American Express Platinum Card 50,000 Sign-up Bonus Link

by on April 27, 2011 · 45 comments

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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Amex Platinum Card has expired. View the current offer here.

Friendly Flyertalker and TPG reader Infomofo just posted this link which will take you to a seemingly active 50,000 point Platinum Card sign-up screen. Its not one of my referral links, so I can’t personally vouch that the deal is still active, so I’d take screen shots of the offer just in case Amex tries to deny the bonus. I’m not sure how long this link will be active, but I’m pretty sure Amex will honor the bonus since this link clearly shows 50k (and Amex has pretty strong customer service, especially for Plat card holders).

Remember: you need to be logged out of your Amex account and possibly clear your cookies/ use a different browser to get this offer to load.

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  • Vick

    is the 75k or 50k Gold Premier rewards offer still running?

  • The Points Guy

    Vick- those are targeted offers unfortunately

  • Chris

    I just got this response from a chat CSR:

    you : I am on a sign up page that says
    you : Receive 50,000 Membership Rewards® bonus points when you spend $1,000 in your first 3 months of Card membership.1
    you : Is this bonus active today?
    Jeremy: Which card were you applying for?
    you : The Platinum card.
    Jeremy: Yes. If you sign up today you would be eligible for that offer.
    you : Ok. Thanks.

    I read it on the internet, so it must be true.

  • Elle

    Whew! I got in I was putting this off but now no delays!
    BTW, I LOVE your website and look forward to reading your posts. Great great stuff and keep it up!

  • Chris

    Did anyone else get this? The page switched in only a few seconds, not 60. I wonder if they are reviewing my app, or their offer.

    Thank you Chris…. We have received your application for the Platinum Card®. We were not able to process your application within 60 seconds in order to provide you with an instant decision. Once your application is processed, we will notify you of your application status by e-mail using the e-mail address you provided.

  • Bob

    Instant approval. The page switched in 2 about seconds for me as well.

  • Chris

    Got an e-mail with a link to a status page. Approved! Now the wait to get the card in the mail.

  • Matt Curry

    I applied and was instantly approved. However, when I called he said he could not see the offer.

    I guess I will call again once I recieve the card and make sure the points are there. I took a screen shot as indicated above.

  • MAuerbach

    I’d look at this one closely. For the benefits listed the annual fee is a whopping $450! I’ll pass, thanks!

  • Luis

    Already have 3 CC’s with AMEX, Clear (oldest, since 2004), SPG (<1yr old), and Delta (<3 mths old)

    Given this, would I have better chances for approval with this link or should I go with the Biz Plat targeted invitation for 50k pts by August w/ 5k spend?

  • Matt

    MAuerbach: Hopefully people consider every CC they apply for carefully. The amex Platinum product has always had a high cost, high benefit value proposition. While the benefits, obtained through other channels, have a cost well in excess of the amex annual fee, what they’re worth to you is what ultimately matters. As far as the signup bonus is concerned, you’re getting far more back with the bonus and benefits than you’re putting in with the first annual fee. The more significant question comes in year 2 when you don’t have the big bonus to increase the card value. At that point, you need to be making good use of some of the high-cost benefits of the card, like airline lounge access, to maintain the value.

    If you were targeted, I’d go for that, all else equal (evaluate any benefit differences). I’d say it’s more likely that the personal card will feature a similar bonus in the future, so may as well leave that option open. Not sure on approval chances.

  • Nate

    At first I could not sign up online because Guam is not listed as a home address state (but its listed as an employer state option, which is strange).

    I called customer service and told them my situation and that I had the 50,000 point bonus in front of me. She was very helpful and signed me up for a new card (I have the Gold Premier Rewards card) and she said I’d be able to get the sign up bonus regardless of the current card.

    Hope this helps. just tell them you see the offer and see if they give it to you.

  • Dale

    Having signed up for the AMEX Platinum, I’ve been asking for a reading on expediting the 50K Bonus to (then) use with the Delta transfer offer, good only through 31 May. The response has not been good – mostly a run-around of “not my area” and “6-8 weeks, no other way.” Any suggestions?

  • Murad

    I signed up for the 50k offer before I discovered Brian’s blog. I’ve had a few hiccups getting the bonus but finally got it, so I wanted to share my experience.

    I followed the link (for 50k offer on amex website) and started filling out the form. It asks if one has an amex login. I had the blue card, so I logged in. The application was approved (to my surprise – I have very good credit but I used the blue card very infrequently, which had led them to reducing my credit limit during after the mortgage/credit crisis). I called customer service a few days after my card arrived with a couple of inquiries. During this time, I asked about the 50k offer and typically how often the points were deposited. He was not sure; he also could not tell me if my account was eligible. First he looked up an old offer which had expired but then found the current one (Bonus ID 4986) and said Amex would honor it. He left a note in my account to that respect. ~ 14 weeks went by and I didn’t see any pending deposit of 50k into my account. During this time, I had called into Amex a couple of time for other inquiries / clarifications as I was learning more about the platinum benefits; I was told that it takes 10-12 weeks for the bonus, so I waited. I finally called again today and the representative initially was not sure if I was eligible as the first representative had left the wrong bonus ID in his note! However, I told her that I had signed up using 4986. She then deposited 50k into my account.

    I seems deleting cookies and logging out of the account may be very important as Brian has mentioned, otherwise the process may not be very seamless.

    Despite this I am so far very happy with my Amex platinum. I have been getting the Airline Fee Credit automatically. I’ve also been shopping using the links their website for x4 and more points for a number of items I would have normally bought for 1 point per dollar. I signed up for the Priority pass as soon as it came out. I received the card 1 day before I left on a loooong journey from Seattle-San Francisco-Dubai-Islamabad and back. I used the lounges at each airport without difficulty. To have the ability to freshen up, sit down and relax in a quiet lounge on such long trips kept me sane.

  • Brant

    I took up your advice and applied and was approved for this card with the 50,000 point bonus and want to take advantage of the first time transfer bonus to Delta to get elite status and the additional 25,000 points. (I used your referral link). My question is should i transfer these miles to Delta or should i transfer them to Flying Blue or British Airways? I also got the 100,000 mile bonus Visa from British Airways. Whats the best option?

  • The Points Guy

    @Brant- that really depends. I’d recommend Delta if you value the Medallion Qualifying Miles. If not, I’d hold onto them and wait for a good transfer bonus. BA has run 30 and 40% bonuses. I anticipate lots of promos/bonuses leading up until September when Continental leaves the program, so don’t shortchange yourself now if you don’t have to.

  • Andrea Rotondo

    My husband applied for this offer on April 27th and got an instant approval. The card just arrived and the paperwork says the $450 annual fee is waived in the first year. This makes the card a terrific deal for year 1. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Ben
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  • Chris

    @ Andrea – Me too. The Cardmember Agreement Part 1 of 2 states: Annual Membership Fee – $0 for the first year, then $450. Have you been an Amex customer before? @ ThePointsGuy – Do you know why the fee was waved? I just activated my card and everything looks good, including the 50k bonus and the ability to advance points. I am on the transfer-points page and there is a $30 fee to transfer to Delta. Is this normal? I have not read about this before.

  • The Points Guy

    Chris- where are you seeing the waived fee? If you got the waived fee, that would be a-mazing. Can you confirm with a phone rep and let me know? The $30 fee to Delta is standard- all US carriers charge it- apparently its an excise/tax fee. When you transfer to foreign carriers, you don’t have to pay it.

  • Chris

    @TPG – There are a number of inserts in the Welcome box, including the Cardmember Agreement in two parts. On Part 1 of 2, page 1 at the top is the Fees Table. The first line is:
    “Annual Membership Fee – $0 for the first year, then $450.”
    I did not ask the CSR because this is very clear on their legal agreement. I can’t see how it could be a mistake.

    BTW, I have transferred 50k advanced points to Delta and received 75k with 25k MQM on my Delta activity page. I called before and confirmed that I am on the 50k bonus, so I just have to spend $1k and wait a few weeks for everything to settle. Thanks for all the good advice.

  • Mike L

    Great news!! I too just got this card [yesterday] and regarding the annual membership fee and I quote “$0 for the first year; then $450″. I am completely surprised and very happy about this.

    Thanks, Brian.

  • Murad

    Given that Page 1 of 2 of Cardmember Agreement has one’s name and part of card number on it; it seems specific to the person who received it – unlike part 2, which is generic. Congrats to all those who got first year free ! That’s quiet a saving.

  • Reena


    Thank you so much for posting such amazing offers..I upgraded my card to platinum too…But I need help please….I would really appreciate if some one can mail me the screen shot it would help me getting the bonus points as well..Thank you in advance

  • Kevin

    My Gold card is up at the end of May and I’m trying to decide if I should upgrade to Platinum. Is it still possible to get this bonus? Also, how often do these run?

  • Reena

    Hello all,

    I also upgraded to Platinum and got instant approval please can any one send me the screen shot of the 50K points that would be really really nice..Any help would be greatly appreciated..Thanks in advance

  • The Points Guy

    @Kevin- Platinum is totally worth it if you value lounge access, Global entry, $200 in airline credits, etc. I say you get the 25,000 bonus and then email them to ask for more points. They’ve been very generous lately. The 50k offer comes and goes- no idea when it’ll run again.

  • Josh

    ACT Fast everyone! I called up just a few minutes ago (noon Eastern time May 21) – After giving the offer code and telling that I saw it online, I was put on hold for 5m. CSR rep came back saying “offer was only good through Feb 2011 and had expired, and apparently was only online until May 20 as a mistake. But I will be able to honor this offer for you as a special case.” Same line as others reported — they are making a note on my account, then once my 50k miles have posted, the remaining 50k should be auto-posted or I can call back and there will be a note in my account that I should receive this credit.

    The CSR rep seemed to make a big deal about it being “pulled from the website yesterday, May 20″ so if you’re asked when you saw it, make sure you say it was before then.

  • Reena

    Hello Josh,

    Can you please give us the offer code you gave the CSR so that we can call them and give them the offer code as well..Thanks in advance…

  • The Points Guy

    @Reena- you can use both 3882 and 5748.

    Josh- which did you use?

  • Reena

    Hey Josh

    Thank you very much..I called them today and they dint ask me any details and just told wait for 6-8weeks for the points and if I spend 1000 in 3months then I will get it…But im not sure if I should call again and give them the code and ask them for points can you please explain what did you do?

  • http://HowmanyDeltamileIwillgetwhenItransfer50000pointfromAMEX flyatlanta

    I’d like to know how many actual Delta mile I will get if I transfer 50000 from AMEX. From this promotion T&C, I think I will get total 100,000 Delta mile. 50000 mile for the point I transfered, 25000 for 50% plus another 25000 miles which will be MQM mile towards my elite status. Am I correct? Or my balance will only increase 75000 miles which will include 25000 MQM miles.

    Any one can give me some clear answer? Thanks in Advance

  • Mike L

    I did this and it’s 75,000 miles, which will INCLUDE 25,000 MQMs.

  • Josh

    To answer a few of the questions: I gave code 3882, was told it was expired/hold, but CSR didnt tell me a new code. She basically said “I have found a way to still give it to you with a new offer” but was very vague about it. If I had to guess, there is no new code but they don’t want to admit they can just give you 50k points for asking.

  • Sarah

    As an FYI, I called today following up on the 50k offer (since I was only offered 25k) and they said they couldn’t find any promo with that code. The MR rep came back and said, “yeah, sorry we can’t offer you the 50K, but I can offer you 100,000 under promo 5748.” Pleasantly surprised!

    Does anyone know which airline charges lower taxes/fees within Europe? I’ll be abroad for 8 months (based in London) so I want to cut costs anywhere possible. I’m leaning Continental (which has super low taxes as far as I can tell) but I’m worried that the merger could change that. Otherwise, I’d go with Delta. Thoughts?

  • cooldude

    I was able to find 50000 point offer through other link but no where I found 1yr fees being waived off. can anybody confirm about fees for 1st year for link here on the point guy and for promo 5748.

  • Reena

    Hello I would like to share my experiences with Amex platinum bonus points…We upgraded from gold to platinum in May and there was no offer however Pointsguy really helped me getting the points.
    1.Called customer care-denied in June and July.
    2.Called customer care on Aug 1st they transferred to MR care-case opened but representative said tentative.
    3.Immediately wrote an Email on Aug 2nd with code 5748 within hours got 50K but they applied a diff code.
    4. I called MR care on Aug 3rd and gave 5748 after 25min the line got disconnected.
    5.Again called MR care on Aug 3th and gave 3882 immediately got additional 50 K

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh 100K bonus points….Thank you all for the updates that got many of us bonus points

  • Sam

    I hadn’t signed up for an Amex platinum before, but was thinking of doing so even without these sign up bonuses. Any idea on how likely it would be to get some of these after the fact? Tried calling customer service to ask about any outstanding offers before signing up, but didn’t get any response back.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty confident you’ll get 100k. 25k is guaranteed if you use my link and you can call and ask for 100k after approved. Its not guaranteed, but it can’t hurt to ask!

  • guest

    does anyone have an updated offer that works?

  • AXcustomernomore

    I upgraded to Platinum at the beginning of August. They have charged me the fee – assuring me it won’t be a problem – but I have yet to receive any Rewards points. As for “customer service”, they keep submitting my case and I get the standard rejection letter after a wait of 8-10 business days. They hide behind this case submission process and their “secure e-mail” through “contact us, which, based on the names and English, is offshored to India.

  • Guest
  • Anon

    Thank you so much for this link. I’ve been trying for three weeks to get a referral.

  • Austin S

    Any idea if this link will still provide the bonus 50k? Page still shows the 50k but haven’t seen this offer anywhere else.

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