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Last night, I (along with 40 of NYC’s top Diamond Medallions, top Delta executives and members of the press) had the pleasure of attending an event sponsored by Delta at the Chelsea Market James Beard Foundation Pop-up restaurant. The meal was cooked by Delta celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein and her crew who flew up from Miami to staff the event. Also in attendance was Delta sommelier Andrea Robinson, who charmed the crowd while Michelle and crew prepared the meal in the kitchen.

As a Delta Diamond Medallion, I’ve eaten a lot of first class meals on-board and I can firmly say their meals are some of the best in the sky – at least as far as US domestic carriers are concerned. As I wrote about recently in my JFK-LAX BusinessElite review, their filet is always tender and cooked medium rare, which is surprising for airline food.

As a gift I got a copy of Michelle’s new book Cuisine a Latina and I asked her to sign my copy. I’d like to give it to a TPG reader, so if interested, simply comment below and I’ll use to generate a random winner on Wednesday at noon EST. Feel free to shower me with compliments, though I promise they won’t factor into the decision making process at all :-)

The event itself was fantastic. I’ve been to a lot of corporate and press events and this one was really solid all around – great food, wine and people. I got to speak with a lot of Delta executives, including Gail Grimmett (who runs Delta’s NYC operation). She was extremely optimistic about Delta’s NYC future and I think she was more excited to get JFK renovated than any of us frequent flyers. This is good to know because Delta’s facilities at JFK sorely need some sprucing up.

Overall, I’m excited to see how Delta continues to ramp up their NY presence. While the facilities “are what they are,” I continue to remain loyal to Delta because I almost always receive top-notch customer service (and the near 100% domestic upgrade rate I’ve experienced doesn’t hurt either).

Pics from the event:

Delta 757 Business Elite Seats (Not my purse on them!)

The food was better than the menu could convey

Tasty Stone Bass Fresh from South Florida

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  • greg tran

    how do they even cook filet on a plane? don’t they just steam everything?

  • Rian

    The event sounded like so much fun! You were very lucky!

  • The Points Guy

    @Greg I believe some planes have stoves, but I think it’s cooked month ground and then warmed on the plane

    @rian- lucky indeed- it was a great event, that’s why I want to share the book with one of you!

  • jacob

    thanks for the opportunity.

  • studio253

    Sounds like a great event. Those 757 seats make what I get on domestic AA look like fold up bridge chairs.

  • Andrea Kasper

    sounds so fun!

  • Bryce

    awesome, thanks TPG!

  • johndeere19

    @TPG @Greg I believe you’re correct. As far as I know they’re precooked and then reheated on the plane which is why you sometimes get a nice piece of leather.

  • Mike

    Man I bet the food was awesome

  • Jay

    Looks great, we could use some of that back in coach, and how does the food compare to Cathay Pacific bus. class. Great site, you are now my go to site each morning. Thanks for all the help!!

  • RomanHans

    Enter me in the contest. Love your website!

  • David

    Is that the lady that guest judges on Top Chef, frequently?

  • Tim

    Your site is one of the first I visit daily; keep up the good work!

  • Diane

    The food looks great

  • Barrett

    Sounds like a great dinner. I need to find a job that lets me fly more so I can join the club :)

  • Adib

    I want to learn to cook?

  • Eric

    I love both cooking and your website!

  • Sheik

    TPG, thanks for all your travel/points tips – avid follower!

  • dian anderson

    Lucky you, sounds like you had another great time. Love to win the book of course. thanks

  • Jordan J

    Thanks. I Love the website!

  • Seth

    It looks like Delta treats their passengers better than AA. Thanks for all the travel tips!

  • David

    TPG – Thanks for all you do! and thanks for offering up the cookbook! You’re so generous with your time, your knowledge, and, now, your freebies!

  • Rob H

    Great give away! Looks like a great book and an even better event.

  • Ted

    I want it. Thanks. :)

  • Dave

    Great website! Please enter me in the contest.

  • Eddy

    I just got status on AA this year so getting my first taste of the good life. Not sure if I can go back to being one of the common folks in coach. In any case, keep up the good work on your site!

  • John

    I just found you site last week and already have 200K points on the way for myself and my wife.from Chase/BA. Thanks.

  • Michael

    Huge Chelsea Market fan. If Delta is good enough for CM, it’s good enough for me.

  • Brad

    Looks like a fun event. Keep up the good work.

  • Alex Hickman

    Sounds like you had an amazing time! I really love the Skyteam airlines. Moreso Delta and KLM. My sister and I flew on a United flight to PHX a few weeks ago, it felt like we were cheating on Delta lol. How funny is that. Both of us are Silver Meds, and loving the 75% upgrades from TUL. :) Thank you for the great info you keep giving us!

  • Parag

    Sounds cool. I went to a United one like this, but we had to pay 10,000 miles each, but Rick Bayless cooked for us so it was worth it!

  • tiffany

    great giveaway!

  • Jenny N.

    Looks like you had fun! I’d like to throw my hat into the ring… :)

  • Tim

    Thanks for the giveway! Count me in! LOVE the blog! :)

  • Brandon

    Sounds like a very exclusive event! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Mike majid

    Wow…looks like a great event…thanks for the contest too…Hope I win…love Michelle B.

  • David

    Looks fun. Wouldn’t mind the book. Great website.

  • Sandy

    Your website has helped me a lot. Thanks!

  • Owen

    I’m only Gold on DL (I’m jealous of your Diamond status), but I agree that DL is doing an excellent job on in-flight meals. Thanks for all your great info!

  • Juan

    Thanks for sharing all kinds of useful information wirh your readers as you always do. Always great tips! And thanks for sharing this book with the lucky winner. J

  • Tom

    I’ve never had a medium rare filet on AA, always raw or well done. Looks like DL has it perfected. Thanks for the thoughtful book give away.

  • Michael


  • Madan Raja

    Tried to post it once. Don’t see my comment here. Would love to win this book. Thanks.

  • CraigR

    sounds like a great time was had by all!
    really enjoying your blog

  • Mimi

    Sounds like fun!

  • Worldtraveller2

    A mi me gusta la comida de Sudamerica! (I like the food from South America!) pick me or Brian Kelly!

  • airshadow

    Very cool

  • Kevin

    Brian, where was my invite? Hahaha.

    Oh and thanks for telling me you popped into DCA!

  • http://[email protected] Jen

    Corn on the cob, South American style (as on the book cover) is the best!

  • mike


  • http://[email protected] Heather

    Cool dinner party!

  • Robb

    It’s too bad these pop-up places are come and then go. I first learned of them watching Top Chef.

    Excellent that you got to experience all of that and got a signed copy of the book!

  • Jennifer Church

    As one who loves cuisine of all stripes, it sounds like you got a great gift!

  • Mighty Mouse

    I’m getting smarter because of you. Thanks!

  • Sarah Webber

    I like TPG and free books!

  • Nina Cohen

    Enjoy your writing. Would love the cookbook. If I win, you’ll have to come visit so I can cook something special for you. Thanks Nina

  • Rob

    Keep up the great work TPG!

  • Evan Seigerman

    Sounds like the event was a lot of fun! :)

    -A loyal TPG reader

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