  • http://[email protected] Mooper

    @TPG – Hmm. Would appreciate further verification, as in my experience, cash back and miles back are treated the same way by the affiliate/commission systems. As cash back is often invalidated by coupon codes, and a quick perusal of ShopAtHome’s Spafinder offers ( ) reveals that every coupon code offer invalidates the cash back, it follows that miles would be invalidated as well. Of course, the emailed exchange you received counters this, but HerSquier’s account above counters this. Would be best to have a consensus rather than conflicting information before acting. 40 MPD is too much to risk for 10% off, IMO. Thanks for your help.

    @Jeff – See my comments above. HerSquier reported getting confirmation to the contrary, though TPG says he’s seen evidence that they are stackable. It would be helpful if you could share the reply you get to your inquiry as soon as you get it.

  • Steve

    @Mooper – A 10% discount on SpaFinder certificates is not the same as a cash back from ShopAtHome or BigCrumbs. I think ShopAtHome might fall into the T&C category that states: “Items purchased via third party loyalty redemption programs or other non-cash methods are not included”?

    T&C also states that “Items purchased at a discount will earn miles based upon the actual cost of the item, not the original, non-discounted price.” I don’t think there’s another way to purchase items at a discount than to use a code? Though T&C also states “Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.” According to the latest e-mail, the 10% off code is valid though…

  • Jeff

    Update from SpaFinder
    Thank you for contacting SpaFinder!
    Your order has been updated with your Delta SkyMiles number.
    There is not conflict in using a SpaFinder promotional code and receiving the Delta promotion. You may keep using the promotional code until it expires.

  • Mooper

    @Steve – I’m not saying it’s the same – I’m just saying that they are typically treated similarly by the affiliate back-ends (something I have a lot of experience with on the business end). The “offer cannot be combined” part gives them a valid basis upon which to reject the miles, *should they want to*. Given the account of the phone call above, I wouldn’t have much confidence that miles will post. I’m NOT saying it won’t work… I’m merely suggesting it would be wise to get further proof (several emails, additional phone accounts) from the company before risking it.

  • Gene

    Can you combine multiple certificates on a single visit? I see no mention of this in SpaFinder’s T&Cs.

  • Mooper

    @Jeff – Thanks. That gives more assurance. I’m still going to wait for additional supportive evidence, but if they are confirming they are stackable, then having that emailed proof on hand should be sufficient to ensure it posts, even if it doesn’t initially.

  • Steve

    @Mooper – True, having e-mailed proof in hand should be enough to get the miles (or at the very least, a full refund).

  • Mike L

    @Gene – I called my local spa and also a few in Hawaii that I’ll be visiting and they said YES that is fine.

  • Colin

    For anyone who is buying these gift certificates with the strict intent to resell them, be aware that a lot of people also have the same idea. The value of these certificates will likely be significantly decreased due to a saturated market, and selling them may prove difficult. It might be best to have a contingency plan if reselling the gift certificates doesn’t work out: give them to mom, treat your significant other, get a massage for yourself, ect.

  • Mooper

    Ok, I received a personal emailed response from them too, confirming that special promotion codes ARE stackable with the Delta offer (i.e., that miles and discount will both post), as well as assurance that if they didn’t, I could write them and they’d make it good. GREEN LIGHT!

    @Colin – Great point, and one that is lost on many people. Price isn’t just a function of demand – it is the intersection of demand AND supply, and in this case, after-market supply is going to explode!

  • HerSquier

    Clearly I received bad intel from corporate. Now that so many people have received a contrary response (in writing), I think that I can overcome my risk aversion and double-down on the promotion. Thanks!

  • happy at altitude

    So looking at the hotels and get-aways, one possible way to do this would be to book a few nights at a Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, New York, etc. and then buy the gift card to pay for it. I think I will try this and report back.

  • Marti

    I got a similar response by phone as HerSquier but when I pointed out the verbiage in the T&C, the customer service rep became confused and said that you may be able to do both, she wasn’t sure at that point.

    Then I sent an email and got this response: “The SpaFinder Delta partnership will in fact allow you to receive 40 miles for every $1 spent on our spa certificates – do know that you will be able to use special promotional codes along with your DELTA Member ID#.”

    So now my husband and daughter are getting gift certificates for their birthdays and I’m going to treat myself to one as well. Thanks so much TPG!!!

  • The Points Guy

    @Spafinder just tweeted me that you can still earn 40 miles per dollar spend AND use the 10% off. They also confirmed that AA only earns 3 miles (Delta is normally only 5)
    “@thepointsguy Yes enter your promo code 1st; hit apply – that way u can see discounted amt. Then enter your SkyMiles # and continue w order.”

    I’m kicking myself for not using the 10% off on my order last night. Oh well, many more to come :-)

  • Gene

    @ happy at altitude — How can you use spa certificates to pay for your hotel room?

  • The Points Guy

    @Happy- I may be misunderstanding you, but you cannot use these gift certs to pay for hotel stays- its only for spa

  • Jeff

    Spot on. I bought a late mother’s day gift for mom and a surprise for the lady. One for myself later. Grabbing a fine massage, hero with the fam. 12K miles. not bad day.

  • Raj

    I just got an e-mail from spafinder saying in order to get 40miles/$( and 10% discount) the shopping does not have to start from Delta website. Which means i can start my shopping from my Fidality Amex card website( I think you might start from BigCrumbs) that gets me 4 bonus points in addition to aforesaid things. Here is the e-mail.

    Dear Lizbeth,

    Thanks a lot for prompt reply. I have another question. In order to earn 40 miles per dollar, do i need to start my order from website or i can start my order from anywhere? Please let me know. Thanks.

    Dear Rajnish Sinha,
    You may order your SpaFinder certificates at any time via . The transaction process asks if you have a DELTA account number and subsequently requests your member ID# so that we may associate it with your order and thus extend the special promotion your way.

    Is my interpretation right from this e-mail exchange?

  • Michael

    Be sure to also sign up for the rewards program to get up to another 5% back on purchases that total over $1000 (BEFORE discount).

    If you sign up, you get 100 points. And if you sign up through my link, I get 50 (hopefully Brian will add one soon):

  • Gene

    @Michael — Now my head hurts.
    @ TPG — Once the dust settles, please write another post explaining the best way to buy these!

  • Mike L

    @Gene – What Michael is mentioning is SpaFinder’s own rewards program. You get 1 point for every dollar you spend buying SF GC’s. Once you get 1,000 points, you can redeem that for a $50 gift certificate. Note, you also get 10 points per spa review.

  • tassojunior

    If purchased on Delta AmEx card does this earn 1 mile/dollar additional or 5 as a Delta purchase ?

  • The Points Guy

    @tasso- it will post as a normal purchase- not as Delta

  • Raj

    I just tried it. Coupon code NYC12 makes this deal even more sweeter with 12% off. I hope this coupon code works the same way as the coupon code ACCESS without making 40 miles/dollar void. I got this from talking to customer care representative.

  • Raj

    @Michael, I did sign up for the rewards program. but i do not see any 5% discount even on purchase of $1500. Can you please help? Thanks.

  • Jade

    The Points Guy, Thanks for the information. This is amazing!

  • Mike

    Just bought my mother a late mothers day gift, and got myself an early birthday present.

  • Matt

    How are you guys using the discount codes? I just tried using code ACCESS and it accepts it on the first screen and shows the discount, but when I click proceed to checkout and enter my shipping/billing information the discount doesn’t show anymore?

  • Mooper

    @Matt – Try clicking “Apply”. Then, once it refreshes the page and you go to enter your payment info, scroll up the page temporarily and you should see that the discount still shows. Don’t forget to enter your SkyMiles number at this time, before proceeding, as well!

    @All – I’ve compiled info and tips from here and other sources and compiled a list of ways to best leverage this deal, and posted it on FT, here:

  • Michael

    @Raj – It’s not a discount at purchase, but a points accrual system. So after you have 1000 points, you can redeem them for a $50 GC, which is effectively a 5% discount.

  • Gene

    DEAL DEAD. Now 10 miles per dollar. This totally sucks. Oh well, it saved form wasting money.

  • David

    Does this mean that spafinder also has a limited number of res0rt-spa/hotel properties where you can redeem gift certificates? It looks that way:

  • David

    Does this mean that spafinder also has a limited number of res0rt-spa/hotel properties where you can redeem gift certificates for stays instead of massages? It looks that way:

  • David

    Damn. I got lulled into slowness by that 5/31 offer expiration! Argh. Oh well.

  • The Points Guy

    Ugh, I should have stocked up! And my grand plan to buy a ton of these and resell them co-workers and friends is now thwarted!

    Oh well- this just proves that “you gotta act quick” when you see an amazing deal!

  • Anthony

    I just called spafinder customer service and they said that they are honoring the 40 miles per dollar for Delta. They made a misprint on their website, should have said 10 miles per dollar but instead says 40 so they are going to honor the 40. BTW, just found this blog and am a huge fan, thanks Points Guy!

  • Michael

    @Anthony – you mean for yesterday, I assume?

  • littletail

    I’m still seeing 40 miles per dollar spent!

    “For every one ($1) dollar spent on SpaFinder Gift Certificates (including gift boxes and other gift accessories), you will earn 40 miles.”

    as of 12:27pm EST

  • Sam

    Who says its dead? I see it still on the site, and even called and theyre honoring 40 miles/dollar?

  • kbulo

    Deal is NOT dead. Site still lists 40 miles/dollar spent. I can’t find any info if the certificates have an expiration date. Anybody?

  • Sam

    No expiration. Says so on homepage. Only thing of concern of course is spafinder going under. I have no clue of their financial status, just throwing it out there.

  • HikerT

    Alive again!!! I had to clear my browser cookies to see the 40 miles per $1 but it’s back. Use code NYC12 for 12% off. Doesn’t seem like there’s any way now to get to the offer unless you go to (which could rule out using bigcrumbs, etc.)

  • Anthony

    I was able to use the NYC12 code an hour ago for 12% off and was able to enter my Delta ff# and customer service confirmed they will honor 40 miles per dollar spent. Printed the certificate and it doesnt say anything about expiration date, and it says the spa where you redeem the certificate will give you credit back for any unused amount (which I verified by using the certificate just now).

  • John

    @Sam – Good point, some places like to sell a lot of gift certificates before they go bankrupt, and they’re not liable to refund any of the money if they do. It’s certainly possibly after all the SkyMiles they’re giving away.. With all the 50% off spa promotions through Groupon and Living Social ect, it’s hard to imagine how this site can even sell these certificates at a 10% or 12% discount unless they give away an unsustainable and unaffordable number of frequent flyer miles..

  • Sam

    Does anyone have actual info on how much a place like spafinder pays for skymiles? I am so curious. Its got to be less than a penny… But then I think if its less, delta actually offers amex cards for about a penny per point, so how does that all work out? I guess they have to figure so many miles go unredeemed, and even those that are redeemed, it may take years for them to be redeemed, so they get the money now, as opposed to later, etc… Also, when miles are redeemed on delta itself, their actual cost of providing the flyer with the flight is likely less than a penny as well… hhhmmmm. Interested to know if people have actual data on this, esp you TPG.

  • The Points Guy

    Updated the post- its live again! Get in while its good!

  • David

    Okay, I took no chances this time. Successfully bought 2 certs with NYC12 discount and 40 miles/$1 terms and conditions. Thanks Brian!

  • Sam

    @John, I think in general that this and many other gift card related businesses bank heavily on the fact that many people do not use their gift cards. Its got to be around 15% or so for the normal gift card.

    I know for a fact that spafinder relies on this because they give all but 17% of the fee to the spa when it is redeemed. But in the meantime they sell their gift cards at costco for 20% off (not including costcos fees which must be at least another 10-20%), and with this deal for 40 miles per dollar AFTER discounts, thats gotta end up to a similar calculation. Factor in credit card processing fees, management fees, sales fees, overall fees for running their business, etc etc, youve got to think that theyre banking on about 30% or more of these cards going unredeemed.

  • Jeremy Branham

    I did it! I hope I get the points!

  • Latimer

    I just gave SpaFinder a call a few minutes ago and it doesn’t sound like the terms and conditions will change… still 40 miles p/ dollar. I was told it was still going to go until the end of the month but they simply decided to take the deal off the website.

    I’m still waiting on my BA Visa so hopefully the deal remains up until I get this. What a great way to spend $2500. 100K BAEC miles (by meeting BA Visa terms), 100K Delta Skymiles, and enough gift certificates to cover the wedding and christmas presents I planned to purchase!

  • The Points Guy

    I just bought a bunch more (almost done hitting the $2,500 spend threshold on my BA visa!) and none of them are getting approved automatically- I had to call and a supervisor approved. They seemed pretty busy over there ;-)

  • Latimer

    ^^^ Yeah – I thought I could hold off but I wanted to ensure I put in an order that would cover a US domestic round trip on top of the Skymiles I already had. No instant approval for me either and I had to call. I don’t see my Delta Skymiles account # on my receipt though. Should I be concerned?

  • Econ101

    I placed an order which said there was a problem and told me to call or email. The order went through but they said that they didn’t get my SkyMiles number. So I emailed them the number and they replied with a confirmation saying the SkyMiles number was added to my order. At least this gives me a saved email with the proof of correspondence.

  • Matt

    Hey guys, I only need 28 more Spafinder rewards points to get a free certificate. If you are going to signup for the Spafinder rewards and get this deal I would really appreciate if you can signup using my link :)

    Thank you!

  • CP

    Can this be used for yoga classes?

    Is the prevailing thought to buy tons of low value gift certificates?

  • Michael

    @Matt – I posted my link higher up – have you had any confirmed referrals? I have 24 clicks and one email click, and I know my friend bought, but I have nothing in the “pending” column even.

  • NW

    TPG – How can you tell that they are not getting approved automatically? Apparently, the supervisor is gone for the day and won’t be back till tomorrow. Got any suggestions? Hate to place an order that won’t be approved. I have a feeling the deal may be over by tomorrow when the supervisor comes back.

  • SH

    FYI, I just made an order and it said pending. I went back to my orders and it says that they shipped. I just got physical cards so that they are easier to gift.

    @NW – I would go ahead and order today. It is better to have an order pending when the deal is on instead of waiting for the supervisor to come back and the deal is gone. :)

  • Benny

    How come I kept getting the “credit card processing errors”? I tried like 4 cards all from different banks/companies :(.

  • Benny

    And all my cards got charged already! WTF? No confirmations whatsoever!

  • SAM

    @benny: they have a weird confirmation system. You need to call them when the order doesnt go through. The one time my order went through the whole way without having to call them, I used paypal for payment.

  • Claire

    While the T&Cs say to allow 6-8 weeks for miles to post, is it possible to call SkyMiles and ask a rep to check your account and see if their system shows you have pending points for the transaction? I called and got a clueless rep, but wondering if anyone else had luck.

  • Michael

    @Claire – I doubt they’d ever be pending on the Delta side. As soon as Delta gets the upload file, you’ll have the miles. The whole time delay is likely on the Spafinder side.

    There’s lots of good info in these comments, but I’d really recommend trying to continue the discussion over at the forums. Here’s a link to MilePoint – there’s a thread at FT also:

    No offense to The Points Guy who brought the attention to this great deal, but the comments just don’t for an easy place to keep this going.

  • Benny

    @Sam: Thanks for the advice. It turned out that my orders were not even pending – They charged my cards for like a thousand times and did not give me any confirmation numbers because their system just didn’t like my name having a space in between (?!?!). So they helped me make the order on the phone and also gave me their corporate number that I can call back tomorrow to get all the other orders (again, money charged but no confirmation numbers) cancelled. Fingers crossed!

  • Jade

    It seems that the Delta Skymiles account # is not mentioned in the confirmation email. Is this true for others as well? Thanks!

  • AS

    So apparently a $100 costs 79.99 at Costco. By my calculations [at this ungodly hour] thats $90 at spafinder with the discount including 3600 DL miles vs a savings of $10.01 if purchased at Costco. That math says buy the spafinder certificates all day, providing you can use them before they expire.

    Agree / disagree with the logic / disagree with the math?

  • Marc

    I got the “pending” message when I placed my order around 4 pm yesterday. I called, and they did something and the certificates appeared under “my account.” I called back later thinking that the odd transaction may have removed my sky miles number from the record. I was told that in fact using the nyc12 code knocked out my sky mikes number, so I called the corporate number and talked to customer service for gift certificates and gave that person my sky miles number to put back in the record.

  • Gene

    @AS — The GCs do NOT expire (unless SpaFinder goes bankrupt).

  • Mooper

    NOW the deal is truly dead. 10 miles per dollar is now showing on their site. I’m happy I got in for $3,500 while it lasted!

    If you’re worried about Spafinder’s stability, redeem the certs at your favorite local spa immediately and keep your credit with them. Of course, the local spa could go under, too.

  • Latimer

    I’m sad to see this deal go so quick … I didn’t even get my BA card yet, so now I have to figure out a better way to spend the 2.5K.

    I really hope they honor the people who did get their orders in on Wednesday and Thursday. And thanks to Econ101 for the suggestion of getting written confirmation about the 40 cents per dollar spent.

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  • Corey nopali

    Spafinder isn’t going under or even close to filing. Please stop spreading rumors about a company you know nothing about. I work for spafinder and have been working here for the last 6 1/2 years. It’s very idiotic to make false statements without grounding it with some concrete information.

  • Michael

    @Corey nopali – I’ve got to say, I wasn’t at all worried before, but that comment doesn’t inspire confidence. You’re a company representative calling a potential customer ‘idiotic’? Really?

  • John

    Brian – I purchased my certificates on May 11th and still have not received my points in my delta account. do you know if anyone else has had similar issues? I’ve tried contacting spafinder customer service and the first 2 times they said it would take more time or they had told delta to post the points … after recently contacting delta, they now say that spafinder has not given them the feed they need to post the points. help!

  • David

    I haven’t received mine either, so just sent them a message. I’m also waiting on my Amex ID Protect Delta Skymiles.

  • Michael

    I’ve got all of mine – took two pieces, but I got them all. And it was a six figure total.

  • Kbulo

    Have NOT received my miles either, and it is past the 6-8 weeks window since purchasing the gift certificates.

  • Raquell76

    I also have not receive my miles, I placed order on 5/12/11…any suggestions? Delta says it should be spafinder that lets them know…spafinder says it’s delta :/

  • Anonymous

    Email spafinder your order number and skymiles number and they’ll post your miles

  • Guest

    I spent 250 bucks w/ spa finder as well and have not received promised miles even though I got confirmation.

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