2,500 Delta SkyMiles for $8 Courtesy of Netflix

by on March 15, 2011 · 14 comments

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Over the past couple weeks I’ve posted about United and American Netflix offers, so I’m happy to announce Delta is in on the action as well with a 2,500 point sign-up bonus.

While this offer is technically only for “new” members only, you can generally get these bonuses as long as you use a different credit card, address, and email address.

If you’ve gotten a Netflix bonus with your Skymiles account in the past, you also may not be eligible, but it’s worth a try in my opinion. This is a super cheap way to get miles – at this rate, a roundtrip business class award to Europe would only cost $320!

After your $8 for the digital membership is charged, I’d recommend waiting a couple weeks and then cancelling – hopefully your miles will have shown up by then. If not, don’t worry – this bonus does not require a multi-month contract.

To be honest, I signed up for Netflix a while back for the US Airways Grand Slam promotion and I find the service to be excellent – you get the movies in a couple days and their selection is pretty impressive.

Tip of the hat to TPG reader Ted for this one!

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  • Chris

    So if I have like 8 credit cards, can I theoretically join 8 times with different emails and addresses and assume i would get the bonus for each?

  • The Points Guy

    @Chris- If you use the same Skymiles number, it could be a risk, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked. Their IT programming on these offers is pretty simple and from what I understand, they just check the address for duplicate accounts.

  • @TPG

    I don’t believe that’s true. Some people on the AA thread on FT said that they check the AAdvantage no. or in this case the DL SM #.

  • The Points Guy

    I said that it could be a risk, but it may still work. No one knows how they verify you are already a member. I think they mostly use cookies and comparing addresses (which they assume most people having videos shipped to them wouldn’t use fake ones), which will bring someone to a Free Trial screen if they’ve already registered for Netflix on that computer.

  • Coleman

    Unfortunately not. At least for AA, Netflix detects whether your AA# has already had a bonus issued on the initial screen. I haven’t even gotten to the address part yet. Also, I’m using Chrome’s Incognito mode so I’m positive it’s not cookie-related either.

  • virtuo0

    Looks like they are verifying name and address somehow. It is not accepting unless i provide my address when i am signing up on my wife’s name.

    Also they accept paypal, so no need to use different credit card if you prefer miles/point on a card you used previously.

  • The Points Guy

    So it rejected you when you used a different address? How do they know you didn’t move?

  • virtuo0

    This is what i found with google. It says they are using this service to minimize incorrect dvd shipments etc.

    “NetFlix Selects Group 1′s DataVerse for Real-time Address Verification.”

    What will happen if signup on my wife’s name with same address and a different card. Do you think it will work?

  • The Points Guy

    There is no delivery with the $7.99 Online version only and I used my work address office (which differs from my credit card address) with no issues.

  • virtuo0

    That’s true. But i think still the verification is happening . I will try the work address route.

  • Nancy Turbyfill

    I signed the whole family up for 5 of these on March 5, 2011 and have yet to see any bonus miles posted to any skymiles accounts. Have any of you received yours? If so, how soon after you signed up?

  • virtuo0

    I signed up on Mar 23. Miles are not posted yet.

  • Cha

    May I ask if you’ve tried this and did it work?

  • Cha

    The offer is still valid (1/24/12) and I’m thinking of opening new skymiles accounts and new netflix accounts to get the bonus multiple times and later on merge the SM accounts. I’m only worried that it says on the “Merge duplicate accounts” page of Delta that “Any duplicate mileage transactions contained in both accounts will be revoked, and will be reflected in the combined mileage balance” so my efforts would be for nothing. Can you guys let me know if there is a reference number on the posting? Thanks!

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