$250 Macys Gift Card or 20,000 Point Rebate For American Express to Delta Transfers

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The newest “WOW” American Express/Delta promotion is a choice of a $250 Macys gift card or 20,000 Amex Membership Rewards rebate when transferring 50,000 Membership Rewards points to Delta.  Registration link- be prepared to choose which gift you want when you register.

In the latter scenario, you are basically getting 50,000 Delta Skymiles for 30,000 Membership Rewards points, essentially a 67% bonus over their normal 1:1 transfer ratio.

If you’ve already done the spectacular 50% bonus and 25,000 MQM gift when transferring 50,000 American Express Membership Rewards points and want to get in on this new “gift” promo, wait until the 50% promo is over (Dec 15). The promos state that you can’t combine it with another promo, so if you want until the 50% promo is up, you should be fine to get in on this one. And who knows, you may end up getting both if you register for both, but we won’t know until 4-6 weeks after the gift promo ends (Dec 31).

(Note: these offers do not apply to Delta Skymiles American Express cardmembers or Amex Blue customers- only Amex Gold/Corporate/Platinum/Centurion/etc cards that are enrolled in Membership Rewards).

If you are asking yourself “Why are Amex and Delta running all of these crazy promotions and other airlines not?”. Well, American Express and Delta have a very cozy relationship that goes back to Delta’s bankruptcy days. Amex bailed out Delta to the tune of several billion dollars during Delta’s bankruptcy and in return, Delta continues to provide Amex with bajillions of Skymile, which Amex uses to get new customers with credit cards and other promotions. In order to get owed Skymiles off their balance sheets, Delta often entices Amex customers to transfer their valuable Membership Rewards points to Delta in exchange for less valuable Skymiles. Most savvy travelers know that Membership Rewards points are much more valuable, so Delta has upped their ante from their normal 10-40% transfer bonuses.

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  • Ville

    Perhaps they just added this in but these statements in the T&C would seem to prevent stacking of the two offers:

    50% Bonus + MQM offer: “May not be combined with any other Membership Rewards offers between October 4 and December 15, 2010.”

    Gift offer: “May not be combined with any other Membership Rewards offers between November 29 and December 31, 2010.”

    I don’t accrue points at a particularly fast rate but have saved up about 100k points over time. I’m looking to get the maximum benefit out of them since it will be quite awhile since I’ll bank that many again. I’m a bit new to finding the best angles with miles/points though.

    Any thoughts on the best way(s) for me to take advantage of them? Is a better offer likely to come along in your opinion? If these did combine and I could get 75k skymiles for 30k Amex points + 25k MQM that would seem very tempting.. unfortunately the lines from the respective T&C posted above would seem to put a damper on that prospect.

  • The Points Guy

    Hi Ville- what do you want out of your Amex points? If its premium international first class travel, then transferring to Delta isn’t a smart option. However, if you are flexible and happy with business class, especially to Europe where Delta/Air France/KLM/Alitalia/ Czech/ Tarom have a strong network, then transferring 50k to get 75k Delta and 25,000 MQMs is a pretty good deal. As a silver elite, you’ll sometimes get upgraded (more if you plan flights when business travelers don’t travel) and free exit rows and baggage.
    From my perspective, if you registered for the MQM promo now and waited until December 16 and transferred another 50k to Delta, you’d end up with 125,000 Delta (enough for 1 business class award ticket to Asia/Africa/ Europe or 2 coach to Europe/Asia or 5 domestic coach awards. Of course, these are all subject to availability, but I always find low tier options for my clients ias long as they are flexible, f you decide to enlist my professional services.

    You’d also get a 20,000 point rebate, so for 80,000 Amex points, you’d get 125,000 miles and 25,000 MQMs (elite status)- you won’t find many other deals like that. The normal bonuses to Delta are 10-40%. Even with British Airways 30% bonus, you will face really high surcharges and obscene redemption rates on longhaul trips.

    Theres no right answer to your question, but I hope I gave you some decent advice. In general Delta Skymiles (or SkyPesos) are the least valuable miles, but if you are flexible and smart about using them, you can get great value (I redeemed 120k for business class to the Seychelles and Paris this summer- a $15,000 ticket).

  • Glen

    I love THEPOINTSGUY! I have registered for this promotion. Thanks!

    I have Skymiles, MemRewards & Skymiles AMEX Card. How come I didn’t get notice of this promotion via email? Is there a way to sign up for ALL of their (Skymiles) promotions?

  • Russ

    Unless. I am missing something you need to transfer 50k from Amex to get 20k free certificate on this offer. That’s a 40% bonus not 67%.
    I like the other offer that gives you 50% plus silver status. Also Amex let’s you borrow free miles for a year based on your spending habits.I borrowed the max they allowed me and got a bunch more of the 50% miles all in one transaction for the$99 max transfer fee.
    Such a great deal. Basically yesterday got two free business class tickets to Europe!

  • The Points Guy

    Russ- the 20k is not a Delta bonus, but a rebate of much more valuable Amex points. You get 20 of your Amex back so you end up transferring 30k Amex for 50k Delta- a 20k bonus on a 30k transfer is 67%
    I agree the MQM offer is a better deal, but if you still want more Skymiles at a high transfer rate, doing one of these may be new lucrative since the MQM bonus is only earned once

  • Glen

    Am I miscalculating? You transfer 50k and your bonus is 20k, s0 you profit 40%, right? (I’m assuming you’re calculating the MR to Delta transfer as a 1-1.)

  • The Points Guy

    Glen- this isn’t a transfer bonus- it’s a rebate.
    So you transfer 50k Amex, get 20k back so your net Amex transfer is 30k
    For that 30k transfer, you end up with 50k Delta. A 20k bonus on 30k Amex transfer is a 67% bonus.

  • chesky

    Hi im woundering if you transfer 200,000 points into delta, if you will get 20,000 membership rewards for every 50,000 points you transfered?

  • The Points Guy

    The way I read the promo is that you get one gift per transfer of at least 50,000. If I were you, I’d do 4 separate 50,000 transfers to be safe.

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