Delta Flight Bonuses for PIT, BNA, RDU and STL Flyers

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Delta is currently running a bonus mileage (redeemable AND elite qualifying) for flights originating in Pittsburgh, Nashville, St. Louis and Raleigh-Durham. This is one of those too good to be true Delta promos that allow you to rack up the miles (and elite status). I recommend any Delta flyers to sign up for all of the promos- because there’s no reason NOT too (and perhaps hope for an IT glitch in your favor!). Details:

  • 5,000 bonus miles plus double MQMs when you fly to Delta hub cities—Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis, New York/JFK and Salt Lake City
  • 10,000 bonus miles plus double MQMs for flights to all other cities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean—over 350 to choose from
  • 25,000 bonus miles plus double MQMs for international travel in Economy Class to over 70 countries
  • 50,000 bonus miles plus double MQMs for international travel in BusinessElite®

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  • DL_Flier

    The small print says, “MQMs and bonus miles will post to the SkyMiles account of the qualifying member 6—8 weeks following the end of the promotion (December 31, 2010). ”

    Does that mean the double MQM can not be used for qualifying during the 2010 year if they will post to my account next year? Any thoughts?

  • The Points Guy

    They always cover themselves with the “6-8 week” comment, but I’m confident they will post the MQMs in the year the flight was flown.

  • Sarah Cool

    Hi – does this mean you have to begin your round-trip in RDU? I flew from CVG to RDU yesterday and then am headed RDU to CVG tonight. Will this count for the return portion of my journey or not at all?

    Thanks. :-)

  • The Points Guy

    You have to originate and end in one of the promo cities. Delta may accidentally still give you the bonus miles, but I wouldn’t count on it!

  • Sarah Cool

    Thanks! :-)

  • JR

    I just started flying for business purposes last year. I typically only fly twice a month, but end up with a total of four segments. Combining those trips with my AmEx Skymiles card, I’m at about 90,000 miles but only 16,000+ MQMs (28 MQM segments). However, I’m about to fly to asia on a business trip, so this new promo is truly too good to be true. Not only will I get the 50,000 bonus miles, but with the bump up to silver status and the accompanying MQM bonus mileage PLUS the double MQM miles of the promo, I’ll be at gold status before I return home. Great deal! I just hope they post to the account instead of after the end of the promo period.

  • The Points Guy

    Congrats! Its really amazing when promos stack on top of each other. Last year I flew to Zurich for $240 and ended up getting over 40,000 miles with all of their Amex promotions.

    I think the bonus miles will post quicker than the 6-8 weeks after the promo period. They always cover themselves in the T&Cs, but they have always come through pretty quickly for me.

  • Phil

    I have flown out of Nashville using this program, including flights to Las Vegas (twice) and Honolulu. In all three cases the bonus miles were booked at the same time that the regular miles were booked. This program is awesome. I’ll easily make Platinum this year and may make it to Diamond due to the doubling of MQM miles, and the FFM’s are piling up even faster. Once you reach Gold on Delta, you start getting 100% bonus on the FFM’s.

  • The Points Guy

    I’m jealous Phil! However, if this promo included NY, I know I’d be taking tons of frivolous trips just to rack up the miles.. but maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

    Thanks for the feedback- good to know they are posting in a timely manner. Safe travels.

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  • Sean B

    I am currently a silver on delta, but will be gold by the end of the year when combining flights/$spent on AMEX. If I get to gold in say, Nov or Dec, do I then stay gold for the entire next year?

  • The Points Guy

    If you earn Gold by Dec 31, you will retain it until the end of February 2012. Enjoy gold- you get free upgrades on award tickets and free same-day confirmed- benefits I love.

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  • Lindsay

    so if I fly from Pittsburgh to Las Vegas and the connecting flights are through hub cities to I get an extra 5,000 miles for those segments on top of 10,000 for flying a domestic flight to and from Pittsburgh?

  • The Points Guy

    Lindsay- in addition to the double MQMs, you will get 10,000 total bonus miles for going to a non hub city. You’d get only 5,000 if you flew to JFK for example. Its not per leg, unfortunately!

  • Bill O

    Does anyone know whether this includes both open jaw and circle trips (i.e. looking at possibly of Europe trip out of PIT and would like to fly to Rome and return from Amsterdam or Paris)?

  • The Points Guy

    Bill- as long as you start and end in PIT and fly Delta planes (not Air France or KLM) you should be fine. Even one ways are eligible for these bonuses, so doing an open jaw/circle trip should be fine.

  • Bill O

    Thanks PG — unfortunately, I’m getting conflicting info on this from Delta. I like your answer, but a couple reps there say only roundtrips. The Delta web page small print on this offier is pretty explicit that one-ways aren’t eligible for MGMs and bonus miles, but no mention of RT or circle trips. Are you aware of anyone who has taken an open jaw using this offer and confirmed receipt of both 25,000 point bonus and double MGMs? Thanks!

  • The Points Guy

    What Delta says, what Delta has written in the terms and what actually happens are three completely separate things ;-)

    I can’t guarantee anything, but if you start in RDU and fly Delta planes, you should get the 25,000 and double MQMs as long as travel occurs before Dec 31.

    Theres a long discussion happening at Flyertalk that should answer any possible question you may have about the promo

    Good luck!

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  • barbara

    On the douboe mqm promotion… I;ve asked several reps at the diamond customer service desk and they all say that the flights have to be nonstop from pit, rdu,stl, andbna. Is this reallty true??? Can’t I take an international trip through atl or jfk or fly to lax through atl???

  • The Points Guy

    Thats not true. Any roundtrip that starts and ends in a promo city will work.

  • The Points Guy

    Thats not true. Any roundtrip that starts and ends in a promo city will work- think about it- why are they giving an international bonus from RDU when there are no international direct flights from RDU? So if you go RDU-ATL-NRT-ATL-RDU you will get double MQMS for the whole itinerary and the 25,000 mile bonus.

  • Megan

    Do you have to actually fly each leg of the flight to get the MQM? I live in Atlanta, but would consider driving to Nashville, book a round trip ticket from there, fly to Atlanta, but not return. Thx

  • The Points Guy

    Technically yes Megan. However, these bonuses usually post the day after you take them, so you would probably get the bonus for the first half, but not the second half since you are returning to a promo city.
    However, to be safe, you should return to BNA just so you don’t risk losing the MQMs

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  • James

    I know this is an old thread but I am trying to get my bonus from Delta and am having problems.

    They say I signed up for the promotion too late. I thought I signed up in early August. But anyway, their rules do not suggest that you must have signed up BEFORE your trip. My trip was middle of August and they say I signed up the day I got home from the trip.

    Either way, I had two round trip business class tickets to China from Pittsburgh and should qualify for 100,000 bonus miles based on that.

    Have you heard of the “register before you fly” rule? I went to the rules section of the promotion (still available at and it says simply that you must register prior to November 30, 2010 and fly before December 31, 2010 to be eligible.

    Am I trying to get them on a technicality or what!

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