American Express Delta 30% Transfer Bonus Until March 31, 2011

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Amex and Delta ran some crazzzzzy good promotions in Q4 2010, including the mind-blowing 25k MQM and 50% bonus, which helped me achieve Diamond status for the first time. Since the new year they’ve been quiet about promos and I thought they’d take a little break before ramping  up again- I guess I was wrong.

Per this link, you’ll get 30% on American Express Membership Rewards points transfers to Delta. While this isn’t as lucrative as the amazing MQM/50%, its not bad if you have some Delta awards you were going to book anyway. Delta makes it hard to find “low level” awards, but it can certainly be done, like I did with my 120,000 Delta miles trip in business class to the Seychelles last summer.

If you need help figuring out the best use of your Amex/ Delta miles, feel free to enlist my professional award booking services. I help people redeem millions of Amex points and Delta miles a month, so I know the ins and outs of both programs (as well as most others).

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  • michael thomas

    My spouse and I both have Delta Amex accounts that you recommended and we have each have 26,000+ membership rewards points from that activity.

    If each of us transfer the 26,000 MR points to her Skymiles (I link my MR to her Delta account) would she get 52,000 + 26,000 (50%bonus) + 15,600 (30%bonus) = 93,600 Symiles point and get the 25K MQM?

    If that works out we will be using your services for getting her a first class award to Ukraine next fall.

  • The Points Guy

    I can’t confirm, but people have apparently received both the 30% and 50% bonus. From my understanding, you don’t have to do the 50k all at once so two 26k transfers to 1 account should trigger the bonus. Let us know what happens!

  • Tao

    Is there going to be a confirmation about this 30% bonus? I can’t see it in my viewpromo page. I only see the 50% and MQM.

  • The Points Guy

    I see the 30% confirmation. I think if you register for the 50%, it won’t allow you to get the 30%. However, if you do 30% first, then 50%, you can get both.

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