37,500 US Airways Miles for $567.50

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US Airways, the official consolidator of cheap Star Alliance miles, is at it again. This time it’s not as lucrative as some of their past buy-miles promotions, but it is also a lot simpler (no toolbar searches required). Simply transfer miles and get a 75% bonus, for a maximum of one bonus per member.

At this rate, you are buying US Airways miles for 1.5 cents a piece – much better than their normal rate of 2.75 cents each. What does that translate when it comes time to redeem awards? Before doing the math yourself, study their Star Alliance award chart, which has some pretty good redemption values.

For example, if you bought miles at 1.5 cents a piece, you could go to North Asia (includes China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macau, Mongolia, S. Korea, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan) for $1,350 in business class on great carriers like Singapore Airlines, Thai and ANA. Or how about a ticket to Europe on Lufthansa, Swiss or Continental/United for  $1,500 in business class- even during peak summer travel?

Key things to note:
1) The max amount of miles you can transfer is 50,000, so a maximum bonus of 37,500 per person.
2) Your account has to be open for at least 12 days in order to be eligible for the 75% bonus
3) You need to have the amount of miles you want to transfer, so this isn’t like a buy miles promotion where you can outright buy miles, you need to have miles in your account already in order to get the transfer bonus miles.
4) If you are signing up for a new account, you might as well try taking advantage of this promotion, which could give you up to 4,000 miles for free (it technically expired March 31, but it’s worth a shot!)
5) if you transfer miles to someone, that counts as your transaction and you cannot get the 75% bonus if someone transfers to you

So in my situation, I currently have 140,000 Dividend miles, which isn’t enough for two tickets in business class to Asia, which is where I want to take my Star Alliance miles. Utilizing this promotion, I can transfer 50,000 to my partner’s US Airways account and he’d receive 87,500 miles and I’d be at 90,000. I could then transfer 3,000 Starwood to his account to top him up to get to the 90,000 miles needed for the award.

Overall, its a quick way to earn some Star Alliance miles on the cheap, but work through the logistics first.

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  • Kevin

    Oh goodie, I would love to do this but my US Airways account isn’t as inflated as it once was but if you’re essentially saying – xfer miles to me, get bonus, then xfer back to you, you get the bonus + your miles back?

  • A. S.

    Hey, PG!

    Be aware that you cannot “send each other” miles. I tried this with my wife, but was only able to send to her. The promo is valid only on the first transaction and they consider a send OR receive as a share transaction. When my wife tried to turn it around and give me back the 50K she got a message that I have already participated in this promo and will not receive the bonus.

    – A. S.

  • The Points Guy

    AS- thanks for the heads up! I’ll add that into the post- that really sucks that you aren’t eligible to receive the bonus if you pay $500+ miles and to share miles with someone else. I suppose you could always just create a new dividend miles account, but that’s a pain

  • tassojunior

    Wassup with the 50% discount promo for US Air credit card holders? I have the card but haven’t heard how to do it.

  • johndeere19

    @tassojunior you have to proceed through the buy/gift process as normal and it should pop up for you if you’re eligible.

  • bill

    so could you theoretically transfer miles and receive the bonus miles. Then, at a future point, transfer the miles back to the original account and receive another bonus?

  • The Points Guy

    @Bill- you used to be able to do that, but as AS points out, once you transfer miles to someone, that counts as your activity and you cannot receive a bonus yourself.

  • Lee

    Let me make sure I understand this, I can transfer 20k spg points to usair which net me 25k usair(5k bonus from spg) + 18750 bonus from usair (50%) . so 20k spg = 43750 usair ?

  • The Points Guy

    @Lee- no this is only when you transfer US Airways miles to another US Airways member. This does not include hotel transfers. I only talked about Starwood in my post as a way to top up an account a couple thousand miles so I could reach an award.

  • Alex

    Not sure if this is the right location. I just received an email from US airways inviting me to buy a club membership for a 3 day special only for $259 for the full year including Star Alliance lounges world wide. For those that don’t have Amex plat yet. :) Not sure if this is targeted.

  • Vikas

    Sorry for trying to game the system but I’m pretty new to all this and my brain is going in to overdrive with all the possibilities. Do you think it would be possible to create 4 new dividend mile accounts (2 real, for my partner and I – we don’t have accounts yet, + 2 dummy). Purchase 50k miles in the dummy accounts and transfer them to the real accounts. Total cost would be about $1,942.5 for 87,500 miles or about 2.22 cpm per person. That would leave us about 2,500 miles short of business class flight to Singapore via SQ


  • HikerT

    You should update the deals section to highlight the “Pay 50% less when you buy or gift miles” promo for US Airways credit card holders.

    Expires the same day (May 14, 2011) as the 75% share promo. It’s a slightly better deal for buying miles for yourself or someone else. You can only do 1 gift and 1 buy transaction (per FT you need to do them in that order if you want to do both). I did both (one for my partner and one for me) and planning to share the 50K I bought for my partner which would net 137.5K miles after the 75% share bonus.

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