Getting Approved for the British Airways 100,000 Miles Bonus

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Update: The current offer for the British Airways Visa is 50,000 Avios with $2,000 spend in the first 3 months.

I’ve been getting tons of, “Will I get approved?” emails about the Chase British Airways  100,000 mile bonus. I’m not employed by Chase, so I can’t tell anyone whether you will or will not get approved for the card, but I will relay some information and anecdotal experiences so you can get a sense of whether you should apply.

Another thing to note if you haven’t applied already, is that I got word yesterday that Chase is scaling back the commissions greatly (for people like me) for this card due to overwhelming initial response. While the deal is still active, this leads me to believe it could be pulled at any time if they continue to get an “overwhelming” response. Note: I would still promote this deal even if I wasn’t getting a commission, because it’s honestly an unbelievable deal, as I outline in my other post today about using ExpertFlyer. Overall, if you’ve been waiting on the sidelines to get in on this offer, I’d recommend acting sooner rather than later because as with all amazing deals, this won’t last forever.

Some things to note:
1) You can apply for multiple Chase cards within the same month and get approved (had a family member who had just gotten a Hyatt Visa and was approved for the BA Visa with no issues)
2) If you apply and you get a pending review message, you shouldn’t worry – that is happening to a lot of people who end up getting approved
3) If you applied for the card without a BA Executive Club number and you get the “pending” message and then get an email welcoming you to the Executive Club, that generally means you were approved.
4) If you get  “pending” or “denied” you can call and have a rep review your application and shift around some of your Chase balances if necessary and get the application approved. They seem very willing to work with people to get them approved.

Below are some of the key emails/Flyertalk posts about people’s experiences getting approved- most of them are positive.

TPG Reader: “I currently have 4 Chase credit cards,United, Continental, BP and Hyatt (Credit lines of $30k, $1k, $4k, $16k) Total exposure: $51k, 33 years old, no balance. Applied for BA card and saw it was approved for $1k limit. Laughable. So I called Chase and they transferred me to the lending department. Spoke to someone who said they can move my limits around but I cannot have more than $30k limit combined. According to them, my income does not match up to my total exposure. I never asked for credit line increase, it’s just what they gave me. For example, last year my BP card totaled $801.39 in purchases, all gas, card is in my car. Previous limit? $4k. Now I have BA/UA/Hyatt/BP at $10k/$10k/$10k/$500.”

Flyertalker 1
“Just logged into my Chase account online and saw that the BA card was added with a $20K credit limit. I haven’t received my actual card in the mail yet though. I am really surprised, but pleased, that I got this.

I’ve had 3 hard pulls since March with Experian (Capital One Venture, Chase Hyatt, and Hilton AMEX), and 9 hard pulls across all 3 credit reporting agencies. Also, fwiw, I closed my Chase CO card in early March because it was coming up on the 1 year renewal. My credit score is in the upper 700′s.”

Flyertalker 2
“data point here…. applied for Chase Hyatt card 4 weeks ago. Approved

Then applied for Chase BA card 4/8/11 approved today.”

Flyertalker 3
“FYI, mine took 2 days from application until they approved it. I called in twice to the number posted above.”

Flyertalker 4
“Just an additional datapoint for those monitoring how long it takes to get a response from Chase once one gets the pending notice…

Applied Tuesday afternoon 4/5; credit report pulled Saturday 4/9; no email from Chase, but when I log on to my Chase account this morning, I see my new BA card there with credit line details etc.

Since I know there is some discussion on how long to wait between Chase cards, I got the UA card in mid January and now this one in early April.”

Flyertalker 5
“After applying, don’t worry about the ‘still processing’ notification. Mine also took about 5 days because they have many applications to go thru at Chase and I was told it was due to security checks. I also have other Chase ccs, but they said the hold up had nothing to do with credit, it was just their standard security checks that were taking a while. Most don’t get instant approval anymore since more must be manually approved. I did get approved and for much more limit than I anticipated without having to move credit. They also told me they wouldn’t just deny it for that reason, they would call first to see about moving credit if needed. Even after approval I never received an email (at least not yet).”

Flyertalker 6
“Called in to determine the status of my application. Was told over the phone that I was declined. However, after they asked me a few questions and asked me if I wanted to move some of the credit line from my Chase CO card to BA, I said yes, and was approved!”

Flyertalker 7
“I applied last week and called a few times and they said it was pending and that nothing could be done. I called today and they finally said it was rejected because I had too many recent Chase applications. I asked them to split my credit limit and they agreed to open this card.”

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  • Maury

    I called several times and they said that the decision was still pending. However, yesterday I received an email welcoming me into the Executive Club. TPG: Could I assume that I am approved? Thank you.

  • Sam

    If I already have a Chase United Mileage Plus Card is it possible to get the rewards for the Chase Continental Card as well?

  • ofer

    The big one is, did anyone get the 100k in the past and was approved again?

  • troy

    I couldn’t get the coupon code to work – any thoughts?

  • The Points Guy

    @Maury- sounds like an approval to me

    @sam – yes- a great way to build up your united balance now that you can transfer in between

    @ofer- I have no conclusive answer to that- some people online have reported success but not convinced. If you’ve closed out the old BA card it may not hurt to try and open a new one. Let us know how it goes :-)

  • Abagnale

    I’ve had perhaps the best case scenario. Applied for this card 2 months ago. Then the bonus doubled to 100k. Emailed Chase and asked for the difference, and got it within 24 hours. Best part: the card fee had already been waived.

  • Nick

    @ofer/tpg- It sounds like people on FT are getting approved even if they had the card earlier and cancelled it. However, the question is: will their miles post? It doesn’t look like their miles will post before the supposed application date is gone. I guess we will have to take a $95 + hard pull hit to find out for sure.

  • Diane Anderson

    I need to move to
    the US so I can get in on some of these air mile cards

  • Glenn

    applied today and got the “pending” message. How long do folks wait before calling? Should I wait a few days? call now?

  • Jason

    I applied and got a simple message that said that I was approved. That was last Saturday. Haven’t heard anything since, who should I call, chase? Or BA?

  • Dil

    Flyertalk #2 is me :) I was surprised too since there were reports that u had to wait a certain time with affliated credit card

  • Eric

    Applied on 6 Apr and got a declination letter due to having too many Chase cards. Called them up and the agent explained I had $47k spread between 3 cards. She quickly offered to reduce the limit on my Continental card from $20k to $5k and approve the BA card with a $15k limit. Should be an easy 100K miles in the bank! Great website and thanks for the tipoff to call them up!

  • Adam Pervez

    Thanks for this great article. I’m applying now!

  • YLF

    Hi, I was not only approved but I have already purchased $1,000 via coins and have even paid it off.

    Today, I got my 1st statement with a zero due because it’s paid but it shows the $1,000 transaction.

    In the reward it shows I have 12,000 but the 100K are nowhere to be found. I have read of so many others who have it posted already. I called and a rep told me to wait two cycles. By then the 45 day limit will be gone and they could easily say that the coins or some other excuse why I did not get them.

    Any advice?

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  • Caroline

    I am a graduate student who makes about $32,000 in a scholarship living stipend. I’ve had a Visa for several years (four?), which is my main source of credit history. It only has a limit of $3000. I think I also had a retail credit card once too. But that’s it. I am *shocked* to report that I was instantly approved for this just today. I always pay bills on time and have never been in credit card debt, but I didn’t think I had a lot of positive credit history.

    I’m already an executive club member, so I don’t know if I’ll receive any other info or confirmation before I get my card in the mail. I was so shocked to be approved just like that. I had no idea that could happen.

    Does anyone know how quickly I can expect the first 50,000 miles to post after I get the card and make my first purchase? I have some travel plans coming up and would love to use these miles now (while airfare is insanely expensive). The fees are awful, but $500 or so for a BA flight that would ordinarily cost $1400 would be amazing.

  • Jim

    @Caroline- I’ve been wondering the same thing. I applied about 10 days ago and was approved instantly, but I haven’t heard anything since then and the miles haven’t posted. I’d love to be able to use the miles this summer.

  • Steven

    I received a rejection letter for the BA CC in the mail yesterday. I had opened an account for the Marriott Premier CC last month and they gave me an initial credit line of $13, 500. That amount is much more than I really need so I called this morning and negotiated to take the credit line of my MP CC down to $5k for approval of the BA CC at $5k. I am very happy I called and worked this out because now I will be flying to Europe on BA miles some time soon!

  • Riverchica

    I received a “pending” message when I applied last week. I called today and was told that my application was denied because I had opened the OnePass card within 6 months. But they agreed to shift around my credit limits (I have a total of 3 Chase cards) to open the BA card. Curiously, though, she said that it still “goes through a couple of other approval stages and I should receive something further in 7-10 days”. Has anyone else been told this? Does this mean I was approved?

    BTW – this is the first time that I’ve ever called to have a denial reviewed. I’ve always been too nervous to call and try to negotiate. I wouldn’t have done it without all the helpful tips – thanks!

  • Nancy

    Husband and I had Chase Marriott for <10 years, *never* carried a balance, and annual spend over $20,000. Husband was primary cardholder. He was approved in March for British Airways Chase and April for Hyatt Chase Visa. I was approved in March for British Airways Chase Visa and denied in April for Hyatt Visa.

    Just got off the phone with customer service rep for Chase. Originally she told me I could only be approved for one Chase card at this time, as the Marriott cards was in husband's name and I don't get any 'credit' for excellent payment history on that card. I persisted, and ultimately she took $5000 in credit away from the BA card, (taking it down to $12,500) shifted it to the Hyatt card – which she said must be opened with a minimum $5000 credit limit – and I was approved.

    Persistence pays off, and I will enjoy every moment of those 2 free nights at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome this summer!

  • http://[email protected] Nancy

    *>10 years

  • The Points Guy

    @Nancy- well played! To the winner goes the spoils.. or something like that :-)

  • THT

    Recently applied and was approved for Chase/BA 100,000 mile cards for both my wife and I..
    Then applied for the Chase/Continental 50,000 mile cards for each of us and were both rejected.
    “Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us”
    Called Chase at number on denial letter (888-270-2127)..directly to rep who rechecked our status and then approved both of us…15 minute phone hassle..didn’t reduce credit limit or anything!
    Sooo..worth a phone call if denied!
    Thanks for all the great tips everyone!

  • Jane

    I applied for this card last week (4/20) and still waiting before I call. Probably will give it 10 days, but really hoping to get the card as I am planning a trip to Peru-Easter Island and SE Asia so this card would be great for that! I even roped my bf, who’s so averse to opening new cc’s to open one. We’re still both waiting for the approval (we got the pending notice), but in case we are not approved, I am wondering:
    in footnote 1 of app, it says if one is denied the Visa signature, they will consider me for Visa platinum. In this case, does anyone know what will happen with the rewards? Will I be eligible for the 100K miles?

    Thanks for all the great tips… I’ve bookmarked this, just in case (keeping my fingers crossed!)

  • The Points Guy

    @THT- good to know! Its crazy how lenient Chase is being with decisions- I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone getting declined!

    @Jane- you should be fine. I think Chase is overwhelmed with applications. I know many people who got pending and ended up getting the cards in the mail. Even if you get declined, you can call and have them reconsider, which a lot of people are having success with. Even if you get the lower card, you’ll get the 100,000 miles.

  • Jessica

    Just wanted to second THT’s experience. I applied for the OnePass card on the 15th, was instantly approved (5,500 CL, I’m still a student, not very long credit history, etc). Then I applied for the BA Card a week ago and it was pending until today I got my rejection letter for “Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us.” I called the number on the letter (888-270-2127), was immediately connected to a nice rep who checked my status, and then without any hassle approved me without taking any CL from the OnePass, and gave me 5,500 for the BA card too! I despise calling people/businesses and avoid it like the plague, but this was painless and definitely worth it.

  • andante

    I was turned down because I recently got two credit card from Chase (that is ok). But my calling lending department, I could not manage to get approved my BA application. they said that I opened 6 account last year so they can not give me another account even though I willing to close my United MP VISA account. Darn…not good this time. I’ll try later…if there is any good offer like this.

  • Mike

    Finally after two weeks of dealing with phone calls because of my fraud alerts that are set up, I got approved for this card. And just a month ago I received the 50k delta american express offer =D

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  • Jason

    I received a notice today that I was denied due to having too many open accounts with Chase (2 Slate, Marriott Premier, and Continental; all paid in full at the end of the month). I was able to call and cancel one of the Slates in exchange for opening the British Airways Chase.

  • Joseph

    I got the BA Chase card a year ago (100,000 miles) and cancelled a few months ago. Any chance I could get the 100,000 miles again with a new application? (I know the answer but would like to see it said : )

  • The Points Guy

    Negatory joseph. Wish I had better news!

  • Tom

    I have been a credit card application binge the last few months after discovering this site and flyertalk. I applied for this card about 3 weeks ago and was denied due to the number of new cards I have. I decided to call the reconsideration number on this site and was approved in 5 minutes!

  • Traci

    I applied for the BA Chase card about a week ago for my husband and myself as the 2nd card holder. Got the message that said we were approved and an email confirmation would be sent. Haven’t gotten anything to date. But in reading the posts of others, I am wondering if I would be able to apply for my own card and receive the 100000 mile promotion as well as my husband?
    Thanks for any thoughts.

  • Hdlm55

    I got a Denial for the card on the mail, i called and the rep told i wasn’t approved because i have less than a year using my credit and i need more than 2 years with good credit, even though i have a 780 Credit Score. is there a way to work this out?

  • Jane

    @Hdlm55 – I was also denied because of short credit history (1 yr 2 months to be exact) . I have a lower credit score than you for sure ;) i gave them a call, got to talk to a really nice CSR, and explained why I had short history (just moved to US 3 yrs ago as a student; started working 1.5 yrs ago only – so only got my first cc then). She asked me where I went to and what degree I got, then asked me about the other “negatives” on my report (high credit utilization – I opened a store card to take advantage of 0% financing for a new laptop and not yet paid off – still 8 more months to take advantage!; too many applications – yep, because I needed to build credit history). She said she’ll see what she can do, put me on hold for like 10 minutes, then said she approved me but with low credit limit (1k, but that’s better than nothing so I didn’t ask for more). I suggest calling again and hoping you’ll get a nicer one this time :)

  • Jim

    I initially got a rejection letter in the mail, but called and was able to convince them to approve me. I have also gotten the CO and UA cards from Chase in the past 3 months.

    I have received the card in the mail, but no email yet from BA welcoming to the mileage program. My wife signed up for the card and got an email welcoming her to the program. As I was not a member before I don’t know my member # – anyone have any insight on how to get it?

  • Another Jim

    @Jim: Your BAEC number should be on the card, right below your name. If not, I’d call and work it out, because you might not be getting your miles!

  • Hdlm55

    @Jane, i called again and explained that i wasn’t using my credit because i was studying outside the country (wich is true), but now i’m back and my credit history is excellent, they told me they where going to reconsider because of my profession, so they offered a low credit limit (3,500), but i’ll take it as long as i get the miles, let’s see what happens, they told me i have to wait around 10 days to get the decision made, so i’m crossing my fingers

  • Original Jim

    @Another Jim

    My BAEC is not printed on my card for some reason. I called Chase and they sent an email to their marketing group and said I will get an email with my BAEC info in 7-10 days. I am not sure why it takes so long, but it looks like everything is good (fingers crossed)

  • Julie

    Applied for BA and Continental Chase card on same day. April 28th. Got declined for both because of “too many recent inquiries.” Called the reconsideration # and the rude csr said it was because I applied for a Chase United card 10/22/10 which was less than six months apart. I pointed out that I was actually slightly beyond 6 months. She said she’d put it through for reconsideration and it would take up to 30 days for a response. Got approved a week later ( I saw the BA credit line appear when I logged into Chase).

    I just called the recon line today about the Continental card. The friendly csr pointed out my two existing cards and asked why I wanted another card. I said I wanted to use BA for travel and United and CO cards for biz. She said she could pit it thru recon but can’t guarantee promo miles. I asked if my credit was already pulled for initial application and was told that two separate pulls were made from experian on the 4/28/11. So I thought might as well……credit has already been pulled. Two minutes later she said I was approved for 5k CL. Let’s see if I’ll get the promo 50k……….

  • Ka7ie

    I got the card, made my first purchase, and payed the first month’s bill. When should I expect my first 50k miles to show up in my BA account?

  • Jamie

    I was approved and received my card over a month ago (and have been spending on it). Do you know when the miles will post? Also, is there an annual fee this year, or was that waved?

  • Afrooman

    Yes you can, if you sign up with a new FF number!

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