40% and 25% Bonuses on American Express to Delta Transfers

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If you are ineligible for the current showstopping 50% and 25,000 MQ Amex-> Delta transfer bonus, you may want to take advantage of the newly launched 40% bonus on transfers of 100,000+ miles or 25% on transfers less than 100,000 points. No MQMs are included, but it’s still better than nothing, especially if you were going to transfer points to Delta anyway.

Also, the 50% bonus promo is only good for your first transfer, so ostensibly you’d be eligible for the 40% bonus, though I can see Delta’s computers not understanding the promo eligibility correctly. I guess we will have to wait to see what happens when someone who has already taken advantage of 50% registers for the 40% bonus and does a transfer – please report your experience below in the comments if you end up doing this.

I wouldn’t recommend transferring a bulk of miles to Delta since Amex points are very valuable because they can be transferred to all three alliances at a moment’s notice. Once you transfer your points to Delta, they can’t go back to being Amex points again and you may find Delta’s award rates are much higher than most other airlines (and they don’t allow international first class redemptions or one-way awards). However, if you were going to transfer Amex points to Delta anyway, you might as well take advantage of this promo. Note, the T&C state that it may take 4 weeks to get your bonus miles, but lately Amex-> Delta transfers have been posting almost instantly. I recommend signing up for this promotion and then giving it 24 hours to reflect in your Delta promotions ( -> Skymiles -> Manage My Account -> View Your Skymiles Promotion).

If you are new to booking Delta awards, check out my 10 Tips on Using Delta Skymiles to give you a sense of what you’re in for :-)

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  • MAZ

    Does anyone know if Delta would make an exception — last year I transfered only 10k miles from Amex to Skymiles. Now, I’d like to make the big transfer to get the 25k MQM, but it doesn’t appear that I would be eligable. Thoughts?

  • The Points Guy

    Maz- did you try registering for the 50% transfer promo? If it lets you register, you should be fine. From my experience, its only the people who took advantage of the same promo last fall that are not eligible to do it again. For example, I did do it last fall and when I tried to register again it declined me. So if it accepts you, you should be good to go.

  • MAZ

    Thanks so much for you response. No, unfortunately it will not allow me to register (“not eligible”). Would you think Delta/AmEx? would make an exception, and where would I even try to get an exception?

  • http://[email protected] ryan

    So if they are not combinable and I transfer 50K AMEX points, which promo would kick in assuming I am registered for both?

  • The Points Guy

    @Maz- highly doubt they’d grant an exception

    @Ryan- I’d assume 50%. If you wanted to do both, I recommend doing the 50% one first, then registering for 40/25 just so the latter doesn’t mess up the lucrative 50%

  • Jason

    I’m getting ready to transfer my miles using the 50% bonus as well, would love to know if the 40% is stackable on top of that. If anyone trys it, please let us know the outcome.

  • thenewrenew

    just moved 74,000 amex points and got a bonus of 55,500, so the 50% and the 25% were both in effect! had i been able to move 100k plus i would’ve. hope this works out well for others too!

  • David

    @ thenewrenew -
    Did you just register for both now? Or did you wait 48 hours before transferring?

  • David

    So i transferred 122k and only got 170,800 of which 25k is mqm…pretty strange as its the 50% offer that includes the mqm. So i got the mqm but only 40%?!?

  • thenewrenew

    i received an e-mail from delta today saying that there system made an error and that they were removing 18,500 bonus miles from my account, because the 50% and the 25% bonuses could not be combined. :-(

  • Mark

    I signed up for the bonus promotion to receive 50% bonus and 25 MQM’s for transferring from Membership rewards to Delta. I also signed up for the 40% and 25% Bonuses on American Express to Delta Transfers. I got a new AMEX Platinum Card with 50,000 Membership bonus rewards yesterday. I did an advance point transfer for 60,000. Delta immediately posted 90,000 Delta miles and 25,000 MQM’s. However I did NOT receive the other 25% bonus. Fine print says “This offer cannot be combined with other Delta or SkyTeam® offers.”

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