Cheap Hertz Points for Sale at Noon Today with Discover America Daily Getaways

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Daily Getaways continues its bonanza of cheap travel deals today, featuring Hertz points for as low as 4.3 cents a point each, which is a huge discount from the regular price of 20 cents a point. I am a loyal Hertz #1 Club Gold 5 Star member, so I’m very much a fan of my Hertz points. As a NYC resident I can redeem 500 points for free weekend nights and I’ve never once not been able to redeem points when I wanted a rental or even had to pay the peak point prices.

In fact, there are a number of Hertz Local Editions in NYC, so it’s very convenient because I can pick up from work and return it near my apartment at no extra charge. In fact, when you use points, fees are nominal – sometimes as low as $5 per rental (even though they will appear higher at booking, they almost always equate to almost nothing when you return the car and close out the bill). This program has saved me hundreds because NYC car rentals are often $90+ and I can earn a free rental after every $500 in spend. For me, that’s a 18% return which is much more than I’d get if I chose to accrue airline miles instead.

While today’s sale frames the purchases as, “$280 for 1 week standard vehicle rental,” you are actually just buying a block of points, which could be redeemed for a week-long rental – if you so chose. Just like the Hyatt sale, they don’t actually mandate how you redeem your points once you have them. If you click on the “More details” and then “Redemption” tab, it simply states “Within 10 business days of purchase, Hertz® will deposit 5,000 points in the Hertz #1 Awards® account given at time of purchase.”

So there you have it – a cheap way to get car rentals. 5,000 points will get me 10 weekend day rentals, so as long as I use an American Express card to purchase, I’ll get those 10 days for $252. I’ll gladly pay $25.20 for a daily NYC car rental! These go on sale at noon EST sharp, so I recommend having your browser up if you want in on these deals. The Hyatt packages were sold out almost instantly, though if you waited around you could pick a couple up shortly after the sale began. Here is the list of package choices:

5,000 points for $280, 5.6 cents/point ($252 with Amex 10% discount, 5 cents/point)
9,000 points for $430, 4.8 cents/point ($387 with Amex 10% discount, 4.3 cents/point)
15,000 points for $720, 4.8 cents/point ($648 with Amex 10% discount, 4.3 cents/point)

I do recommend calling Hertz at: 1(888)999-4900 to see if points can be used for the rental you have in mind before buying. I just did this for a Paris rental and discovered that I will save $399 by taking advantage and purchasing one of these packages!

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  • Ted

    Does hertz publish when are peak and nonpeak?

  • The Points Guy

    @Ted- nope. Honestly, I’ve never had to redeem for peak awards in over 20 redemptions (which include peak summer weekends).

  • Ketan Shah

    Do hertz point expire?

  • JP

    @ TED – I was reading the hertz site last week and they have a list of “blackout dates” (which are specific to each city…Weekends like superbowl, and stuff like that). I’m pretty sure that you pay “peak” points for renting on those dates only.

  • The Points Guy

    @Ketan- I think it’s 2 years, but you can reset the clock easily. I’ve never had an issue with it.

    I just bought 15,000 and couldn’t be happier. I’m using 4,200 for a week Paris rental that would have cost me $650+!

  • abe

    I tried buying at 12, but it was already sold out.

  • Danielle

    @Ketan Shah In the T &C’s for the offer it says “Points are valid for two years from the end of the calendar year within which they were awarded, provided the Hertz #1 Awards Program is still in existence.”

  • The Points Guy

    I tried buying at 12 and it kept saying it was in someone else cart. I kept hitting refresh and one became available a minute later. I recommend that approach until they say they are officially sold out

  • abe

    Thanks, got it!!!

  • Richard

    If I’m not mistaken, Hertz points do expire and they cannot be extended with account activity. You need to use them or you lose them.

    You can transfer them in 600 point increments for 500 miles; which I what I end up doing right before NYE if I have points expiring…

  • The Points Guy

    @Richard- theres an easy work around- just book awards that are 11 months away and then when you cancel those awards, they will go back in your account and the expiration will be reset

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