250 Point Enrollment Bonus for Southwest Rapid Rewards Sign Up

by on March 10, 2011 · 193 comments

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Southwest launched their new Rapid Rewards 2.0 program on March 1 and things didn’t get so smoothly. Users were locked out of their accounts for days and phone reps don’t seem to be fully trained and unable to resolve issues. However, it seems like they are back to regularly scheduled programming and are offering 250 points when you sign up for an account.

They don’t seem to advertise this on the site, but when you create a new account here and use promotion code GNAVRPDRWDS , it will start with 250 points. 250 is the equivalent of $2-$4 in airfare, depending on the type of fare you redeem for. Not earth shattering, but better than nothing!

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  • John Walker

    The link doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

  • StarChaser

    The link itself doesn’t seem to work, but if you enter the text at the end of it as a promotion code, it gives you the 250 points. I just used it to sign up. For convienence, the text is:

  • The Points Guy

    Edited the post- thanks all!

  • Wendy

    The code worked brilliantly! Thanks Guy!!

  • topel

    thanks very much!!!

  • NicoleC

    Thanks so much! Code worked great!

  • Dee

    Thanks! It worked flawlessly!

  • Ray

    Worked for me! Thank you!!!

  • Darrell

    The code still works as of 04-30-11. Awesome!


  • Dustin

    250point woohoo i love free stuff! thanks!

  • Ollie

    Code still working!!!! Thanks! =)

  • jason

    code works 5/14/11. Tanks!

  • Suz

    Just worked for me! Thanks!

  • Dan Lee

    I tried to enroll my wife. Couldn’t figure it. Not worth it anyway since we only fly 3-4 times a year. Jet Blue or Kayak usually does better.

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  • Jammer

    Thanks the Points Guy!

    @Dan lee: it’s very easy. Simply go to Southwest homepage and mouse over Rapid Rewards and click Enroll. Fill out your info and then copy and paste GNAVRPDRWDS where it asks for promotional code at the bottom of the page.

  • Zach

    It’s June 7th and the code still works. Awesome!

  • Jon T.

    June 12th- code still works!

    You rock!

    Jon of Dreamlite Photography
    Wedding, Portrait & Documentary Photographer

  • Kiki

    Before I purchase anything online, I always search for promotional codes and discounts. This was the first one to pop up in my search engine and it worked…tried-and-true!

  • catty

    code still works for the 250 pts

  • Kimberly

    June 17 – still working! Thanks for sharing!

  • Miss Juicy

    This code is still working i didnt believe it would be active but please use it !!!

  • Stephanie

    Wow, June 21st and it still works.

  • jayz


  • Judy

    Still works, thanks!

  • Ballerinamoose

    Thank you! Worked today. :)

  • Jenny

    Worked today, thanks.

  • Therasah

    Awesome! It worked:-) Seattle here we come:-)

  • John

    July 6 — worked! Thanks.

  • Oliviaxginn

    Thank you!

  • Brian Holmertz

    Works as of 7/11/11. Thanks!


    THANKS WORKS AS OF 7/14/11

  • bobby

    worked 7/16 thanks!

  • wdeshong

    worked as of 7/17/11

  • Shtsgrl3

    great!! worked today 7/20/11

  • Shtsgrl3

    Thanks Starchaser!! used your only text!!

  • Drea

    Thanks for the code!

  • Klovos

    we just used the code today 7/23/2011 and it worked.

  • Jr

    just used it, works… 7/26/11

  • Uloyd

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CatParty

    Just used it today 8/3/11 and it still works. Thanks!!!

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  • Mjlabas

    Still works – too bad, not card anymore.

  • E. Alexis Sampson

    Still works today – 8.10.11 Thanks Points Guy!

  • Temia Anderson

    Thank You StarChaser, the promo code still works and I received my 250 pts, thanks for sharing the info.

  • Sokeke06

    Code worked for me as of 8/15/11. Thanks!

  • thenewaesthetic

    works as of 8.22.2011 … thanks!

  • Riendurien9

    thank you for the tip!

  • Quelte

    I just signed up 8/23/11 and it works! Thanks points guy!

  • Malocks

    Still works today, 5:41 p.m. 8/23/11

  • Bdougherty5

    It worked great, thank you! Bridget

  • Alethea Smartt LaRowe

    Worked for me 8/29/11. Thanks!!!

  • SMoses

    Works today 8/30/11.

  • Andreadbell031783

    Thanks this worked for me on Sept 1, 2011. :)

  • Shondra Cooper

    It worked today – 9/3/11! Thanks a lot!

  • Kendra Forgacs

    Thanks!! it worked today: 9-4-11

  • Sacrc111

    Still worked today 9/6/11. Thanks Point Guy!

  • Bethanybeach

    Worked for me on 9/6/2011, I received 250 points – yeah!

    nancy r.

  • CC

    Still Works- 9/6/11! Thanks!

  • Celli

    Just signed up on the Rapid Rewards site and used the promo code at the end of sign-up. Got my 250!

  • Frank

    Still works. Enrolled today. 250 points is better than nothing. Thanks

  • Jacqueline M Elliott

    Still works! 09/12/11 Thank you so much!

  • guest!

    still works~ 9/13/11 thanks~ :)

  • Filmjunkie2000

    9/13 still works

  • Lisacos9

    worked today 9-15-11

  • Ninabina

    Still works today 9/15/11 Thanks!

  • Erin Patrice

    Still worked 9-16-11

  • Meghjb

    Still works 9/15/11 thanks!

  • Ascott

    Still works as of 9/19/11

  • guest

    still works 9/20/11

  • Vatersin

    still still works!
    and even better: im the number 70 (and i really love number 69!) :D

    Greetings from Mexicou City… just doing a study case about Southwest… for my mba… this airline is just great!

    and even even betterisimo: today is peace day! More greetings hermanitos!

  • R.

    Still works – September 21, 2011. Thank you!

  • Peter Nunez

    still works 9/22/11. Southwest is best domestic airline, hands down.

  • Dgski2002

    Thanks! Just signed up today and googled rapid rewards promo code and found this. Much appreciated! :)

  • Chris

    Just signed up using the GNAVRPDRWDS promo code on 9/23/2011 and my account was created with 250 points. Thanks!

  • Danielle Huey

    Thanks it worked!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Kau

    Worked on 9-24-11. Thanks!

  • Hopkins_t

    9/22/11 still works. thank breh

  • Kimpham158

    Still works!

  • Hil

    9/28/2011- Still Works

  • guest

    Still works 9/29/11

  • Raja Choudhary

    worked on 9/23 as well.

  • jovenville

    worked! 9/30/11

  • Liz

    Still works 9/30/11! Yeah :)

  • Michelle

    Thank you awesome person !! You were a big help (:

  • Bturnip

    Worked on 10/1/11- thanks!

  • Rkebr001

    Still worked 10/2/11 thanks

  • Tax Lady

    Still works-10/2/11. Thanks!

  • 55ceb

    10/3/11 still works

  • Uscavscout05

    Just used 10/4 and still works! THANKS!!!!

  • V56124

    works :) 10/04/11

  • Christine Bowman

    Still works – 10/4/11. Thank you!

  • Allsmiley

    Still workin as of 10/6/11!!

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    Yes sir! Still works. Thank you so much!

  • Fábio Póvoa

    Still works – 10/07/11. Thanks !

  • Hello

    Still works 10/10/11. Thank you :-)

  • a2

    stiil works today – 10.11.11 Thanks!

  • Scottmaitland

    i’m not 100% sure if it didnt work, or it didnt have it on there after I had to resubmit the form for a mistake filling it out. Worth a try I guess 10/12/11

  • Amae

    Still works today 10/13/2011 Thanks so much!!

  • Kyla

    Also worked for me today, 13 October 2011. Thank you! :)

  • cmunkey50

    Worked for me 10/14/11! Thanks!

  • Alfreda1974

    still works 10/14/11

  • Guest

    Wow! Still working… 10/15/2011

  • Guest

    Still working 10/16/11 thanks too

  • Tlout

    Still works as of 10-17-2011

  • Tlout

    Still works as of 10-17-2011

  • SWguest

    Still working, 10/17/2011. Thanks from my two sons, Points Guy!

  • AJ

    Still works 10.18.11


    Still works 10/18/11!



  • romeo sy

    thank you it still works! 10/18/11

  • Scrappy4ever

    It worked for me too! Today is 10/19/11

  • Honestdollars

    Works great, thanks Points Guy.

  • Plkn1979

    Worked on 10/19!

  • Emancol29

    Still works!!!! 10/19/11. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Skyspanky

    Still works on 10/20/2011

  • Megan

    Still worked 10/20/11 Thanks!

  • sand man

    still works 10/20/11

  • anon

    still works 10/22/11

  • mycupofhotjava

    thanks points guy! still worked at 10/23/11

  • Tsuki Ames

    Still works 10/24/2011! Thank you! :)

  • MrBeer

    Worked today, 10/25/11, Thanks

  • mary

    still works 10/25!

  • Jasmine

    Still works 10/25/2011 Thank You :-D

  • Brian

    Still Works 10/27

  • Guest

    Still worked for me. Just a few moments ago

  • Woodnailsandglue

    All I can is Holla! IT still works 10/31/2011.. Who are you? =) When I was signing up for Rapid Rewards and got to the question about Rapid Rewards Promo Code, I Googled it and came up with this article. Just checked it. That is pretty cool.

  • Guest

    Still works as of 10/31/2011! Thanks!

  • Priyatham51

    Thanks Still worked today- 11/1/2011

  • chunk

    Still works – 11-1-2011

  • Maida Carpio Scott

    Still works 11/1/11

  • Diesel6834

    Still works, 11/2/11!!

  • Guest

    Works as of 11/3/11. Thank you!

  • Guest

    Still works Nov 4. 2011

  • Noelle Magee

    Still Works!!!



  • FK

    still works 11/09/11

  • Mattssaab

    Still works today 11-17-2011

  • Bohemiana

    Still works as of 11/18/2011

  • Deryl_g

    still works 11/28/11

  • amy

    just used the code and got it 12/2/11 –
    @Michaelbrent1982 – no one is a bozo, you get additional points with the code on top of the 250 for setting up.

  • Bashbash2ooo

    Still works Thanx I just signed my mom up a few minutes ago I put GNAVRPDRWDS in the promotional code box and it works without a single problem..Give 250 pts automatically for signing up..

  • travelin’

    Hi Amy…are you sure, cause when i used the code, i only got 250 total points (not 500)?

  • Poelectrix

    The reward still works as of 12/9/2011. Thanks Thepointsguy!

  • No

    still works!

  • Daredude120

    Still works 12/24/2011

  • Rlpitts1

    Still works. I just used it. Thanks Thepointsguy!

  • Guest

    Code still works!! 12/28/2011

  • Queen

    It worked for me!!!!Thank You

  • dkt

    It’s 2012-01-01, and the code still works.

  • Hillary

    Still works as of 1/3/12. Thank you!

  • Chopper

    Still working as of 1/5/2012. Also, if you subscribe to the Rapid Rewards Report and Rapid Rewards Email Updates on your communication preferences, they will give you an extra 250 points for each (500 points total). The caveat is that you have to stay subscribed for 3 months, I think.

  • Lightskinndpassion

    Still works as of 01/05/12

  • Guest

    Te reward works as of 01/05/2012.

  • Nick

    Still working as of 01/07/2012

  • Jmbroden

    1/7/2012 still working. Thanks!

  • Katluver02

    Still works as of 1/13/12! Thanks!!

  • Guest

    worked on 1/13/12

  • Thos003

    Interesting… They site says nothing about points when you sign up, so wether you get point or not for signing up in addition to these points is not clear. However, I blame southwest for not telling you ahead of time the offer they give you without the code. So I am not a fan of simply giving affilate credits away, but I think the points-guy earns the credits by making clear that you are getting the 250 pts.

  • Rhc

    still working on 01.19.12

  • Billy Pait

    Still works in 2012.

  • Msrease

    Still works as of 31 Jan 2012

  • Sj

    still works, thanks 2/5/12

  • Saraisa128

    still works 2/2012!!!

  • Pitstah

    2/15/2012 still works. thanks!

  • guest

    3/7/12 still works

  • Guest

    Still works! 3/19/2012

  • Ncrume

    3/21/12 – code worked, thank you

  • Antony Evans

    still works

  • Norman

    still works! 4/17/2012

  • Sarah

    Still works as of 4.18.12! Thanks!

  • Mattgusc

    Had to make sure you clicked to boxes for email updates and the subscription for the 500

  • Rallofantastic

    i had the same drama. call this number 214 932 0333. i did not get the 750 points plus. therefore, i am calling this number to get the points. hopefully all will go well ;)

  • Diuto

    i just booked a flight for 3 before regitering, will i have points for the flight? by the way the coupon worked. thanks

  • rabbit

    Didn’t work for me.

  • jc

    used this code on 5/23/12 and ended up with 613 points in my new account. ??

  • Vrbmisc

    still works 5/28/12

  • Stacy

    6/1/2012 – Still working

  • Scrat0i71

    Still works – 6.4.12

  • brittney

    still works as of 6/19/12! thanks!

  • Cheese

    06/26/2012 working a okay

  • guest

    7/27/12 – CODE STILL WORKS!

  • JBH

    9/6/12 – code continues to work.

    At first thought it hadn’t – points didn’t update until I had reloaded the page a few times.

  • Alex Houg

    9/14/12 – Still works.

  • Jay

    Worked for me 9/14/12

  • Lisa-gibbs

    Worked for me today. 10/3/2012 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • turbotraveler

    You get the points with or without the code, but they probably get a kick out of seeing this code over and over again for over a year now.

  • Ashleysmith522

    Still works 2/15/2013

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  • Miche

    Still works 11/2/2013 !!!

  • Paul White

    Thanks !

  • Guest

    Doesn’t seem to work anymore. 7/19/2014

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